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    Or to put it another way, I hope Democrats (exploding head Democrats excepting) will swing behind Obama sooner than later. Say, for example, June 8th after the last election, rather than August 29th after the Denver Convention.

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    Once thing for sure, Senator Clinton's chances of winning the nomination are dead and are not going to be resurrected, even though she once said "I have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit on many occasions in my years on this earth".

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    "Not having drunken a silo of Obama koolaid!"

    What did you drunk?

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    I am not sure that there has been that much of a change in Senator Obama's support from  "from Church-attending voters, toward secular warrior voters".

    From the beginning Clinton has been ahead of Obama in the Catholic vote (I wonder if that accounts for the New Hampshire 'surprise').

    One of the reasons why Obama did not take a bigger hit from the Wright affair in the tracking polls could be that to many NON church attending voters Wright saying "God damn America" is not much different to all those clerics who say "We are all sinners" - "Sinners go to hell".

    I can't quickly find an earlier break down but one based on Gallup Daily tracking polling conducted March 1-22, 2008 looking at Democratic voting preferences by religious affiliation shows that the groups in which Obama had the strongest lead over Hillary was first people of no religion and second non-Christian, non-Jewish.
    http://www.gallup.com/poll/105595/Clinto n-Obama-Closely-Matched-Among-Jewish-Dem ocrats.aspx

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    Senator Clinton has already lost.

    The only circumstances in which Senator Obama will not be the nominee will be the darkest of times.

    The time to swing behind Obama will June 8th, not August 29th.

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    If Senator Obama does not choose Senator Clinton as VP she should blame herself and her supporters, not the chair of the Democratic convention in Denver.

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    Intellectual dishonesty is always wrong, be it a memo by the Obama campaign or a diary by Jerome Armstrong.

    But my yardstick for spin is the idea that Senator Clinton can now win the nomination without Senator Obama falling under a bus (or similar).

  • O.K. I have now read the rush transcript of the discussion.

    As far as I can see Gergen did NOT say Wright was damaging Clinton and the Democratic Party as a whole.

    Somebody did say "I think that's very troubling, or should be for the Democratic Party".

    That person was Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council. I let the audience decide how to call his character and political insight.

  • I did not see the discussion, but from your snippet you posted you are correct, Gergen sure is disagreeing with Jerome Armstrong.

    From the snippet you posted Gergen is saying that Wright damages Obama - nothing about Wright damaging Clinton and the Democratic Party as a whole. Heck, the snippet  does not even say that the specific damage to Obama is that it brands him as anti-American.

  • Thank you for highlighting that Jerome Armstrong wrote nearly one month ago, "That's fall-out from Wright, not against just Obama, but also Clinton, and most likely against the Democratic Party in general. It's branding of Democrats Obama, and Clinton, as anti-American."

    I missed it when he wrote that but it is the final bit of information that has enabled me to decide what I think of Jerome Armstrong's character and quality of analysis.

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    Senator Obama can up with the right solution to defeat Senator Clinton.

    No doubt the solution to defeat Senator McCain is different, but I see no reason to believe that he will not come up with it.

    Clinton could not even beat Obama.

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    "So what is the point of diary after diary on this topic?"

    All politics is local. Unedifying to some, but the point in this case is the Jerome v Markos wrestling match.

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    I fail to see how the Markos and Jerome squabble helps through any light on who will win, who should win the nomination.

    (unless the World Wrestling Entertainment audience really is the last great untapped demographic)

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    Fifty-five percent of those voting in PA saw Obama as the eventual winner of the nomination. Twenty-two percent of Clinton supporters felt Obama would eventually win.
    http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5hIfAw kkooVUzxAU-nYymJicF5kXwD907BUP00

    'tis a shame the question in the diary was not something along the lines of - "Should Obama win, how can we Clinton supporters help him win the general election?".

    (although perhaps those people who regard him as "uppity" have reasons not to want him to win a general election)

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    My guess is that sometimes a person issues a troll rating because they are unable to refute a point that is being made which reflects badly on their candidate / a member of their gang.

    In those cases a troll rating is a badge of honor. You have won.


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