• If it were a one off it would be no biggie, but for some time Senator Clinton has been antagonising super delegates in pursuit of a certain demographic in primary elections.

    For some time now she has been in more need of super delegate votes than boosting primary votes.

    After praising Senator Obama for a winning campaign she should blame nobody but herself for losing the nomination.

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    "I'm pointing out the obvious fact, that everyone except Obama supporters clearly sees"

    Perhaps your use of phrases such as "obvious fact" "everyone except Obama supporters" "clearly sees", not to mention "Kool Aid" is a measure  of your bias rather than the bias of others.

    Come to that your phrase "the fact that Obama supporters threaten media folks" is about on a par with a Republican saying "the fact is Democrats [pejorative of your choice].

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    "But you keep drinking that Kool-Aid"

    If you want to blame media bias for Senator Obama winning the nomination that is fine by me.

    If you want to bring 1930s Germany into your comparisons that is fine by me.

    But I don't drink Kool-Aid.

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    "If 1930s Germans had blogs and were well-to-do white collar office workers, I think it's an open question whether they would have been as vitriolic in their hatred of media figures who criticized their Great Leader, as today's Obama supporters are."

    Thank God Obama, and Hillary, and McCain etc etc supporters are more able to slam media figures than 1930s Germans.

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    "Here's a prediction. May will be the most cankerous month to date in the Presidential primary between Clinton and Obama"

    Well, some people have the power to turn that into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    Personally I hope sobriety will prevail and the prediction will not come true.

    But whatever happens in May it will be a walk in the park compared to June after the last election when enough superdelegates back Obama to secure him the nomination.

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    "Updated: Hillary's Ace In the Hole"
    "I thought it'd be fun to take a look at Hillary's secret weapons in the upcoming states."

    Not much of a secret if people are writing diaries about them.

    Come to that, not much of a weapon. The machine that can dig Hillary out of the hole she is in has yet to be invented.

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    Dropping a diary with a headline that had "racist connotations" from the recommended list but not changing the headline almost gives the impression a moderator thinks it is  O.K. to post racist remarks just so long as they are restricted to certain areas.

    Whatever is being drunk, it is not kool aid.

    I wonder if it was beyond the power of that person to change the 'offending' word or to ask the original poster to change the offending word.

    Good way to bury bad news for Senator Clinton.

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    "Obama came out against it, mocking the idea as a gimmick, by saying it would only save individuals $20 a month".

    What Obama actually said was "This is an idea that, when all is said and done, will save you - at most - half a tank of gas over the course of the entire summer. That's about $28. It's an idea that some economists think might actually raise gas prices. And without a plan to pay for it right away, it means that the money would come directly out of the fund we use to pay for construction projects, which could cost the state of North Carolina up to 7,000 jobs".

    Hillary has already lost the nomination - she can't even win it by her supporters spreading untruths about Obama.

    Don't give McCain a 'get out of jail free' card when he comes up with bad ideas. Cut his hand off, not the hand of the person who will be running against him in the general election.

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    "Hillary is rising"

    "I for one, intend to say thank you to Senator Clinton for keeping the great U.S.S. Democrat on course".

    Last time I heard Senator Clinton was a boxer channeling Rocky.

    Now some of her supporters thinks she is the Captain of the U.S.S. Democrat. Probably better to take the steering wheel out of her hands before she strikes an iceberg - they still have not got round to raising the Titanic.

    (or to put it another way, the people that keep the U.S.S. Democrat on course are the ordinary party members and voters, not the party elite)

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    "I don't think Recommended diaries should be open season for vacuous, negative comments, that have no base"

    Hmm. what is so special about Recommended diaries?

    Are they usually written by some sort of special  elite cabal that should be beyond criticism by us ordinary lesser Democrats?

    Has a sense of entitlement rubbed off from a candidate onto some of the candidate's supporters?

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    "Texas Darlin put a lot of time and effort into a worthy piece.  It was selected to the Recommended List by popular vote".

    Of course, some people save a lot of time and effort by recommending diaries without reading anything much beyond the name of the author.

    "The same people who destroyed Kos, have followed the Clinton supporters here".

    I do not agree with that characterisation as to what has happened, but for the people that do agree, perhaps they should ask themselves if it would have been better to fight the Kos people in their own village rather than run away, come here and destroy this village.

  • "(Seriously, though, I like Bobbank's stuff more than many/most bloggers around here.)"

    bobbank likes like bobbank's stuff more than many bloggers around here.

  • "She has 22 years as the first lady either of arkansas or the USA during that time she had much more impact on policy than any first lady before or since. Bill Clinton in 1992 said as much."

    If Bill Clinton said it, it must be true.

    But if you rule out First Ladies which Bill may be over looking, such as Edith Wilson after Woodrow was incapacitated, what is left is First Ladies with very little influence. And even twice as much impact as very little is probably still very little impact.

  • The messiah word (in translation) existed before the New Testament and for a long time has been used in other places than the New Testament.

    I will not be joining the people who want to  "move away from the word "messiah" unless it is a discussion concerning the New Testament".

    I will not even be joining the people that disapproved of the Life of Brian (and when that film used both the messiah and boy word I laughed).

  • Obviously not a Monty Python fan.

    And saying that Senator Clinton has already lost the nomination and that people should  back Senator Obama is no more dumb than saying Clinton can still win it.

    Just my observation, my point of view.


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