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    Straight question (not rhetorical).

    Do you think the best way to deal with an alleged troll is to write  a diary  'calling out' said alleged troll instead of contacting admin directly and privately or ignoring alleged troll troll?

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    Kool Aid.

  • "If the healing process is done correctly, the blacks will be thankful we at least were the party to first field a semi realistic black candidate".

    Yessuh. We blacks be so grateful. Obama being a contender for the nomination has got nothing to to with how intelligent, skillful and hard working he is, he should just thank the party for fielding him.

    (by the way, which party 'freed the slaves'?)

  • "Yes, and if he picks a Republican"

    I have much the same response as when somebody in Senator Clinton's campaign said  "if only" Democratic primaries were held under Republican winner-take-all rules, she would be the winner.

    You are stretching the elasticity of the if word beyond its breaking point.

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    If choosing a VP is about unity perhaps it should be about what 'unites' the nation as a whole, not what 'unites' the voters one side of the aisle.

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    The reason why people such as you are attacked is because you use such headlines as "Please Drink Your Orange Kool Elsewhere".

    Some people would assume that the use of the word Kool is an intent to comparing supporters of Senator Obama with a suicide cult.

    Some people thing that the Daily Kos V MyDD battle belongs in the school yard rather than being part of serious politics.

    Some Obama suppoters think that it is extremely offensive to be compared to a suicide cult. Some Obama supporters here have never posted on Daily Kos.

  • By the way as the guy thinks that his wife is property that can be stolen, what a jerk.

    No wonder his wife first sought counselling and then left him.

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    Rev. Wright had sex with somebody and than married her. So what?

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    "In other words, she's driving the debate and strengthening her own brand while weakening his"

    The brand is being sold in more than one market.

    Some would say that at the moment the most important market is the Congressional superdelegate market and they may be more inclined to think that Senator Clinton has put her brand on a bottle of snake oil.

    Even those  Congress people who favor a gas holiday would probably want themselves and not Senator Clinton and her nominee campaign megaphone to get the credit for it.

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    "I don't expect this one to make the Rec List".

    Is there some reason why you expect others of your diaries to reach the recommended list?

    "Guys... do we have to turn EVERYTHING into a political contest here?"

    It is, of course, a complete coincidence that this diary was written when the 'target' of the punch line of the people with the extremely unpleasant sense of 'humor' was Senator Clinton rather than any other politician or non-politician.

  • "No, it's actually really terrible leadership if leadership means the capacity to lead people to get something done"

    And what compounds the failure to get things done is that she now needs superdelegate votes far more than primary votes. And many superdelegates are members of Congress, the very people she risks offending by a confrontational you are either for or against.

    I reckon she has made a bad call. Perhaps she decided on her tax proposal at 3 p.m. rather than 3 a.m.

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    "Clinton to Congress: You're either with us or against us".

    I am slightly surprised that this is posted in approval of Senator Clinton.

    We are not talking about about a war of national survival in which there is no middle position, we are not talking about the diktat of a  totalitarian government.

    We are talking about a piece of tax legislation that has to be passed by a diverse but democratically elected legislature.

    Such a needlessly confrontational attitude could be one of the reasons why, for example, the 1993 Clinton Health Security Bill failed in Congress.

    It sucks, but even when you are right  sometimes it is better to cajole rather than to beat people over the head with a false alternative.

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    "If it is clear under every conceivable scenario that Hillary Clinton is the stongest democratic nominee, will you Obama supporters do what's right for the country or still make other arguments in favor of BHO?"

    This seems to be a paradox. If it is clear under every conceivable scenario that Hillary Clinton is the strongest Democratic nominee it will not be possible to make arguments in favor of BHO.

    By the way, I hope you are not implying that if people continue to support Obama they are not doing what is right for the country.

    Accusations of unAmericanism often say more about the accuser than the accused.

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    "Look! Up in the sky! It's a gas tax! It's lost jobs!  It's NOT Jeramiah Wright!!!!

    Ever get the sense that the huge stink Obama's making over Hillary's plan to shift the gas tax from us working folks to the big (and rich) oil companies is just one big effort to distract us from other headlines?"

    To answer your question I get the sense that you are trying to shift attention from Hillary's plan. Perhaps her plan is not quite as good for working folks as she says it is.

    "And hey - guess what? Hillary's plan for this gas tax holiday will be paid for by companies who are posting record profits"

    The use of the definitive words "will be" is perhaps a tad optimistic. One of the reasons why her plan perhaps is not as good for working folks as she says it is.

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    The trouble is that as noted neither  Senator Clinton's or  Senator McCain's  proposal is likely to be passed into legislation in its current form.

    The proposals are the same in as much as they are both wild non-enforceable ideas to buy votes. Separate but equal.


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