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    At the rate this is going after the Democratic Convention in August there will still be some Hillary diehards who will be saying that Senator Obama could literally fall under a bus tomorrow and Hillary will be fighting the general election.

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    "Some Hillary supporters have expressed the same kind of hatred of Obama, and still do, but I'm convinced the hate is much stronger of Hillary"

    If you think the flow of hate is lop sided perhaps that is a reflection of the real and virtual places that you hang out in. Perhaps if you hang out in other places you would see a different balance.

    Perhaps it is a generational thing, a disproportionate number of Obama supporters are enthusiastic young new voters and perhaps they use language in a less restrained way than they will after they have been through a few more general elections.

    Perhaps if you were an Obama supporter rather than a Clinton supporter you would will feel more pain from some of the things Clinton supporters say about Obama.

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    "The hatred of Clinton runs deep among the Obama supporters"

    the Obama supporters? I assume you mean some Obama supporters. After all, rightly so generalized "accusations against West Virginians as being racist" are a bannable offence.

    "I don't even like to imagine an Obama nomination, but since the numbers are still headed in that direction"
    "... especially if, by August, Obama is on the ropes"

    Only headed? Obama on the ropes by August? I admire your optimism.

    One thing missing from the analysis, if Senator Clinton agreed with  thrust of it, would she accept a VP slot? Would she risk poisoning her own reputation.

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    "And think about it, if your knee-jerk answer is that they are racist-- are you really saying something that you think Obama and his campaign can't say, or are you saying it because of anger and frustration?  Racism is ignorance, but unfounded accusations of racism are just as low on the scum-radar"

    Well, I have gone away and thought about it.

    But I did not come to any grand conclusion. I see the subject as being too complex to be reduced to an "either... or" analysis.

    I think racism is more varied than "ignorance".

    I think "anger and frustration" is an emotion felt by both the victims and perpetrators of racism.

    I think unfounded accusations of racism are often an indicator that a person has previously been a victim of racism rather than something to do with the scum radar.

    And while an Obama supporter claiming racism is not proof of racism, a Clinton supporter denying the charges is not proof that the allegations are unfounded.

  • "I realize that definitions of "low information voter" vary, but they shouldn't vary so widely to include people who are communicating with superdelegates, for pete's sake"

    Perhaps you are assuming that all these people independently and separately decided all by themselves to communicate with superdelegates.

    Try thinking, for example, of some of the people who email the Federal Communications Commission about a television show that 'outrages family values'.

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    "And at least four superdelegates on the receiving end of yesterday's emails suggested that they did more harm to Clinton's cause than good".

    Of course it does not apply only to Senator Clinton's supporters, but the people who write those sort of emails and diaries are the very definition of the low information voter.

    Sometimes the people who consider themselves a candidate's strongest supporters are in fact that candidates own worst enemy.

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    "I suggest that we, Obama supporters, start steering clear of all the Obama bashing diaries"

    I sort of agree, but to be totally honest I get some pleasure from looking in the discomfort of some of the Obama bashers.

    The pleasure is because in my opinion such negativity, such underestimation of an excellent candidate and campaign, contributed to the defeat of their own candidate.

    I will read but not reply to the spluttering of the Obama bashers.

    (just to be clear, I do not consider the diaries supporting Senator Clinton to be spluttering, I am specifically refering to the Obama bashers)

  • As a Democratic Party supporter, I say:  PLEASE DON'T TAKE IT TO THE CONVENTION, BABY.

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    Dig beyond the Politico headline and you find "... the nature of that declaration of victory is "still developing," in the advisor's words..."

    Or to put it another way, the Obama campaign contends that the winner of a majority of pledged delegates should be the party nominee, Senator Clinton's campaign disagrees.

    Perhaps not so much an attempt to steal the crown, more a case of a trench warfare of definitions in which Clinton is, will be, a combatant.

  • "It's sad. This primary has made me lose so much respect for Jerome".

    But it his job to keep this site alive and interesting, which he does with bells on.

    It is our humble job to point out when he gets things wrong - and he has been much wronger than on Hillary and her gas tax holiday :-)

    As has been noted by the USA Today election blog:
    Update at 10:55 a.m. ET: Jerome Armstrong at the liberal MyDD.com thinks Clinton's comments were benign as far as race goes, but many of the commenters at his site apparently disagree >
    http://blogs.usatoday.com/onpolitics/200 8/05/whats-new-4.html

    (blog shall eat blog)

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    It was no biggie, Hillary was tired, but it was a tad unfortunate to add/endorse "hard working" to the description of her white support.

    There is not much polling evidence on just how "hard working" the respective supporters are (partly because there is no real definition of "hard working", it is in the ear of the beholder).

    It leaves open the implication that 'my' white supporters are "harder working" than 'your' black supporters. Obviously that implication was not Hillary's intention  but it is not the sort of slip that a contender at the top of his/her game would make.

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    "Each table host was encouraged to name a woman who they admire or has made a difference in their lives.  The honoree at our table was Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones"

    As a collector of quirky 'ironies' (which are completely irrelevant to serious politics / who the best candidate is):

    In 2007 when Stephanie was named a co-chair of Hillary's national campaign she said "This country is ready for change and I believe Hillary is the right person, at the right time to initiate that change". Turned out it was another candidate who managed to park his tank on the change lawn.

    "we were 1,500 strong and together we brought in over $1 MILLION"

    $1,000,000, 1,500 people, how much would that be per head?

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    "I hope everyone gets that-- Clinton won the Indiana gas tax debate over the last week of the campaign, haha."

    To be sure about that you would have to be sure that people were telling the truth to the pollsters when they said they were late deciding.

    Perhaps one set of the candidate's supporters more than the other are keen to portray themselves as open minded rather than having made up their minds based on factors other than policy long ago.

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    "isn't it about time for the media to stop speculating about Obama's potential Wright problem, and in fact just stop talking about Wright altogether?"

    My guess is that Obama would have been far more damaged by Wright if the media, Senator Clinton supporters etc had not spent so much time talking about it.

    For many middle of the roaders perhaps there came  a point at which distaste at what Wright said was  outweighed by distaste at the sanctimonious self-interested attention it was  given by others.

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    In part it is about the money.

    If the donors keep on giving she will carry on fighting - even if the money is only enough to pay off debts instead of paying for new campaign advertising etc.


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