• If I were Senator Reid and wanted to remain Leader I would be more worried about Senator Clinton if she is not given / does not take the VP slot than I would be about Porter and Heller.

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    "If you included FL & MI, Hillary leads in the popular vote. Yes, Obama is currently ahead in pledgies, but Hillary has a legitimate case she can make to the Supers... If the shoe was on Obama's foot, Obama's supports would be fighting for those votes as well, you know it and I know"

    But the reason why the shoe is not on the other foot is because Obama understood what the election was about - winning pledgies. Senator Clinton on the other hand did not give enough resources to winning pledgies (for example in caucus states).

    Which is why she can NOT make a case to the Supers that she knows how to win elections.

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    "I believe I will win; I believe my opponent could win...
    That was the gist of the argument, which I'm sure she's telling the SD's too"

    But if the SDs buy the argument that Senator Clinton is more likely to win presidency, on the turkeys voting for Christmas principle, it may not be a good reason to vote for her.

    A previous Clinton presidency saw the Democratic Party lost control of both houses of Congress for the first time in decades.

    When it comes to their own seats it is possible that some SDs would be more worried about disaffected Obama supporters staying at home than disaffected Clinton supporters.

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    "At some point, we have to stand up and say, "Its our turn.  This time, you are supporting us."

    My guess is that one of the reasons why Senator Clinton lost is that in part she  played the "Its my turn" card  and a lot of people replied it is the turn of somebody who is NOT a Bush or a Clinton.

    If she had been a male Clinton the reply would have been the same.

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    "Hillary and I are cut from the same cloth gang.  There's no quit in me either"

    You are no Hillary.

    She would never say as you did what "pretty much sums it up for me..." "It was as if The Big Giant Head at Obama Central texted new marching orders to the cell phones (or perhaps directly into the brain-chip implants) of all Obamaniacs simultaneously".

    "So much so that I was forced to choose between my sanity and blogging over at dKos"

    If she was already blogging as dKos Hillary would not have quit, she would have carried on fighting at dKos.

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    NARAL has had a long and honorable history and many many women have benefited from its work.

    To cut off it's oxygen because it has endorsed Obama is taking a scorched earth policy to absurd lengths. Obama will not be hurt, women will.

    (and just to make it clear I am not objecting to people supporting Emily's List, I am objecting to transferring funds from one to the other, in whatever direction, in order to make some sort of 'point')

  • If a Hillary supporter loses the ability to recommend my guess is that they are less likely to assume conspiracy, more likely to assume that there has been a glitch with the settings and contact admin.

    A more interesting breakdown would be:
    a) If you lost the ability to recommend did you contact admin, which admin did you contact and did you remember to include your user ID.
    b) What if anything was the reply. If you did not get a reply are you sure your spam settings did not block a reply.

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    "After the West Virginia primary last night, CNN paid pundit and covert Obama supporter Donna Brazile"

    If she is covert how do you know?

    Judging by her sense of humor this superdelegate is playing her hands close to her chest. In an interview with satirist Stephen Colbert Brazile she said "Look, I'm a woman, so I like Hillary. I'm black; I like Obama. But I'm also grumpy, so I like John McCain".

    And heck, "CNN paid pundit"?  Talk about reducing a long C.V. How about mentioning, for example that she was campaign manager of the 2000 presidential campaign of Al Gore.

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    Since when presumptive has meant "Providing a reasonable basis for belief or acceptance" and since when Senator Obama was X-rayed and no alien parasite from the Planet Zog was found.

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    Jack B Johnson originally allowed his name to be listed as a supporter by the Obama campaign in December.

    He was not chosen as a 'Clinton' delegate by voters at the ballot, he was selected in consultation with the Clinton campaign by the Maryland Democratic State Central Committee.

    This diary is evidence of a stuff up by a campaign in selecting a delegate, in this case a stuff up by the Clinton campaign.

    It is not evidence of something that will happen a lot in the future, let alone being Obama's worst nightmare.

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    Yep, I would not be surprised if:
    There are superdelegates that have told Obama that they support him
    Have given him the option to reveal them at the time he thinks best
    Obama has decided not to announce a lot of the names until after June 3rd

    There will still be dissent when he wins the nomination, but there will be less opportunity to say that Hillary was forced out too early.

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    "My first resentment is that I need to state that I'm a politically active African American, who in the past has supported all of the struggles you would expect: criminal justice reform, affirmative action, afrocentricism, etc."

    Strange thing is, just because you are a politically active African American I would not expect you to support affirmative action, Afrocentrism, etc.

    Perhaps that is your stereotype of me, not me of you.

    Or perhaps it is something else.

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    You are a good son, you honoured your own mother and other mothers without turning it into some sort of hype for whoever of the candidates you are supporting.

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    "Dude - there's different kinds of difficult.  Mom's face shit that soldiers never in their wildest nightmares have to deal with when it comes to our kids so don't you fucking DARE preach to me without knowing what I or any other mom has had to face".

    Well, that bit about soldiers in their wildest nightmares is obviously untrue because many soldiers are also moms.

    And if you can't compare a soldier with a mom because you don't know what a mom has to face, I reckon you also can't make the comparison  unless you have direct experience of what all soldiers face.

    As we are giving out kudos to people doing difficult jobs I will add fathers, single fathers in particular, to the list.

    And please, when it comes to reading a diary on MyDD, whatever the subject, I prefer not to stumble across the F and similar words.

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    "I am sympathetic for Clinton's supporters. I've been on the losing side myself - Howard Dean and John Edwards in 2004, and Joe Biden in 2008"

    I think this is worth emphasising because I think it goes to the heart of why some of the current Obama supporters have trouble sympathising with the indications of how some Clinton will react when she withdraws.

    I also was a Biden supporter. When he withdrew I transferred my support to another candidate without brooding over the 'unfairness', the 'if onlys' of his defeat.

    Perhaps the expectations of many of the Hillary supporters were higher than many of us who originally supported Biden etc. Even so, if we can suck it up and move on, if we have dealt with defeat, the Hillary supporters can/should do the same when she withdraws.

    (part of my assumption is that former Biden, Edwards etc supporters disproportionately switched to Obama, current Obama supporters are more likely than Clinton supporters to have successfully come to terms with 'defeat')

    ((and yes, I did 'predict' the withdrawal of Biden and Edwards before it was actually announced))


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