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    One strike and you are out - cruel new world.

    (the serious point is that it is possible to slip on the scrolling finger when giving a rating and accidentally give the wrong rating especially when using a mobile device, in my opinion 'tis a pity the diary announcing that "every single one" had lost the power to rate did not offer an appeals process)

    ((but I am pleased to see the guidelines have been updated to take account of the difference between troll and hide ratings))

  • "There is only one person for us.

    Its Senora Hillary Clinton !

    Viva Clinton!"

    In most democracies, most of the time, the vast majority of people will take policies into account and get behind a second choice candidate with the right policies.

    (although one of the possible exception were those who chanted "Viva Peron!" and then deified  Eva when she died)

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    "Who knew there were so many statisticians that read MyDD, or that they had problems comprehending an Y axis, clearly numbered, that doesn't begin at 0!"

    "Why has this happened?  It's pretty clear in one of the other graphs that Cost presents:"

    OK, I note your sarcasm directed at statisticians but...

    Statisticians are interested in something that you have failed to address - the difference between casual relationship and correlation.

    And some statisticians remember that even in some primaries, for example Texas, it was predicted that Senator Obama would get more delegates per vote than Senator Clinton because of the way districts were mapped and delegates allocated.

    Sometimes statisticians are as good (or even better) at reality as modern partisan bloggers who headline a diary "More reality based posts on the primary process".

  • "she has held the inertia since March 4"

    So, to add to the new maths we have got the misspoke physics.

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    "Her comments were made in response to repeated questions about the motives of her opponents in trying to force her out of this race"

    The fact that she has been asked the question so many times is all the more reason why she should have had a better rehearsed answer and not trip over her tongue.

    She will not be able to persuade superdelegates that she will be a better general election candidate while she makes such rookie errors.

  • on a comment on Using Statistics to Mislead over 6 years ago

    "Jerome presented a graph from another site which he provided a link to first, with a host of other graphs to compare and contrast.

    Calling him out publicly to label as deceitful with the intent to mislead is way over the line and totally inappropriate"

    If you had clicked that link the chance you would been have been deceived could have increased.

    Of the "host of other graphs to compare and contrast" the only one that did not have a zero base line was the one that Jerome posted. It was positioned after/under many charts that had a zero base line.

    So, to be charitable I will assume Jerome was himself deceived and in his haste to diary good news for Senator Clinton accidentally widened the circle of deception.

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    I am embarrassed that anybody could buy into Marc Ambinder scratching around for a sequence in which Senator Clinton did well, coming up with 13 states, and describing it as a half.

    And what is even more embarrassing is a person who is frequently outraged that people are calling the winner of the whole game before the final whistle is blown is calling the winner of the second 'half' before the second half whistle.

    And is a tad embarrassing that a person who often emphasises the role of the superdelegates reproduced a table that could only claim that Hillary was up in delegates by excluding the superdelegates.

    (but after a recent campaign conference call in which alegre took part in which Hillary said "It is... not the math" I am embarrassed but not surprised)

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    "We will not see another serious woman candidate for President in my lifetime"

    I think you are being a tad pessimistic there, Senator Obama showed up on the nationwide radar screen only a few years before he became a serious candidate.

    However, what maybe true is that there will have to be major/special events. Obama would probably not be where he is if it were not for a war which he opposed and Senator Clinton supported.

    Right now there are 'anonymous' possible contenders in state legislatures.

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    I know we are especially keen to post diaries sympathetic to Senator Clinton after her recent assassination gaffe, but this article has already featured in the diary Hating Hillary by canadian gal, Fri May 23, 2008 at 04:20:01 AM GMT >
    http://www.mydd.com/story/2008/5/22/2320 1/9012
  • "Just let it go"

    This is a small corner of the Internet where a major ongoing topic of discussion is the process of electing the Democratic Party nominee.

    I reckon if you say "just let it go" it indicates that you have not grasped the nature of an Internet forum and/or you are a Senator Clinton supporter.

    (or to put it another way, in your dreams)

  • To quote RFK Jr, a Senator Clinton supporter, saying "I think it is a mistake for people to take offense" overlooks a major part of Hillary's error.

    Although she was quick to apologize to the Kennedy family, of equal/more importance she should have apologized to the Obama family.

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    The context is that about the only way Senator Clinton can win the nomination is if Senator Obama dies.

    And what image does Senator Clinton have in her mind? - not a runaway bus but an assassination.

    I reckon that is a glimpse into the heart of darkness.

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    I assume they know they can not win this one in the courts, they are just using the courts as a publicity gimmick and to apply psychological pressure on the DNC.

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    "he sounds like he actually thinks a majority of pledged delegates means something concrete as opposed to merely psychological".

    In a delegate race you can not get more concrete than winning a majority of pledged delegates.

    If for no other reason because it now means that he can win the nomination with a minority of superdelegates.

    (but people who prefer to imagine they are in a boxing ring or on a playing field rather than a marathon race track are free to think different)

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    I have given it a recommend.

    To return to the topic "The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, But in ourselves,"


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