• Tautology sucks (or rocks, depending on your point of view).

    Methinks you probably decided some time ago not to vote for Obama.

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    I reckon in the first two paragraphs Justice indicates she will never understand why she was moderated - therefore on this one my sympathies are entirely with the people who created/own/moderate this site.

    Justice mentions that her "...last diary... was vigorously attacked by many Obama supporters".

    I reckon it would be more accurate to say that it was vigorously attacked by supporters of the Democratic Party, supporters of decent human conduct, only some of whom were Obama supporters.

    In terms of human rights violations, Justice's definition of "disappearances" is much closer to self-serving manipulative exaggeration rather than being respectful of people who really have been "disappeared".

  • Useful explanation, thank you.

    Perhaps the true irony is that Obama seems to have a better solution for funding a long  political campaign than the 'official' experience and solutions candidate.

  • It may not be  as much as $30m but I think any candidate that raises $20m in a month is doing great.

    What I don't get is why so much of Hillary's money in the bank can only be used for the general election ($33 million, $11 million can be spent the battle with Obama, the rest can be spent only in the general election).

    Did somebody in her campaign team screw up? It would be kinda ironic if they thought the campaign would be over by now, that the upcoming contests would not 'count', that there was no need to have more money for a longer fight with Edwards, Obama whoever.

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    The recommended list is a useful filter powered by the people here.

    If a diary is recommended you can use that filter to make it more likely that you will read it, or you can use it to make it less likely.

    I reckon the important thing is not to invest your self esteem in to whether or not your diary is recommended.

    You are not a better person, your point of view more valid if your diary is recommended. You are not a worst person, your point  of view less valid, if it is not.

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    It reckon it is true that as things stand at the time of this post Senator Clinton will not win the Democratic nomination.

    But a week is a long time in politics, there is plenty that could happen between now and the convention that could lead to Senator Clinton winning the convention.

    However, at the moment it is Senator Clinton, not Senator Obama, that has to calculate if there is going to be some sort of tipping point...

    ...that fighting on is far far more likely to damage her personally  and the particular health care plans etc she stands for, than it is likely that she will secure the nomination.

    If Senator Clinton does reach that tipping point I reckon her friends owe it to her to tell her to withdraw, rather than self-destruct.

  • Regardless of who the candidate is you would normally expect them to reach their fundraising goal.

    Normally a smart campaign will deliberately set the goal lower than expectations to avoid the political embarrassment of not meting the goal.

    The wider question to which I have no answer is will the money raised be exclusively used for new campaigning, or will some be used to pay for old debts.

  • Speaking of affiliations and staffers, the same poll of staffers that voted Hillary brainiest member of Senate voted Sheila Jackson-Lee 2nd meanest House member.
    http://www.washingtonian.com/articles/me diapolitics/1666.html

    (Barack received more votes for "rising star" than all the other contenders combined)

  • I am not saying that the reputation is true - it may be a lie/undeserved.

    However, as I mentioned all politics is local and the people in that audience may have been aware that her staff turnover rate has been the highest of any member of Congress, according to the Capitol Hill weekly Roll Call. According to the local press that is because she is a brusque and imperious boss - a pattern dating from the time she was  serving on the Houston City Council.
    http://www.houstonpress.com/1997-02-20/n ews/what-s-driving-miss-shelia/

    If I were to boo a politician a mean employer is the one  I would boo - sort of pay back on behalf of the little people.

  • God help America if somebody gets into trouble for booing their local politician.

    God help America if a politician can't take being heckled.

    (especially if that politician has a reputation for being tough with her own members of staff - all politics is local)

  • Those who are posting that tracking polls are irrelevant probably would not get a paid job with her campaign - 10 days ago when the very same poll showed Hillary in the lead her Chief Strategist issued a press release about it.
    http://www.hillaryclinton.com/news/relea se/view/?id=6640
  • I do think it is possible to argue that the target of this story should be the lawyer who advised the family and took away a lot of money.

    (in as much as Deborah Shank had a health care policy that paid for her medical expenses she would not have been one of those who would have gained from Hilary's or Obama's health care proposals).

  • shalca, that is exactly the point I don't get.

    Boycott Wal-Mart, that is fine.

    Vote for Hillary, that is fine.

    Do both, that is fine.

    But asking people to donate to Hillary's campaign after posting that story in part suggests a lack of awareness of the past relationships between Hillary and Wal-Mart. Perhaps more importantly it does nothing to help the immediate needs of the people in the story.

    On this particular occasion instead of asking people to send money to Hillary perhaps at the very least it would have been better to ask people to write to Hillary to ask her to make Wal-Mart a campaign issue in the way John Edwards did.

    {for the record I will be going for the write to Hillary rather than the  write to a Wal-Mart VP option - although perhaps Hillary does not want to make Wal-Mart a campaign issue)

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    You seem to think that it is a bad thing that some of the people attending a political rally are too young to vote  and that a black politician in a white town attracts a mostly white audience.

    I reckon  Hillary would be a better candidate for somebody like you - try watching some of her rallies instead.


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