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    Any challenge to Obama will move scardey Dems to the RIGHT, not to the LEFT!!

    And a splintered Democratic Party can hand the election to the Neandrethal Republicans.

    P.S. When Humphrey lost to Nixon in 1968, that was NOT a good outcome at all for the Dems. I regret my angry vote for Dick Gregory rather than Humphrey. (I was outraged that Humphrey was afraid to challenge Richard Daley when Daley's cops pummeled me and other peaceful protesters at the Dem Convention in Chicago.)

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    Sorry folks - I DO think it's a matter of concern that 'strangers' made it into the President's party!

    What if they really WERE bad guys? What if they had bad intentions, lady with the idea of taking a knife to the Pres.

    One would hope that the Secret Service had a good enough system to know, actually, really, who is coming to dinner...

    Not an inconsequential matter, given that the safety of the President and his family are at stake.

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    How odd that the nation's Morality Police -- the GOP -- seem to escape condemnation for the most egregious sexual exploits.

    But if you're a Democrat (getting an Oval Office blowjob, stupid Bill), then it's worth a year of the nation's attention and excoriation.

    I don't think Ensign's and the NC Gov's sexploits are forgiven bec the press is tiring of these things. I think they're off the hook bec they're Republicans.

    Try also: The Family, the Christian group that believes God has annointed some men to be our Leaders. Word is that The Family may have rescued Ensign and Gov. N.C.

  • Food Stamped is Berkeley filmmaker Yoav Potash's film journal of how difficult it was for him and his nutritionist wife Shira to eat nutritiously, as they spent a week with foodstamps, food on $1/day.

    They managed to do it, even though produce cost more than processed food.

    No chocolate, no snacks, no impulse purchases!

    A film review alerts us to a screening June 28 in Berkeley:

    "Food Stamped," a documentary a few bites shy of an hour, screens at 8 p.m. Saturday and 7 p.m. June 28 at the JCC East Bay Theater, 1414 Walnut St., Berkeley. Admission is $10. Call 510-848-0237. The Potashes will be on hand afterward to answer questions and participate in one panel with nutrition experts.

  • What's most shocking about the GOP and the budget is that they've left California in such dire straits, even with the so-called "compromise." And that the news media have let them get away with it, calling it a legislature that can't get it together -- rather than noticing that the GOP has refused any compromise that would yield a budget to cover basic state responsibilities.

    Thanks to the GOP's "no new funding" pledge, California will now be 50th in the nation in per-student funding -- worse than Alabama and Arkansas in support of education!! All state services will grind to a slowdown. City governments are going broke, as the state takes taxes it was meant to distribute throughout California and holds them to pay basic costs.

    This is also the outcome of Prop 13 -- meant to freeze Grandma's property taxes in the 1970's -- but it also froze the property taxes of all corporations in the state -- resulting a switch in funding from corporations to individuals. Prop 13 also halted the steady, predictable income from property taxes, as rates rose only when the market was inflated and houses sold. In their wisdom, the "no tax" prophets did not put any funding in its place, and the state began to run on deficit funding.

    Question is: will the California voters end the GOP stranglehold on the budget by ending the insane requirement that 2/3 of all legislators must approve any taxes and any budget. That means despite the Democratic majority in the state, it takes 3 Republican votes to get any tax or budget legislation done.

    Sign pledge to end the 2/3 requirement in California. See what Rachel Maddow says about the GOP shenanigans!

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    Is there any organized opposition to the 2/3 requirement for new taxes?

    Apparently a change was voted down in 2004 -- but outrage might bring change now!!

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    Solis has no part in her husband's business.

    $6400 is a very small liability, in the scheme of things. (Compare it with the huge payments from the other nominee.)

    Another bit of foot dragging on the Repub's part to keep the fair labor changes from coming to pass.

  • This is not one of them!!

    What a stupid waste of time.

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    It is a good thing that Congress will be ahead of Obama on this issue.

    Better that Obama save his political collateral for pushing forward the multi-billion-dollar stimulus initiative, and be able to say to conservative critics that he was pressed by Congress to halt the Bush tax cuts sooner than they wished.

    Leaves Obama with more leverage-- and shows that Obama is not the only player affecting the action (hence, showing the role of a tri-party government).

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    I'm happy for Time's positive focus on Obama -- and for any and all positive images of Obama that we see in the media.

    Drudge.com today has a 20 year old image of Obama in a fedora with a cigarette (reefer?), that HuffingtonPost has also decided to feature.

  • What about Republic Windows' new owners' plans to move to Indiana, where they bought a factory and could operate cheaper without the union?

    Does the loan keep employees on and cancel the move plans?

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    Is this really where you want Obama to use all his political capital?

    Fighting the majority of Democratic senators (only 13 in the caucus voted against Lieberman in the secret ballot) in order to publicly punish Lieberman?

    I'd think Obama's capital might be better 'spent' on getting green legislation and decent health care.

    If Lieberman gets to sit in his gilded office for the rest of his term (assuming Connecticut doesn't try a recall - has that ever been done?), too bad.

    Now Lieberman owes Obama, and Obama's reaching 'cross the aisle.'

    Think about it please.

  • Please contact the members of our Senate Democratic Steering Committee, which is organizing who gets prized committee chairmanships in the Senate.

    You'll find background info (what Joe has done and threatened, including his support of the filibuster against `extreme' - or progressive - Democratic legislation), a script for your phone call, and contact information for key Senators, at


  • Reuters now reports that Palin and McCain (and Oregon's Gordon Smith, hoping to be seen with a 'White Hat') (and now Barack Obama, too) have called for Stevens' resignation.

    Only problem is: the GOP cannot replace Stevens on the ballot, apparently, after September 17 (48 days before the election), according to Alaska statute.

    (these links are also posted below:
    The Alaska statute is here:
    http://touchngo.com/lglcntr/akstats/Stat utes/Title15/Chapter25/Section110.htm

    Kos's analysis is here:
    http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/7/29/ 12576/8665/499/558845


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