Looks like the Clinton demagoguery works

Look at many of the titles of the diaries on this site.  Trashing Obama with rumor and innuendo.  Since Iowa when Hillary said "this is the fun part" referring to her perceived need to go negative,  well she went negative and has eked out victories in NH and NV.  This site is particularly vitriolic.  But going negative has a price and Clinton has seriously alienated the anti-war left and African Americans.  I will probably vote for her in the GE but I have many progressive friends who will not.  I also know many people who are on the margins but absolutely will not vote for her - they would rather not vote then vote for her.  
The serious question for you Clinton people is how is the Democratic party going to recover from the Clinton victory? (if it happpens)  
 Yogi Berra said "it ain't over til its over"

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Clinton's money

Hillary Clinton has accepted money from more corporate PACs then any of the candidates running.  She is also backed by many Republican PACs.

Hear a sampling

Club for Growth
Illinois Republican Party
Michigan Republican Party
Republican Issues PAC
Right March PAC
Stop Union Abuse PAC

Don't take my word for it go to the FEC website and look for yourself.
Is this the kind of status quo candidate we want to lead the Democratic party and this nation into a progressive and just future.  
I used to support Hillary but she has just been tacting right for so long. She has now bought into the oppressor's system.

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Here is what Bill has to say

Bill, is a champion double talker - classic Clinton in action

http://abclocal.go.com/kgo/media?id=5896 586

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The Santa Barbara Independent endorse Obama

The Santa Barbara Independent has endorsed Obama - very well written and reasoned endorsement.  Also Patrick Leahy is set to endorse Obama this afternoon.
Let keep it rolling!

"For President: Barack Obama"

Our country is in serious trouble. We all know the problems....Now we must change -- not just our president, but ourselves.

The primary on February 5 is the first chance Californians will have to help set the nation on the right path. The Independent rarely endorses in party primaries, but this year we endorse with confidence one candidate who is uniquely qualified to be president: Barack Obama.

What impresses us most about Obama is his ability to inspire hope in those who've learned to dismiss the political process as a cynical joke. And his gift goes beyond speechifying, which he does with uncommon grace. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has charged that he is short on experience. We disagree. He has had more years of legislative experience than Clinton, with three years in the U.S. Senate and eight years in that rough-and-tumble body known as the Illinois Legislature. During those 11 years, he successfully brought together Democrats and Republicans to pass legislation benefitting ordinary people -- from tax credits for children to ethics reform in Congress.

...[In 2002] Obama, who had not yet assumed his U.S. Senate seat -- and could not vote -- spoke out extensively against the war and predicted many of the horrors that have since come to pass: thousands of American dead, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi dead. Escalating terrorism. A staggering drain on the economy. Untold dreams forever deferred.
...The groundswell of support for Barack Obama is based on the belief that he has the ability to inspire hope and define our aspirations as a nation in a way that reaches not only Americans, but the world. We believe this as well, and urge you to vote for Barack Obama in the Democratic primary on February 5.

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Why is this site so full of Obama hatred?

It seems like most of the writers on this site took a grumpy pill.  Innuendo, rumor, poor or no citing, or just plain baloney are spewed endlessly.  
Do any of you Clinton supporters have a sense that maybe you taken it too far?

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I'm confused about money

I'm confused about campaign contributions.  Is Obama lying when it says on his site that he has not accepted contribution from PAC or Lobbyists?
People on this site keep saying that he has accepted these kind of donations.  Who is right?

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