• I've always felt that too, not based on anything scientific just the feeling I get from watching them over the years.

  • Yeah the background data is rcp but the arrow graphics you added Correct? Thats the part that has no shown methodology and is meaningless, sorry if I wasn't clear on that.

  • comment on a post State Spending and National Trends over 5 years ago

    Wow...What a bunch of meaningless made up graphics.

    There is no methodology to your trend lines.

    Also you include in the title "State Spending..." but then show nothing but National data for your plots...yeah I know you throw in some links but its apples and oranges, its like here is some info on state spending and here is some National data that doesn't show in any way how that spending has worked on a state by state basis.

    We all know National polls/votes mean nothing, if they did Gore would have been President.

    Maybe if you had plots on individual states and the money that is being spent then maybe that would be of interest.

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    "She said oil companies already lease about 68 million acres of land that is not being drilled. She questioned why oil companies were pushing to open up the ANWR in Alaska when so many acres they currently hold are not being developed.

    On that point, a group of Democratic lawmakers introduced legislation that would compel oil companies to drill in lands they are now leasing from the federal government.

    "Oil corporations are trying to take control of as much land now during the oil-friendly Bush administration years, but are holding off on drilling until the price of oil soars to $200 or $300 a barrel so they can make even greater profits," said Rep. Maurice Hinchey, a New York Democrat and a sponsor of the drilling bill."

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080612/pl_n m/usa_congress_energy_dc

    I believe this is as this blurb suggests that this is a land grab by the oil companies. 68 million acres is a bit over 100,000 square miles or about the size of the U.K.!!! and they are no drilling on it. This is a gimmick.

  • Its the pandering to sway voters to try and win an individual state that diminishes the overall brand of a candidate. Do it enough times and you end up loosing the whole thing. Clinton won Indiana but lost the primary, that obviously didn't turn out too well for her.

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    McCain is old school politics and is only proposing this because he needs to. The candidate running behind always challenges the front runner, Clinton did it and McCain is following the same old pattern.

    If I felt that McCain had a shred of sincerity behind this I'd entertain the idea but he doesn't.

  • on a comment on McCain Leads Obama in Virgina over 6 years ago

    That's funny. Sad, but still funny.

  • on a comment on Missed opportunity by Obama over 6 years ago

    With that statement I can only assume you will be a McCain supporter come the general election then. Such a shame.

  • on a comment on Missed opportunity by Obama over 6 years ago

    Its not for secrative reasons like Bush. The Obama campaign is having a difficult time managinging the enormous crowds that show up and want to hear Obama speak. Certain venues can only hold so many people and open invitations can cause all sorts of overcrowding and safety problems.

    Because of their low popularity, Clinton and McCain aren't having these problems.

  • comment on a post Missed opportunity by Obama over 6 years ago

    This seems to be a coordinated effort by Clinton, her surrogates and paid off bloggers to kneecap Obama in November.

    The desparate attempts to make mountains out of molehills at this stage in the primary are so transparent.

    Best solution is to simply ignore stupid posts like this.

  • A lot of "ifs" in that arguement.

    If Obama has the majority of pledged delegates than the will of the people as defined by the Democratic primary should be honored over an anonymous blogger's number crunching.

  • on a comment on Obama looks to the West over 6 years ago

    I am not calling for her to drop out so that Obama can claim the nomination, he's already won it really, waiting two weeks for it to be official is fine.

    Staying in the race simply to bash the eventual nominee is in poor taste and does not win you any political points.

    As a New Yorker who voted Hillary into the Senate, I will not make that mistake again. After her recent performance in this primary I will be certain to support anyone who runs against her here.

    I have had enough of devisive politics.

  • on a comment on Obama looks to the West over 6 years ago


    Obama supporters aren't looking for Hillary to drop out of the race, just stop the Rove-like negative attacks and abide by the official DNC rules that she had previously agreed to regarding MI and FL.

    "If this were a sporting event and the side that was ahead were screaming for the other side to give up before the final whistle, how would that go down with the fans and the media?"

    Actually it happens all the time. When teams are down by insurmountable scores they often put in some new guys to give them experience and save up their best players for the next game.

    Hillary should follow that lead and try to save whatever is left of her political career. She'll be lucky to hold her Senate seat if she continues on this path.

  • on a comment on Obama looks to the West over 6 years ago


    There is no point to this, Hillary will not be the Democratic nominee. This diary only serves to disparage Obama.


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    "More seriously, why is Clinton so far up in the latest polling in all the states, now at 326 EV's. I don't have an explanation for it, nor have I read a good one. Any ideas?"

    I know, because the polls are seriously flawed.

    Clinton was waaaaay ahead in polls at the start of the primaries, so how come she is loosing now? Any ideas?

    Just because she is up in the polls now against McCain doesn't mean she could actually close deal. She obviously has a problem doing that.


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