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    I would dearly love to see the numbers for women of child-bearing age--you know, the people who actually have some skin in this game.

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    It's basically a subsidy for bad parents. The family of a girl who's old enough to get pregnant will have had more than a decade (and maybe closer to two) to make it clear to her that if she can come to them if she's got a problem.

    If they couldn't be bothered to do this, they shouldn't be asking the state to hand them a privilege that any half-way responsible parents could have easily earned for themselves.

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    Sullivan is certainly right about the debate, but the same "in terms of substance, clarity, empathy, style and authority" could be said about the campaigns themselves.

    For all of McCain's blather about experience, if you knew nothing about the candidates except how they campaigned, you'd still be looking at one candidate who's managed to run a pitch-perfect race, to step around snare after snare for more than a year now, to become the front-runner despite not, as he put it, looking like the other presidents; and another candidate who trips over his own dick at every possible opportunity.

    And those campaigns are foretastes of their administrations. McCain wouldn't make a lousy president merely because we disagree with his positions. He'd make a lousy president because he doesn't have the sense God gave a cat.

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    Actually, she reminds me of the Mayor in Buffy the VS.

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    It's not just her modest knowledge of foreign affairs. This campaign tour is as exposed as she's ever been to the rest of America, outside of the Northwest. She's incredibly parochial.

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    What monumentally stupid thing does she have to do, do you suppose?

    Because from where I stand, taking your teenage daughter out of school, then making her take on the child-care responsibilities for the Downs baby that you decided you just had to have, then making her marry some unemployed gum-snapping jackass, all at an age when any mother  who didn't completely suck would be getting her girl ready for college, sort of looks like emotionally abusing your kid in public.

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    Yeah--one of the things that really creeped me out this evening was when at least two speakers (Romney and Palin) expressed their contempt for due process. (Romney referred to it as a "liberal" idea.)

    Biden might bring up her obvious disdain for, and probably ignorance of, the Constitution.

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    Glad to hear about Mrs. Nextgen. Nice to know I'm not only woman whose reaction to Palin's speech was that if you'd put her in a vacuum tube and brought the temperature down to 0 Kelvin, you'd have the international platinum-iridium standard for a total bitch.


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