• Not really off the table...just on hold I think. There has to be some momentum built after 8 years of Republican dominance. It was only 2 years ago that the progressive grassroots really started getting its act together. And if we want to accomplish anything we have to keep organized and keep focused and be patient in our efforts.

    I will note that locally one of my local Democratic Clubs did a good job of honoring a cross section of the progressive community in Brooklyn. With healthcare in particular you might want to read about it.

  • Well...my fear is that Thompson has all the charisma of Freddie Ferrer. I mean I am pretty sure I agree with Thompson more. But we went the Ferrer route over the Weiner route vs. Bloomberg last time around and it failed miserably. My impression of Thompson is that he comes off like (may not BE like, mind you, but comes off like) Ferrer. If he comes off more like an Obama (unlikely!) or, if I may draw from my California past, like a Tom Bradley or Loretta Sanchez, or someone more dynamic, I am very open to him. So far I don't see that, though.

  • Well, he lost me with his closing of too many firehouses, calling those of us who protested the Republican Convention "terrorists" and illegally detaining many protesters, and with the horrific Middle School application process we had to go through with my daughter. And I have seen absolutely no action from him regarding the economic crisis other than closing yet more firehouses!

    And, of course, I have found his favoring developers over communities disgusting, but he is not alone in that.

  • Weiner will have some good backing and came off looking good last time around. I think he has a good shot if all the ducks I think are lining up behind him really do line up.

    Thompson is seen as having a good shot as well, but I fear a Ferrer-like disaster. But I am open to Thompson. My initial impressions of candidates aren't always acurate until I actually meet them or hear them in person. I didn't like Howard Dean until I heard him live! So I so far don't feel Thompson has a good shot, but many disagree with me.

    Other than Weiner and Thompson, I am so far unconvinced that anyone has a shot. But you never know.

  • Here's one view on this. I think by the time of the election, it will be largely forgotten. But it has been a blow to his popularity. And the Republican brand is pretty ruined in NY State in general, so I think being Repub would hurt him now.

  • Well...I am fine with Thompson as well. I am just less convinced he has the backing to win. But I have friends who disagree.

    Weiner is not nice to work for, from what I hear. But he wouldn't be the first successful politician to be, shall we say, not so nice. He has a knack with the public which I got to see first hand last time around. And I think his candidacy this time around will be part of a big push for WFP and Schumer. But it's early. I have always felt Weiner was a bit too conservative for me. But I also think he'd be a good mayor.

    We'll see. I am prepared to back Thompson if I think he has a shot. But now I see Weiner as having a better shot and I personally have more confidence in his ability to be an effective mayor. In fact, it seems like mayor of NYC needs a touch of an asshole attitude from what I have seen.

  • Thanks! Do my best!

  • So you must think Bush did a good job because he won re-election, I guess. Bloomberg's money might have some influence, don't you think?

    But hopefully he WILL be voted out. But I never underestimate the ability of the left to divide and conquer itself to failure.

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    2009 is our chance for grassroots wins in NYC. I am seeing some good signs that MIGHT (if we don't mess it up...again) lead to some big wins. WFP is flexing its muscles (e.g. the Dan Squadron win) and though I don't always agree with them (in fact I got called a "machine hack" by one of their people recently), I have the feeling I will this year. I think WFP may work with Anthony Weiner, though I don't think that's definite by any means. The Obama organization is still largely intact, at least in Brooklyn. And people are really, really pissed about the Bloomberg Termlimits Putch.

    I have a rundown of some of the candidates I am eyeing for 2009 here and here (among a discussion of many other NY State issues and groups). I also discuss some candidates running for City Council here (educators running) and here (law enforcement people running).

  • Sure, but his privatizing our education system (usually helping his friends in the process) sure seems Republican. And he was the biggest individual donor to Tom DeLay's PAC before DeLay imploded. At what point does cynical manouvering become just as bad as conservative ideology?

  • Really? You could have fooled me. He sure hasn't helped the economic meltdown any. And he showers money on developers while shutting down firehouses. His outsourcing of our education system led to a massive fiasco in pre-K registration, and in my neighborhood pre-K is being cut altogether. The applications process for Middle School have become worse than applying for college with interviews, tours, tests and essays...for MIDDLE SCHOOL!

    I think his 311 idea was brilliant and I like his smoking ban. Beyond that he's been mediocre to outright bad.

  • Yep. Came to realize that recently.

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    That has always been my stand. More recently I realizze that the first two parts of that statement are necessarily connected. Israel and Palestine have the same legal existence from the same act of the UN. You can't support the existence of one without recognizing the existence of the other.

    Sadly, Hamas and Likud don't get that.

  • Yesterday I covered the Georgia Senate race, which, for reasons of honor, I consider a top tier race.

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    Thank you for:

    "...back when I realized that I, along with several hundred other principled but pretentious and impetuous Florida Nadarites, had propelled the idiot from Texas to the White House."

    I have had a very hard time with Greens and Naderites since 2000...kind of same reaction you describe regarding Hillary Lady's sign. I did support a Green in a local election in 2005 but have held on to animosity. One of my main problems is that so few of them can say what you said. It makes all the difference to hear someone realize a strategic error. So thanks for saying it.

    As to this year, I liked most of the Dem candidates, often for different reasons. In some ways Richardson was my favorite, though it was clear to me he had no chance due to a Mondale-like lack of personality. I tended to dismiss Hillary (my Senator) as too much of a collaborator with the Republicans over the last 8 years, and I predicted Obama's political path would match Howard Dean's. But I found all of them good in their own ways.

    Obama has far surpassed my predictions in every way. I am quite impressed and am a solid supporter. I endorsed him shortly before the NY primary. Overall, I am proud to be a Democrat this year though I am also always a critic of some Democrats.


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