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    Joe Six-pack:

    Is the political image of a "average" everyday hardworking blue collar white male, an Archie Bunker type who is not intellectually curious, doesn't spend too much time reading anything beyond the sports pages of newspapers, is more likely to have a trade school education than a college education, and believes anyone who has had a little more success than him is looking down on him. The image of this fictional characterization is someone who comes home after a hard days work in a blue collar job, grabs a six pack of beer from the fridge and watches sportscenter rather than CNN. This is the person who Bush and Sarah Palin try to appeal too.

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    I love the ad,

    But it would have been more powerful to actually HEAR him say he doesn't remember.

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    If Obama picks Bayh, then we'll all know the truth. Obama is NOT a progressive, has never been will never be. The Progressive agenda will move forward a little under an Obama administration, but not as much as we'd like. However, right now he's all we got and he's MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH better than the alternative.

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    Okay that was 2 and 1/2 6 packs of beer talking. Look man. Your candidate lost its that simple. It was a close race. It got ugly at times, but at the end of the day the nomination was hers to lose and she lost it. The MI/FL compromise was the best thing  that both parties could have hoped for. In fact, according to most reports, Obama had votes for a 50/50 seating but to help with party unity accepted the delegate split that favored Clinton. The states BROKE THE RULES and they've been penalized for it. But they will STILL be seated which was better than where things stood LAST week at this time which was a total strip of the delegates. This was a compromise and in compromises each side loses a little bit to gain more.

    As to how much Barak Obama has to "prove" to HRC supporters, I think thats unfair. As you have admitted, you're angry and frustrated as Im sure a lot are. There's a lot of emotional investment on both sides in these candidates. The funny thing is that neither Barak or Hillary knows us personally. To them we're just numbers.

    Remeber at the end of the day this race is about the democratic party. Yes Obama will be the nomine, but he will need your vote and mine if our real goal is to keep the Oval Office from a 3rd Bush Term.

    Now, that is all

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    That is all

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    I guess you're so blinded and bitter from your candidates apparent defeat (which came from the strategic errors of HER OWN campaign) now you're just being silly. West Virginia may not be a bastion of racism with Klan rally's every other day, but RACE is a HUGE factor there. Huge. To say otherwise is being, well for lack of a better phrase, willfully ignorant. You can ban me, take away my account, whatever you want to do but that doesn't change the facts that Hillary is done. Period. Yes Obama is celebrating because in the metric that matters (DELEGATES) she CANT CATCH UP. If the script was flipped you'd be writing about how Obama needs to drop out gracefully (which I have no doubts he would have done).

    ACCEPT DEFEAT and accept it with more grace and dignity than Hillary Clinton.

    and yes I too congratulate Clinton on her huge wins in WV and KY.

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    What makes Obama unqualified? What did he ever do to you? The vitrol on this blog was being flung by both sides, but Obama himself never ever said anything about you or a post you made on mydd. All he did was run a mostly positive campaign against Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, the media, John McCain and somehow came out on top despite the mud being flung at him. Are you a DEMOCRAT or simply a Hillary fan? If you're strictly the latter then thats cool and it's understandable and supporters like you are why she's been so successful. But if you're a Democrat and you WANT Democratic values and ideas to prosper, putting a Dem in the WH would be a huge step. Its not about Barak. Its about the DEMOCRATIC PARTY. A party that has a history of being divided and never keeping our eye on the big picture because of petty differences. Yes we've nominted  Hart, Dukakis, Mondale, and Kerry. We've also nominated Kennedy, Truman, Rockefeller, and Clinton. We've got a huge uphill battle ahead of us. Its winnable but our party needs all of its soldiers to battle John McCain and his MSM co-horts.

  • So wait...we're back to the polls not mattering any more? Interesting! when Obama is up, the polls don't matter. When HRC gains 1/10th of 1/3rd of 1/5th of 3/100ths of a point, polls are plastered all over myshillary.com (once known as mydd) as PROOF...PROOF I TELL YOU...of the "Obama slide".  Once the slide is reversed the polls go back to not mattering.

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    You sHillaries are hillarious. So the tracking poll MATTERS today huh? Whatever, Whatever, Obama will be the Nominee. To paraphrase my favorite WCW/WWF/WWE Wrestler Rick Flair... "Whether you LIKE IT OR NOT...HATE IT OR LOVE IT...Obama is STILL the best thing going today". You can twist in the wind all day and all night. You can cherry pick poll after poll after poll. You can gleefully rub your hands together and jump up and down chanting REVEREND WRIGHT all day long. In fact, light a couple of candles and do it before you go to bed to give yourself the warm and fuzzies. But the FACTS, which you sHillaries love to brush aside, line up something like this....

    FACT: Hillary is still eating Obama's dust...she who was supposed to be the "Inevitable" nominee with 1009790279 years of experience couldn't beat a Freshman senator from Chi-town.

    FACT: She trails in states won  
    FACT: She trails in Delegates
    FACT: She trails in the popular vote (keep crying about FL and MI being seated)
    FACT: Recent days has Obama leading in Superdelegates.

    Its over. Elvis is dead, Bigfoot doesnt exist, Aliens did NOT crash land at Roswell, and HILLARY IS DONE.

    But you know, keep picking the favorable poll of the day if it makes you feel better. Keep hope alive Shillaries!

    Oh and when Obama is back ahead..will the Gallup poll still matter? LOL

    Please let me know how sour the grapes taste!

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    I'm African American and I understand EXACTLY why they said "We need more white people". I know you're a HRC supporter and you're not black so let me try to put it in context. The issues that our enemies (and by our I mean DEMOCRATS, HRC and BHO supporters alike) will use against Obama should he become the nominee is that he's the "Black" candidate. The same theme that Mark Penn/HRC is peddling which is that Obama is unelectable for no other reason than he's 1/2 Black. He can't have a backdrop of mostly African Americans because then it would reinforce the false meme that he's "too black" (i.e. the ni&&ers candidate) which is what he wants to avoid.

    Now lets not kid ourselves, Racism still runs deep in this country. You support HRC and I respect that. However, you can't possibly be naive to think that her backdrops arent staged to look a certain way either. Politics are all about presenting a Phony image to world. I remember a Batman cartoon where the main villian was trying to  uncover some dirt on the DA and when his underlings protested that it would be pointless because the DA is as clean as they come, he said "the brighter the picture, the darker the negative". THAT was some profound shit for a cartoon and its true. BHO isnt the dudley-do-right inspirational leader he comes across as, HRC isn't the scrappy feminist crusader for rights SHE comes across as. Their POLITICIANS. Being fake and phony is par for the course. Our society is a culture of image. Image becomes reality until we find out years later that it was all bullshit.

    So I say all of this to say that you have to put this in context. Obama CANT be seen as the black candidate. I know you're not happy about it, but the most likely scenario is that BHO will be the nominee and that wont be good for our chances in November. He's going to NEED YOU come november to stop the 3rd Bush term. Elections are won on voter turnout (with a little suppression thrown here and there) nothing more, nothing less.

    Now if you want to leave MYDD thats your decision. But I dont think you should leave a blog because you find people on it that disagree with you. You're a part of this community and I would strongly ask you to reconsider.

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    WoW this must be the Hillary Desperation Phase kicking in. It's amazing to me how Clinton supporters love to twist reality. They back a  candidate who when she thought she was going to win was OKAY with FL/MI being stripped of delegates for BREAKING THE FUCKING RULES. Harold Ickes one of Clintons TOP AIDES VOTED TO STRIP THE STATES OF THEIR DELEGATES. And since Clinton supporters hate facts... here's the link from MSNBC.

    http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2 008/02/16/671358.aspx

    For those 2 lazy to read it all. Heres the juicy quote.

    But Ickes did. And he voted in August to strip Florida and Michigan of their delegates as a sitting member of the Rules and Bylaws Commission.

    "There's been no change," Ickes said, adding that he was then acting as a member of the Rules and Bylaws Committee "not acting as an agent of Sen. Clinton. We had promulgated rules -- if Florida and Michigan violated those rules" they'd be stripped of their delegates. "We stripped them of all their delegates in order to prevent campaigns to campaign in those states."

    In fact, however, that was not why Florida and Michigan were stripped of their delegates. They were stripped of their delegates because they violated party rules by moving up their contest dates before Feb. 5. A pledge to not campaign in those states did not come about until one was put forward by the four early states allowed to go before Feb. 5 by the DNC -- Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada, and South Carolina. Clinton was the last to sign this pledge.

    "Those were the rules, and we thought we had an obligation to enforce them,"

    Yet its OBAMA who is disenfranchising voters because He followed the DNC rules.  And now because Hillary is losing and desperately grasping at anything to win now all of you swear to God that OBAMA is DISENFRANCHISING VOTERS and WE NEED TO CHANGE THE RULES IN THE MIDDLE OF THE GAME!!

    LOL. Too funny

  • Hillary Shills get more ridiculous by the week. This must the Denial Phase kicking in. Hillary is DONE. Your candidate was caught L Y I N G. Whatever you want to say about Obama's Pastor, the fact of the matter is that Obama is not on tape saying anything negative about America, white people, black people, blue people. In fact we have Obama on record giving one of the great speeches on the status of race in American History when they tried to knock him off his peg. However, we have HILLARY CLINTON LYING HER FACE OFF about being under sniper fire on multiple occasions, complete with the video evidence to the contrary.

    She had more money, more machinery in place, more name recognition than Obama and here she is L O S I N G in every metric. You all can cry about Florida and Michigan being seated but way back when FL/MI broke the rules, Clinton had no problem agreeing that they would be stripped of their delegates since she was running on the "inevitability aura". Obama has run an excellent campaign and has followed all the rules.

    And now that clinton supporters are eating sour grapes all of you, like your Candidate, would rather destroy a progressive Democrat who really has done nothing wrong but run a better campaign and sacrifice our country and Democratic ideals because YOU LOST. You'd rather the Republicans get to pick another supreme court justice and have Roe V Wade overturned (cuz thats whats going to happen) which will affect MORE THAN YOU because YOU LOST. You'd rather support the inevitable attack on IRAN, more of our soldiers getting maimed and killed, more of our economic treasure thrown away, because YOU LOST.

    So at the end of the day you're all just sore losers. No wonder you were drawn to the Clintons.

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    Disclaimer: Im an African American who according to Hillary's campain no longer counts. And I'm from New York.

    Ahh yes,

    Jerome "shillary" Armstrong strikes again.  You're just a bitter tool at this point. Yeah I'm attacking you and calling your ass out. How the fuck can you be the same person that co-authored "Crashing the Gate"? How have you turned in to such a Clinton shill when Hillary Clinton and her campaign is the epitome of EVERYTHING you railed against in that book? Everything the NETROOTS and the so-called Progressive movement are AGAINST? No 50 state strategy? Check. Awash in Lobbyist cash? Check. Hiring loser overpaid consultants that can't win shit? CHECK. The lack of an effective grassroots organization? CHECK. Trying to be Republican-light which is the DLC way? (Supporting McCain over another Democrat?!?!?!) Check.  Obama has done almost EVERYTHING you championed in that book and built an impressive grassroots organization based solely on the play book that YOU and other Netroots/Progressive leaders laid out as a path to victory.Yet Obama gets the most of your ire for OUTPLAYING your favorite candidate. He did it the Progressive way..she did it the DLC way and she paid the price.

    Hillary is FINISHED. It's over and most non-shillaries can see that trying to bring up Rev Wright again is nothing more than an attempt to change the subject about her ball-faced lying. Yeah bring up Obama's so-called lies and the double R's... Rezko and Wright. I would love to see those polls now that her Bosnian Adventure has played itself out in the media. I mean didn't she land the plane herself after the pilots got shot by sniper fire and then had to jump out, run for cover while under fire from heavy artillery, grab a 50 caliber rifle, kill her attackers, then made sure she was fresh enough to sing on stage? Oh wait I'm sorry...I'm misspeaking.

    Look lets cut the crap the real reason you and everybody else are all up in arms is that a BLACK MAN is beating a WHITE WOMAN. All of this bullshit about how Hillary will be able to win "white rural voters" (read: prejudiced), low information voters (read: stupid and prejudiced), and white women (read: female and prejudiced), is just another subtle way of saying America will never vote for a ni&&er. I thought the progressive movement was supposed to be above this, but as most of us African Americans can see that is only the case when the AA community serves your purposes. Because...you know...we no longer count.

    Fuck you and this sham of a movement.

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    Yeah I said it. You know, when this race started there was a lot of talk from MYDD and Dailykos about how much better our candidates were and it didn't matter WHO our nominee would be there was confidence about how well we would do against the Republicans. Here we are in March and what could have been a fantastic race to show just how much more we have to offer than the Republicans has now turned into the most vicious and childish contest of name-calling, fear mongering, and quite frankly idiotic behavior on BOTH sides.  Tell me all of you Hillary and Obama supporters (Im an African American Obama Supporter)..what THE FUCK happened? First we had the best candidates. And now after a few contests now we're saying NEITHER OF OUR CANDIDATES CAN BEAT MCCAIN!?!?!?!? How the fuck did we get from we can't lose to OMFG WERE GOING TO LOSE THE GE!!!!!!!! /wrists?  This site and other sites are supposed to be about Progressive Politics. We're supposed to have the best policies, we're supposed to have the best perspective on whats best for our country. Now look at us. No wonder Republicans kick our asses time and time again. Look how the fuck we're acting. We have a HISTORIC opportunity here and we're pissing it away over bullshit. Period. Yes this post is strongly worded but I can't take it anymore. Im ashamed of what the "progressive" blogosphere has become: a bunch of whiny children who would rather insult each other and point fingers than fight the real enemy who is better organized and unified and hell bent on sending our country into ruin.

    As far as HRC is concerned the bottom line is that she ran a campaign based on inevitability and only working the "Big States". The same Bob Shrum-like strategy that failed in 2000 and 2004. Obama put the 50 state strategy laid out by Howard Dean to great use and ran a campaign based on the premise that we can change our country. Now it could be a load of crap and it just might be. But THAT platform has resonated with people and there seems to be overall support for the type of politics that hes peddling. Like it or not.

    As far as the BHO campaign, they should have seen this Reverend Wright bullshit coming. I have no idea what they were thinking and who's responsible for campaign messaging, but they really dropped the ball on this one. Yes Fox News will have "God Damn America" snippet in a 24/7 loop from now until November to add on the idea that Obama is an unpatriotic Jihadist plant hell bent on spray painting the Crescent moon and star of Islam on the side of the White House.  The MSM doesnt care about facts, only sensationalism and we all know the Media is so far from Liberal its laughable. But if WE out here in the "real world" know this then someone on Obama's campaign better start sharpening the knives now because the Rethugs are going to bring the pain and Camp Obama better be ready to do Political Mortal Kombat.

    IF Obama is the Nominee and based on the numbers it seems very likely, are you telling me that Hillary shills are so narrow minded and petty that because their candidate lost even though she had every advantage possible that they would rather HELP John "BOMB IRAN" McCain become president? You mean after all your talk of being "progressive" and "democratic" that because Obama WHO IS A PROGRESSIVE ran a better campaign than Hillary Who is a DLC "Centrist", that when it comes right down to it your "progressiveism" is only skin deep?

    IF Hillary Clinton becomes the nominee and based on the numbers her only option is to win by super delegate and she pulls it off (because the truth is that there's a large segment of White America who will N E V E R vote for an African American candidate no matter how well qualified and would rather see more recession, more economic crisis, more of our kids maimed and killed in a senseless war than vote for a "colored man") are we Obama shills going to enable the Republicans to Win the white house AGAIN by sitting on our asses come election day?

    We need each other. If Obama is the nominee he's going to need all the Hillary shills in his corner . If Hillary is the nominee she's going to need all the Obama shills in her corner. All that really matters is that come Nov 2, MORE OF THE MAP NEEDS TO BE BLUE. Period, end of story. Each candidate has their own set of weakness and negatives. Each candidate can put some states in play that the others cant. Thats a fact. I would have loved an Obama/Clinton | Clinton/Obama ticket because that would be a force to be reckoned with but thats all dead at this point.

    The bottom line is simply this. If the losing side doesn't shake it off after their candidate loses the nomination and does nothing to prevent McCain from being President, the WE DESERVE EVERYTHING WE GET. E V E R Y T H I N G. A third war? Yep. More economic ruin? Yep. More "signing statements"? yep. Rightwing Supreme Court justices? Yep. More lies from our govt? Yep.

    We need to collectively get over ourselves.

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    DISCLAIMER: I'm an Obama Supporter

    I find all of this theorizing extremely funny. Look, the only person that HRC has to blame is H R C for losing the "perceptions" game. Her whole campaign has been based around having the "inevitability aura". She had all of you convinced that she was already the NOMINEE. I mean before one primary was held, one caucus organized Hillary R. Clinton was the eventual nominee...right?  Just like 9u11iani had "front runner" status with the Repugs and McCain's campaign was "dead in the water". All I hear now is sour grapes shilling because your candidate is floundering. I hear all of these weak ass arguments saying Obama is an "empty suit" and has nothing but "pretty rhetoric" and wait..my favorite...he doesn't talk about his plans in detail in his speeches. Its not his fault that none of you Hillary shills (aka shillaries) can go to his website and read what his policies are.

    As an "Obama cultist" (LOL). Im going to tell you why he's winning the Dem fight. He's winning because he's running a better campaign. He's winning because he's using the 50 state strategy while HRC is only going to Dem strongholds to play the delegate numbers game. Obama's winning because whether shillaries like it or not...many people sense an authenticity and a REALNESS about the man that HRC just cant match.

    As far as "Momentum" goes, yes its a factor in politics. No one wants to back a loser and if Obama keeps getting headlines that he's crushing Hillary and week after week the man wins states its going to be hard for HRC to get her groove back.

    However, nothing is settled right now. Yes my candidate has momentum right now, but this is politics and it can change at any time.


    P.S. She Voted For The War which doesn't help

    P.P.S. This site should be renamed to www.myshillaries.com


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