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    Don't insult my intelligence. Sen. Clinton has all the advantages of recognition and money in this long campaign.
    She ran a bad ship and campaign and that is it.

    Sen. Obama ran a better plan and strategy. He won it.

    As a women, I know what a sexism is. Don't insult my intelligence.

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    I pray he comes out well. This is worrying me greatly.

  • comment on a post Clinton cheating on his wife (again!) over 6 years ago

    AndreX please delete this diary. We shouldn't anger HRC supporters.

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    I doubt Jerome will delete this and I doubt he will delete the 'Obama Bomb'. He is the one that has allowed Republicans to troll in this site and allowed these 'Bomb' diaries.

    The blame lies with him.

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    Shameful diary.

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    'Advance staff' well that prehaps can be easily explained by the fact that there are no more primaries after SD and MT. She won't need them.

    That doesn't mean that she won't continue over the summer.

    Look instead if those staffers join the Obama campaign. The best ones will be poached.

    What is her movements in NYC in the coming week.

    I'm under, no illusions when it comes to them. Always prepare for the worst.

  • comment on a post Sen. Ted Kennedy to have brain surgery today. over 6 years ago

    Fingers crossed It will turn out OK.

  • comment on a post Americans Favor President Meeting With U.S. Enemies over 6 years ago

    Oh my isn't that a surprise.

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    Let rational head prevail. Fight to McCain.

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    Add in WA/IA/ME. Add inthose states. Obama wins on every measure.

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    A beautiful diary. Thank you.

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    Estimate w/IA, NV, ME, WA*            17,107,902    49.0%    16,630,063    47.6%                Obama +477,839    +1.4%

  • Estimate w/IA, NV, ME, WA*            17,107,902    49.0%    16,630,063    47.6%                Obama +477,839    +1.4%

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    Total Delegate Count
    Total Popular Vote
    RCP National Average
    Obama (D) vs. McCain (R)
    Clinton (D) vs. McCain (R)
    McCain Favorable Ratings
    Obama Favorable Ratings
    Clinton Favorable Ratings

    Ohio (20 Electoral Votes)
    Pennsylvania (21 EV)
    Florida (27 EV)
    Wisconsin (10 EV)
    Iowa (7 EV)
    Minnesota (10 EV)
    Missouri (11 EV)
    New Mexico (5 EV)
    Nevada (5 EV)
    Colorado (9 EV)
    Michigan (17 EV)
    New Hampshire (4 EV)
    New Jersey (15 EV)
    Virginia (13 EV)
    North Carolina (15 EV)
    Georgia (15 EV)
    Oregon (7 EV)
    Washington (11 EV)
    California (55 EV)
    Right Direction, Wrong Track
    Generic Congressional Vote
    President Bush Job Approval
    Congressional Job Approval

    Iowa: GOP | Dems
    New Hampshire: GOP | Dems
    Michigan: GOP | Dems
    Nevada: GOP | Dems
    South Carolina: GOP | Dems
    Florida: GOP | Dems
    Super Tuesday: GOP | Dems
    Virginia: GOP | Dems
    Maryland: GOP | Dems
    Wisconsin: GOP | Dems
    Ohio: GOP | Dems
    Texas: GOP | Dems
    Pennsylvania: Dems
    North Carolina: Dems
    Indiana: Dems
     West Virginia: Dems
    Oregon: Dems
    Kentucky: Dems
    RCP ELECTION 2004 & 2006
    RealClearPolitics 2006
    RCP Sen Avgs & Results
    RCP Gov Avgs & Results
    RCP Final Generic Avg
    Key House Results
    RealClearPolitics 2004
    Final RCP Poll Average
    Final Bush-Kerry Graph
    Final Electoral Projection
    Map of Results by County
    Battleground State Avgs
    RCP Senate Averages

    Election 2008    Democrats     |    Republicans     |    General Election: Head-to-Heads     |    Latest Polls
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    2008 Democratic Popular Vote
    Popular Vote Count
    State    Date        Obama    Clinton                Spread
    Popular Vote Total            17,350,032    48.2%    17,277,187    48%                Obama +72,845    +0.2%
    Estimate w/IA, NV, ME, WA*            17,684,116    48.2%    17,501,049    47.7%                Obama +183,067    +0.5%
    Popular Vote (w/ MI)*            17,350,032    47.4%    17,605,496    48.1%                Clinton +255,464    +0.7%
    Estimate w/IA, NV, ME, WA
                17,684,116    47.5%    17,829,358    47.8%                Clinton +145,242    +0.4%
    Popular Vote (w/o FL & MI)            16,773,818    48.9%    16,406,201    47.9%                Obama +367,617    +1.0%
    Estimate w/IA, NV, ME, WA*            17,107,902    49.0%    16,630,063    47.6%                Obama +477,839    +1.4%

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    You know that if it was Bush v Obama in 2000 in Florida.
    That Obama would fight all the way and never back down.

    All the lessons of the past have been learnt.

    All democrats should be proud.

    Obama will protect my right to choose,

    I support Obama


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