WI delegate bounced from National Convention

Wisconsin democrats voted yesterday to strip Debra Bartoshevich's status as a delegate to the national convention late Friday evening.  DNC and state party rules state that delegates that oppose the party's nominee will not be permitted to attend party convention as a delegate.


This is one of the strangest stories that I've ever heard, especially considering that Obama won Wisconsin with overwhelming margins.  I was honored to be elected to serve as a delegate for John Kerry in 2004 and for the first time, I was able to view the convention not as a spectator but as a participant.  At no time did I consider voting against my party's nominee, in fact, if I did, I would fear the backlash I would receive when I returned home.  She was chosen to support her party, not the status quo.  I'm not familiar with Ms. Bartoshevich's background but she obviously lacks political acumen. This is our year and there is no room for games and fake protests on the convention floor.  This is not 1968.

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McCain's problems with white voters

According to a recent poll referenced on Politico.com, John McCain is barely winning white voters.

Very interesting.  One thing that has angered me with the coverage during this cycle is that while the media is staking out congregants at Obama's former church, they are missing some very compelling narrative in regards to McCain's failing efforts to secure the "traditional" republican base.  It's like the Iraq war all over again and as usual, the media fails.

According to GOP strategist Steve Lombardo, McCain is struggling.

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Why won't Hillary denounce racists voters? Edwards did.

Hats off to Jack and Jill politics ( a very insightful and progressive blog) for addressing this issue.  David Gergen mentioned this last night during CNN's election coverage and I just wanted to amplify it here.

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Commercial linking McCain and Hagee

Move-on or another progressive organization should run a commercial that educates Americans on McCain's relationship with Hagee.   The media is so obsessed with the Wright narrative, that they failed to adequately describe the relationship between McCain and Hagee and a Moveon commercial would provide that needed publicity.We are going to have to run an agressive campaign this fall because we know who we are running against - a corrupt party and a passive press.

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George Allen is an Ass!

I am enjoying the recent press about George Allen.   He is such a racist asshole and the media has given him a pass for years.  Hooray to Salon for bringing his racist ways to light.  I thought that he would get away with his recent pandering.  I was extremely offended by the noose and confederate flag he displayed in his office.  I was especially offended by that lame accuse - honoring his heritage - that so many racists use to defend their ugly ways.  I just heard some more assholes on MSNBC sympathizing with George Allen because they feel that these recent charges are too difficult for him to defend and they shouldn't reflect on his standing.  Well, character counts (republicans use that line everyday) and if he is a racist, then he doesn't deserve to serve in the Senate much less the White House.  Well, Allen, you've just been swiftboatted!

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Chicken Hawks

I laughed out loud when I heard Rep. Murtha's comments regarding Cheney's five draft deferments.  On his behalf, I think democrats should maintain a running list of chicken hawks and their statements regarding the war.  

The number one spot on this list goes to the President himself.  For some strange reason, he actually thinks that we are stupid enough to believe that his time in the National Guard (no disrepect to those serving in the Guard) counts as service in Vietnam and not his attempt to dodge the war.

  1.  VP Cheney and his 5 draft deferments.

  2.  The Hammer - He deserves a special mention because he stated that minorities from the ghetto took his draft slot because they preferred to be drafted to a war-torn area to avoid life in the ghetto.  Well, as a minority I'll always hold a special place in my heart for the Hammer because of his concern for our welfare.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?  I believe that our illustrious Speaker received a deferment but I'm not certain.

Rove's slime machine filing ethics charge against Rep. Murtha

Bush and his bushit posse are threatening to file an ethics charge against Rep. Murtha.  Unfortunately, I didn't catch all of the details but according to Howard Fineman, a republican member from SC ( I can't remember his name) hinted at an ethics charge against Rep. Murtha because of his comments against the war. According to this republican, Rep. Murtha's brother had some dealing with a defense contractor.  It's all bushit and I couldn't find anything on the web about it but more information should be forthcoming. Republicans play hard but we have to play harder. Update - Josh Marshall's site - http://talkingpointsmemo.com/ and Roll Call have the details.

CIA leak - Democrats never mention important aspect of story

I usually enjoy watching Hardball during my workout but I cringe when I see Bob Shrum or other democrats miss opportunities to pound republicans on the CIA matter. No one ever mentions that the CIA launched this investigation because of an illegality and no one corrects Matthews when he states that Plame's husband claimed that he was sent by the VPs office.  He never made that claim. They also fail to disclose or stress the possible fallout from this type of disclosure.  

From today's Washington Post

After Novak's column appeared, the CIA notified the Justice Department that publication of Plame's name and CIA employment was an unauthorized leak of classified information. The CIA then looked into whether the disclosure had caused damage to Plame and to people familiar with Plame and her job at the agency. The CIA's report went to the Justice Department, which determined in late September 2003 that a criminal investigation of the leak should be initiated.

Republicans will say anything, especially lie, when it comes to defending their own.  Democrats will always allow them to get away with it and even agree with them or offer half-backed defenses.  

Which reporters betrayed Joe Wilson?

It was recently reported, as many of you know, that the White House started their pushback against Joe Wilson before his now infamous editorial in the New York Times.  Apparantly, Ambassador Wilson had been providing his apprehension about WMDs to reporters on background for months.  How did Karl Rove and company know that Ambassador Wilson was the source of this information?  Did reporters provide this information to Karl Rove?  Did they reveal Joe Wilson's cover?  Don't reporters have a responsibility to protect their sources from the WH just like they have the responsibility to protect their sources in other circumstances?

Criminalizing political behavior?

WTF does criminalizing political behavior mean?  Does it mean that it's perfectly proper to leak the name of a claudestine officer to gain revenge against an administration critic regardless of how this leak may affect our efforts overseas?  These are apparant republican talking points but many of are media all-stars are repeating them.  I just heard Joe Klien repeating this stupid line on ABC this morning.  We need to push back against this and make sure that reporters remember that the CIA referred this case to the Justice Department for a reason.  We will probably never know how this leak has affected the work of these covert officers overseas and we can not let their efforts suffer because Republicans are seeking revenge against a few political opponents.

I also found this exchange from Judith Miller's article in the NY times quite interesting - " I recall that Mr. Libby was displeased with what he described as "selective leaking" by the C.I.A. He told me that the agency was engaged in a "hedging strategy" to protect itself in case no weapons were found in Iraq. "If we find it, fine, if not, we hedged," is how he described the strategy, my notes show.

It sounds like the death and injuries suffered by solders in Iraq were in vain b/c perhaps the administration "hedged".


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