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    McCain has been known to do this. He gets flustered and his reaction is to make a goofy face and dance a little jig. I'm serious. Maybe some of you have seen this as I have.

    The contrast in super cool Obama and wacky old man McCain is pretty well summed up in that picture and I can't think of a better illustration of this campaign in one photo than that.

    Also, I believe McCain was on some kind of medication tonight. He seemed heavily dosed with some kind of upper. His eyes kept bugging out as he stared at Obama in a very very unnatural way. Something to fear, I think....if this election was remotely close.

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    Agreed Jerome. "Liberal blogger" is a kind of smear tactic that the institutional media also loves because it fits their narrative that we're all unqualified conspiracy theorists in our mother's basements. The GOP can smear that all over the wall with their PR machines and the CNN's of the world will air it "objectively" by citing sources in the McCain campaign, etc...

    I don't know anyone who's pushing the wild version of the story.

  • Woo Hoo!! That's my paragraph. Shocked. It's almost like winning a fake, digital gold medal. The things that entertain us on the Intertubes!!

    Thanks for posting this.

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    There's zero chance that Obama's going to name a Republican, or any other conservative (Dem or Repub). Here's why:

    1. He wants our money.

    1. He needs our money.
    2. He won't get our money.
    3. He's announcing via text message to us, and he won't do something for us that would also serve to fire us up in a negative way.

    His pick will be someone who is well received, more or less, by his grassroots campaign contributors. A populist of some kind.

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    Jay Rosen isn't worried as much about the so-called pros as he is the citizen-journalism model that is creeping in via blogs and sites like this and Kos, for example. The so-called pros are either adapting to new models of journalism or going down with the ship crying and flailing all the way.

    Stop looking to the institutional media to change or offer anything of value. It's a waste of time. They still reach the widest audience, but that audience is shrinking. Within a generation they will be marginalized even further and new models will be the mainstream. That's his point...

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    "I'm long past the whole primary..."

    I don't buy that for a second Jerome. Your suggestion that she just put her name in for nomination isn't an off the cuff remark, unburdened by the history that you shrug off with such seeming ease.

    It's okay if you still hold hard feelings about the outcome, but don't insult our intelligence by denying they play a role in your "put her name in for nomination" comment. Just say it. You don't care for Obama. You will vote for him (presumably) begrudgingly. You wouldn't mind seeing Hillary get to stick a middle finger in his face before she rides off to the Senate again (or to his Cabinet...or SCOTUS).

    I wouldn't agree with you and I'd argue with you about why it's a bad idea, but at least I'd be able to look you in the (digital) eye and have some respect for your position.

  • About a third of the people who post here seem to come from that fringe. It ebbs and flows with the tide, but there are some points when I think the deranged have come out of the woodwork.

    1. Clark was right. No bones about it.

    2. Obama shouldn't have commmented, but he and his people feel that the states they need to build their winning coalition don't go for that kind of stuff. Obama's lack of patriotism is the key Rethug argument, so he has to push back on anything that might be cast in that light.

    3. Jerome is still on the anti-Obama kick, but it's gone underground. He still hasn't posted a single flattering thing about the nominee and instead wants to focus on some dream world where Clinton wouldn't have made that kind of rookie mistake. (Like the "obliterating Iran thing, I suppose.)

    4. Obama has successfully navigated every single obstacle in his path so far and is winning by every significant measure. He beat a strong field of Dems, including Hillary, to get here and he leads McCain overall. If he wins the presidency we can judge his record. Judging who he is based on an electoral campaign is silly. If we judged GWB by his electoral campaign he'd look, at least, a bit more palatable than the hideous war criminal he has proven himself to be.

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    I think this diary is a bit of a stretch aimed at taking a jab at Olbermann. He may or may not deserve it, but I think Jerome has a bone to pick and stretched the story about MyBo to include Keith O just to make a point.

    One question for you Jerome, "Is there anything about Obama that you think highly of?"

    I don't ask to be difficult. I ask because I haven't seen much praise for the nominee out of you at any point and I wonder if you're against him.

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    You mistakenly flipped Obama and McCain. McCain still leads....

  • Snore. You trolls bore me.

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    Snore. Concern trolling is unbecoming. Obama is doing just fine against McCain. Just look up at the top left corner of MyDD's homepage. The electoral map looks pretty great considering McCain had months to get his shit together and the Dems were beating each other into oblivion.

    I will enjoy. First, I'll enjoy watching Democrats overwhelm the GOP in this historic election. Then, I'll marvel at how lucky we are that our party had a female and African-American candidate as the last two standing and the chosen candidate stands as our president. Finally, I'll enjoy watching people like you stew in their juices.

    Then I'll get back to work helping to repair the Bush tragedy with the rest of the committed Dems. You can do whatever it is you plan to do. Maybe kick animals or shout at small children.

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    All that polling was done prior to Obama securing the nomination officially. Wait about 3 more weeks to a month and get back to me with new numbers.

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    Hillary Clinton is a terrible choice for VP. I don't mean that as a slight of her as a person or a politician. I think she's too much the alpha personality to be Obama's VP. She was damn near the person to be our next president and he'd have an entire constituency of people to govern who believe that she's the better person. On top of that, Bill Clinton is the former president and clearly someone who would be Hillary's counsel.

    The perception that a Clinton VP would create would be enough to make it problematic. The perception of Bill Clinton being around the scene would also make it problematic.

    The Clintons, to their credit, built a formidable political machine. Obama has his own and he's building it by the day. Those teams don't really overlap in many places at this point, and the merging of those machines, with very different styles, would be chaos.

    I think she would have been a fine president, but let me put it this way....

    Obama chose not to make his photo-op, rally-the-nation appearance for Midwest flooding near the worst of it. He chose to do so because the amount of press and logistical considerations for the appearance would have hampered rescue and recovery efforts. The Clintons near the White House again would have the same type of effect. It would create unwanted media attention to the personalities and it would overshadow the things that Obama is trying to do.

    She can be much more effective from a distance and so can he.

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    I agree. Thanks for that very thoughtful diary. I'm proud to be associated with you. Let's fight McCain together and use our assertive voices to make America a better place.

  • We nominated a weak candidate? WTF?

    Look up at the top left of the home page here and see that the current electoral forecast has Obama obliterating McCain. I smell sour grapes.


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