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    but he was known for being rather lazy while he was in the Senate.

    One thing I've seen is this: Mitt Romney will NOT go down easily. I'm beginning to believe, flip-flops or not, that Romney is the candidate to beat on their side.

    Thompson, well, aside from being a familiar face and really being a good communicator, he's going to have to run on his record at some point and that's not going to work out well for him. He was a corporate lobbyist and an underachieving Senator.

    Romney, for all his faults, did manage the Salt Lake Olympics effectively and can point to some achievements(health care, budget) as Governor of Massachusetts.

  • I recommend checking out the archives and you'll see what I mean. Pay close attention to the comments sections in the older diaries.

    http://www.mydd.com/?op=search&offse t=0&old_count=30&type=diary_by&a mp;section=&string=Gary+Boatwright&a mp;search=Search&count=30

    The list referenced is just meant to identify those whose standards are so low as to keep recommending diaries such as yours.

    Ironic that someone whose nickname means 'Voice of the People' could practice such a divisive and rather clannish style of blogging.

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    And if we ever wanted to weed out the people who indiscriminately recommend every anti-Obama diary, here it is:

    Carolina Voice

  • Yes, not even pretending to care is a better strategy.

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    Not only is this a good plan, but its also likely to pass a Democrat-controlled Congress and is relatively inexpensive at the outset.

    Its one thing to promise the world, and its quite another to actually deliver on your promises. This is the sort of promise that can be kept.

  • Thanks for calling me a hypocrite though.

    Yeah, no problem, just keep up the good work.

    This must really bother you, huh? Don't like having your integrity questioned, I gather. Well, between that and your poor level of commons sense, you should get used to it, bud.

  • it really bothered you enough for you to reply to me three times? What you say isn't wrong but I just think the difference is perspective...that's all. Nothing wrong with that. The fact that you're being an ass about it? That's unfortunate but its more your problem than mine.

  • I didn't say it was really nasty...I said that he obviously had strong opinions on the subject, especially given his guise of openness here, while he's leaving comments elsewhere that would suggest otherwise. Nothing wrong with that if hypocrisy doesn't bother you.

  • You're full of it...was there any chance that you'd have any other reaction at all? We know who you are supporting...is your constant bellyaching about Obama really necessary?

  • Given comments on a Politico article made by someone knows as 'AdamT', it might appear that you really do have a strong opinion on the subject, and you are simply masquerading as being open here, for whatever reason.

    "Obama, by contrast, focuses on removing barriers to access and subsidizing care for those who can't afford it. " Edwards does this also in that those that can't afford the mandate are subsidized. It's the same thing, except that Edwards gets at universal coverage by making sure everyone is covered. Obama I guess will leave it up to individuals to get themselves covered.  

    Posted By: AdamT | May 29, 2007 at 12:08 PM    

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    Even if there were some kind of prize for having exclusivity on an idea on how to fix health care, wouldn't it be best if good ideas were implemented, no matter who it is that reaches the finish line first?

    Aside from that, Obama's plan is the most realistic thus far, which may prompt some to say it isn't good enough. I would argue though that if someone can push a better plan through Congress while Obama is President, do you really think he won't sign it if it reaches his desk? Lets not get too crazy with this...of course I may be overlooking who I'm responding to.

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    Interesting...I kind of run into this a little bit; mostly I hear women who would feel guilty for not supporting Hillary. Others don't like her for the same misogynistic reasons the Republicans have been putting out there for years.

    Personally I don't even think that Hill is the best female candidate we could put out there. I've had to convince my mom that female candidates CAN get elected...just not that particular one.

  • If I'm an asshole then we're just two peas in a pod, aren't we?

  • Dude, you're right, this place would TOTALLY fall apart if he doesn't post trendlines. By all the power of god in heaven we can't allow this to keep happening!

  • because he's giving a preview of the full results, which are to be released later as I understand it. What are you, the poll police now?


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