• This diary is just the same 5 people saying the same things.

    I agree with parahammer; this is just the hit-piece du jour.

  • I'll second  your take on Stumbo...he was vilified in hard-right circles because of his investigation into Gov. Ernie Fletcher, the criticism being that Stumbo was politically motivated.

    Is Stumbo the best Democrat in Kentucky? Not so much. Is he a progressive? Not really...personally I believe a real progressive would have to be something special to win statewide in Kentucky.

    But is Stumbo a solidly Democratic candidate to run against McConnell? You bet.

  • Dear god, if we are attacked we will defend ourselves! How dare Obama for suggesting such a thing?

    Seriously, you're making the mistake of believing that unilateral action is a Bush catchphrase that means invading countries for no particular reason. Since Obama used the same word, you're thinking that somehow, Obama=Bush when it comes to foreign policy.  Not so much.

    Beyond that, I can't imagine what you think his controvertial about Obama's policy. Even Edwards supporters think you're off-base here.

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    I would prefer a system that allowed us to rate whole diaries the same way we can rate comments. Sometimes we get hit with obvious troll diaries, and we just have to let them die off or to complain in the comments, rather than letting a group of people influence things by giving it a '1'.

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    like it or not that's the stuff that people here want to read. There are a lot of other good diaries out there that don't cover 2008 candidates, but people don't rec them as enthusiastically.

    Perhaps some front-page attention could be devoted to encouraging recommendation of non-2008 related diaries as well.

    Beyond that, those diaries just happen to be the hot topics right now. Can't help that.

  • So you're really advocating the creation of new diaries to refute commentary made in  breaking blue? Even when a comment-length response by itself may have otherwise been sufficient.

  • Its not that diaries are so hard to make, but do you really expect us to generate diaries to respond to Breaking Blue commentary? There are enough crap diaries out there as it is...and often a response need not be more than a few sentences.

    You guys are really sticking together on this one, and that's okay...I'm just asking that you consider all the angles here.

  • It helps when the editorializing is happening in a forum in which a response can be applied directly to the opinion in question, such as in a diary. This is preferable to posting opinion in the Breaking Blue column, which may or may not be done to avoid comments that would accomplish this:

    Every campaign and every registered user of MyDD has the right to respond to every post made on MyDD.

    It shouldn't be necessary to generate a diary to respond to a heavily editorialized, under sourced bit in the Breaking Blue section. I know you guys will stick together, but this is a ridiculous practice and should not continue.

  • Partisan hackery...I like it. There is a need for a bit of that, but its starting to wear on me a bit. Aside from the Obama/Edwards/Clinton duals, the frontpagers, aside from maybe Singer, have slipped quite a bit. Bowers is focused on breaking down polls and Stoller has disappeared into Kucinich/Gravel territory.

    I suppose I could stop coming here, but where is the fun in that?

  • The blog is supposed to be about the community, not the frontpagers. That's what I thought, anyway.

  • Not a single ad has been run, and the ground game has just begun. Personally, I don't think Edwards is doing any better, and I'm not ready to declare either candidate done with.

    People are going to use these polls to arrive at a lot of conclusions, but I can't possibly see how they mean anything at all until the first caucus in Iowa.

  • I like how Stoller posts his 'Obama is tanking' post in the BB area so that no one can reply/refute his claim, based solely on polling in the fundraising/organizing period of the campaign.

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    I like how Stoller posts his 'Obama is tanking' post in the BB area so that no one can reply/refute his claim, based solely on polling in the fundraising/organizing period of the campaign.

    This cements it for me: Stoller is a giant douchebag.

  • He'll be in the running for the VP spot, and I have no doubt at all that Clark will back the winning horse only . There is no reason for him to make an ass of himself with an early endorsement. Doing so would take him out of the running if anyone else wound up in the top spot.


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