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    I've listened to gangsta rap since 1991. Its only gone out of style to me in that I appreciate it when the artists use their platform to tell a story about their culture and to try and make their world better.

    It'd be naive to think that there isn't a place for this type of music, as it often does adequately reflect the lives and struggles of many in the inner-city. But its also naive for people to try and censor these voices, because no matter the harm that some believe they are doing, there is a freedom of expression that artists are allowed to pursue. Freedom of speech.

    We don't have to allow this to be sold to kids, but we do have to allow freedom of expression, and that's what lies at the core of this argument.

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    So we should just write that down as scripture, because there isn't much of the campaign left. All the ads, news cycles, speeches, conventions, and other nonsense won't change a thing.

    It doesn't matter who we are talking about...the numbers don't mean jack s**t at the moment.

  • I can see part of why you and Kos talk about Obama the way you do...he more than anyone has the chance to be the kind of candidate that embodies you guys were talking about in 'Crashing the Gate', and yet he seems determined to go just halfway.

  • I don't know, man, you've gotten awfully snippy with people who disagree with you lately. A form of Stolleritis perhaps. You've really not been Jerome-like lately.

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    I still think Jerome is a bit bitter about Mark Warner not joining the race, and may see Obama as the biggest reason why he did't.

    There was a lot of promise with the Warner campaign, including a possible job in the White House. I'd be a little bitter about it too.

    Jerome is a smart and talented guy, but this is yet another occasion where he has given good reason for people to question his credibility. When someone has already spent time working on a campaign(or in his case the runup to it), its hard to know if they are really impartial.

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    The only thing I've learned about this election in the past few months is how relatively few people outside the blogosphere are paying much attention to the election thus far. I doubt we'll see all that much movement in the polls until the election actually draws closer.

    Interesting though, is that I remember hearing about how strong Edwards would be in Nevada due to his strong ties to the SEIU. After Iowa and New Hampshire, who knows what people in Nevada will be thinking?

    The only thing these polls are telling me is who doesn't have any chance: Dodd, Gravel, Kucinich, Biden.

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    Its almost obligatory...though even the most dedicated Obama-haters around here passed on this one.

  • I like Edwards a lot, but that's not a good number at all. The amount of cash itself isn't as much an issue...its that the general public is less enthused about him than they were before.

    Still I wouldn't ring any alarms just yet...he can afford to loan himself some cash if he needs to. , a la Kerry 2004.

    If his 3rd quarter numbers aren't dramatically better though, at least similar to the 1st quarter, I think he'll be in trouble.

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    And a pretty lame diary to top it off. If we are making judgments on the issue, I'd go with the guy who got it right in the first place rather than the guy who waited a few years until the politics of the time dictated he had to admit his mistake.

  • I find your comments regarding our military to be disrespectful and lacking in perspective. Clearly you haven't served a single day in uniform, so I wouldn't expect you to develop anything even remotely close to a real thought on the subject.

    Its people like you cause me everyday to tell the veterans I work with at the VA that Democrats are not all that way. I say there are nutjobs on all sides of the debate, and you're offering proof of that.

  • I think it helps us not to be hated when the locals can see that we are not monsters in person...while I don't believe our presence in the Middle East is helping matters, I'm a major proponent of our bases in Japan, Korea, Germany and Italy especially for the reasons I stated above.

    No doubt you don't HATE the military at all...my only issue with you is that I don't believe that you have a complete awareness of the necessity of our global presence, as a balance to your view of the drawbacks.

    Nothing wrong with thinking the way you do...I just wanted to share some of my take on it.

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    As a vet I don't at all appreciate where you went with this diary. I do have to admit that it is not untrue that our military maintains a presence in a great many places.

    Aside from overseas locations being what makes serving in the military fun, there are tremendous advantages in these bases that you'd never know about unless you've served at one.

    Without getting specific about individual bases, I'll offer a quick list.

    1. Exposes Americans and their hosts alike to each other and each other's cultures.

    1. Necessitates direct and very involved diplomatic relations between the host country and the US.
    2. Provides a MAJOR boost for the local economy. For this reason the hosts are usually happy to have us there, both the government and the local civilians.
    3. Gives military members the chance to travel the world. A lot of people would not join if they were stuck at a base in CONUS.
    4. Most bases are not there as a major show of force. Many are used only as repair or supply hubs, and would not/could not be used as a staging point for any type of ground war.

    And so on...I just hope I can provide you with just a little perspective here.

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    Sorry to see you go, Chris. You've done good work, and I think its pretty clear that you put a lot of heart into your efforts here at MyDD. Good luck with the new site! Make sure to stop in and check on us every once in awhile.  


    Does this mean that Matt is going with you?


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