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    CNN has called the race for Boyda in KS...how big is that???? Man, this feels good.

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    Holy shit, can that be right? 71% with 92% counted, ahead of an incumbent?

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    Also something I noticed, I voted at a church, and JUST on the border of the church property, and it may have been on it, was a sign for one of the conservative candidates for city council. Seems wrong.

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    Not too bad. Got there at 7am, polls had been open for an hour. Maybe 20-30 people waiting amongst 2 lines. Not as smooth as the polling location I had in Lansing, Michigan, which was more densely went a lot faster even with the punchcard ballots. The voting machines scared me a bit, as they have no paper trail, and you vote by entering in an anonymous 4 digit code one you've signed in. It seemed to work fine though, and it didn't have any glitches.

    What concerns me about Kentucky is that the polling locations close at 6pm, tied with Indiana for earliest in the country. WTF? Is this some kind of strange, working-class voter suppression technique, or am I wrong about that?

  • Were it an internet poll, I'd agree, but zogby isn't too bad...the results are similar to the Rasmussen poll.

    Though the diarist asserts that Tennessee is flaming red, I do believe Democrats can still win there, as evidenced by Governor Phil Bredesen. A BLACK Democrat though, that I'm not sure about. We'll see.

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    Please tell us our guy's last name isn't Weed? He sounds good, but voters are superficial if they don't know why else to vote for someone.

  • Yeah, you know, it isn't beneath him to expect that, either. The last thing I'd do if I were homeless is spend time on mydd.... careerbuilder.com and monster.com would be more appropriate. I couldn't imagine being at a place in life where I thought it would be more important to run to the library and radio shack and blog rather than spend all my time trying to get out of the situation I was in. Maybe that's part of the problem.

  • You really need to quit your whining. I've fucking had it with your bullshit. I've done little to deserve it and clearly I had expressed remorse that I'd brought myself into talking a guy down when he's clearly got bigger problems. But the truth is, if Gary spent more time finding a job than flaming other people, and writing long-winded rants that don't make any sense, he might not be homeless today. Sue me, dickhead.

  • What is petty and small is the fact that he's homeless and yet he's on here in this thread defending the flame wars he gets himself into as being justified and fair. I don't buy into forgiveness as much as I do karma. Fuck him, and you as well.

  • I AM a member of the party that helps people. People that have fallen on hard times. I hate that I started this part of the thread, basically kicking someone when they are down. But, this someone we're talking about is a person I find particularly objectionable, and I have no problem speaking out in a way that I know a lot of people here agree with but wouldn't want to say.

    Its like getting slapped in the face over your mere existence, and then handing over cash to the hand that slapped you just because the awful person slapping you has otherwise fallen on hard times.

  • You're not much better, by the way. I have no problem helping people out, as this is a community and helping those in need is a quality that proves we are better than republicans.

    However, Gary has earned my indifference by using every posting at every opportunity to attack everyone who disagrees with him even the slightest bit. Not just me, I mean EVERYone. Normally I would help out, but not for him.

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    I hate to be callous, because it is just not who I am, but Gary Boatwright is probably the most mean-spirited and petty blogger on Mydd, and that's saying something. He's the first person who will try to attack anyone personally for even using semantics slightly different than himself, much less having different views. Rather than concede a point to anyone, he'll attack someone for how few postings they've had on mydd, as though your point isn't valid until you've posted thousands of crazy rants.

    I'm sorry if he's fallen on hard times, as I wouldn't ever wish that on even my worst enemy. Hopefully this community as a whole is more generous than I am.

  • I agree that we really shouldn't be forced to choose between them, so no vote for me. I record both on my DVR, I watch both and I really enjoy both. Each show offers a different style, neither of which is particularly friendly to the more easily ridiculed side of the political debate.

    I probably laugh more watching Colbert, but I do rather like the Daily Show's correspondents and Jon Stewart's skewering of the day's more bizarrely wingnut moments, like when Ted Stevens of Alaska freaked out over the loss of his 'bridge to nowhere'.

    The poll should be redone to include a "I like them both" option.

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    You're doing a great job for your dad's campaign. Getting the word out to the blogs in an organized and timely manner really speaks volumes about the Carter campaign. I hope you'll keep it up, and I'll support you guys the best I can.

    Best of luck!!

  • I personally don't think it is that big of a deal. There are a lot of people on mydd and dailykos who would never let you hear the end of it for things like that, whether the guy is from Nebraska or not.

    As much as anyone I'd understand why a candidate in Nebraska or in non Dem-friendly areas wouldn't advertise their party so much. The traditional Dem party platform isn't popular there, and you want to avoid having negative assumptions made about you before people have heard what you have to say.

    Thank you for getting the word out, and letting us know that there is some hope in Cornhusker-land.


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