• When I was in the military there were no shortage of dumb hicks who voted Republican jus' cuz, but the easiest way to draw the ire of just about everyone is to put them through extended deployments in the gulf.

  • And how well over half of the donations are going to anti-war Democrats.

  • Given that a solid majority of Americans support abortion, with some restrictions such as parental notification, I wouldn't imagine that they are terribly worried about it.

  • exactly?

    I think your theory is complete horseshit, to be honest. To commit good money to a cause as unrealistic and idiotic as that is just dumb; only the most demented among us could come up with something like that.

  • Did you ever see or meet Robert Kennedy?

    Peter, if a point can be made one way, it can be made the other as well. I don't see how a person can not know him, and say that RFK is NOT similar to Edwards, but a person saying that RFK and Edwards share similarities is perfectly okay.

    Seems like we are applying a rather convenient double-standard there.

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    I'd like to see more polling on NH...especially given that any registered voter can vote in either primary(which is my understanding). If indies are really breaking hard for Dems, and then more so for Obama than Clinton, the real numbers might be worth a look.

    It would be interesting to see a poll with both Democrat and Republican choices, given to all registered voters, to see what the primary might really look like if it were held today.

  • There sure are a lot of people around here who like to think they know how Obama supporters are going to react...its kind of sad to see all of the hateful rhetoric flying around.

    Of course Obama is just a man. One man. The best person in the entire field to be President. That's what this Obama supporter thinks about it.

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    I was still skeptical of the value of the polling. Its way too earlier, and personally I'd rather my guy made his move and hit his peak around December and January rather than July. Lot of campaigning left to do.

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    Your grammar is so much better when you aren't pretending to be a black woman. You could just to be who you really are and at least you wouldn't be made fun of so much.

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    Ah, I confused you and dpAndrews. My bad. Your posts are just as nonsensical, but you didn't make that particular one, so I do apologize.

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    As usual you've completely missed the point. There have been a rash of self-proclaimed 'black female' Clinton supporters who have posted diaries here that have no better than an 8th-grade level of writing, which miraculously improve to at least 11th-grade level in the comments.

    I don't doubt that Clinton has support in the black community. What I doubt is the authenticity of some of the diaries written here.

    Either way, for this diary to have earned a 'great diary' accolade from you speaks to the low-degree that your opinion should be taken into account.

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    Key words, moron:

    total target population

    In this case, as with my statement, the total target population I'm referring to is the readership at MyDD. In other words, a self-selected sample is a more than adequate indicator when talking about this particular community, as I was.

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    That's right, I've heard that there are really a lot more Clinton supporters...they just don't vote in the straw polls.

    Are you freakin' serious? The polls that show Clinton in the lead matter, but as a gauge of support in this community, polls are a 'plural of anecdote'? Give it a rest, already.

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    I guess Clinton supporters are really rare around here. If an Obama supporter wrote something that bad I'd have been really upset that they were doing more harm than good.

    In this case its lucky though, because ironically you are getting two for one here. One faux-black woman diarist and Clinton supporter, two profiles from faux-black woman supporters. Similarities to user 'bebe' couldn't be more obvious here.

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    I guess the rest of us should just pack it in.

    Isn't it amazing how the bravado and arrogance of Clinton's supporters here and on Dkos far outweighs her level of support from the readers?


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