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    The unrest of the middle class flows from their increased realization that the end of America as they know and love it is at hand.  The 2008 election is for keeps.  Unless the public is unified and inspired to go after dependence on imported oil and runaway healthcare/retirement costs, the ship of state will founder on the reefs of a confrontation with China over oil and a meltdown of the dollar under multi-trillion dollar entitlement deficits (see 2006 GAO Financial Report for the US).  According to this report, each full time worker's share of US losses exceeds $2,500 per month.

    The internet is the key to awakening the middle class to the fact that they are in control of their destiny.  For as little as two or three dollars a month, given to candidates who will address these issues, they can break the grip of big oil, big pharma and big insurance on our government.  Now its time to educate the candidates as to where our real dangers (and opportunities) lie.  

    Those who toil to strengthen the political clout of the internet are our unsung heroes -- for they mark the path to a bright future for all.

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    The sad fact is that most members of Congress are beholden to large corporations for financing their last and next campaign as well as a plum job for their relatives and ultimately for themselves.  

    In this manner, we have been blocked for the past 30 years from addressing our dependence on imported oil and runaway healthcare/retirement costs.  We will disappear as a free people and as an economic power if we continue down this path.

    Fortunately there is a way out.  Federal election campaign laws permit contributions to be made to the national committees and then distributed to candidates.  I suggest the formation of a Democracy Works fund within the DNC which will only fund the campaigns of squeeky clean candidates who commit to addressing the above problems.  

    Once such a fund gains steam, the RNC will be forced to follow suit and together they will do a dramatically better job than Congress of providing oversight for each other's candidates.

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    The public has had their fill of rhetoric.  They are looking for someone who's results speak louder than their words.  Mark Warner is the only candidate than can point to significant real achievements (and he accomplished them with only four years in office).

    He also has a natural appeal to rural America and proved it with a plurality of 100,000 votes in traditionally Republican SW Virginia.

    As a graduate of Harvard Law, he doesn't shoot from the hip verbally which will allow him to avoid the "you said" minefield in order to win the November 2008 election.

    To see Mark in action, including a question and answer session, please see his speech at the Harvard Kennedy School at http://ksgaccman.harvard.edu/iop/events_ forum_video.asp?ID=2978

  • This is a win-win scenario for Murdoch.  If Hillary gets the nomination for 2008, the Democrats are least likely to win.  Also Fox News ratings will explode up until November 2008.  Finally, if she does happen to pull it off, Rupert has a friend in the White House.

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    This is the first election since 1928 that neither a previous president nor vice president is running for the presidency.  Personally I believe that the "front runners" McCain and Clinton will not even be around when primary time comes.  McCain was recently shredded badly on Meet the Press and would be our oldest President to take office while Clinton must do well in rural NY in order to even think of running.  Furthermore, Bill looks like he is likely to either consciously or unconciously sabotage her efforts because of his larger than life ego.

    Basically the field is as wide open as we are likely to ever see in our lifetime.

    This leaves Warner in an enviable position.  As a graduate of Harvard Law, Warner does not suffer from Dean's foot in mouth disease and has the further advantage that he never became a practicing attorney.

    His greatest strength is that he sincerely wants to ensure that everyone has a shot at success, since he himself was the only one in his family to go to college and the system gave him an opportunity to succeed.  

    He is honestly concerned about the little guy, the people who live in rural America and his results in this area as governor of VA speak louder than any words.


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