HRCC robocall in Missouri's 121st Legislative District: desperation and homophobia

You can smell the republican flop sweat. Today the Missouri House republican Campaign Committee ran a robocall in the 121st Legislative District attacking Courtney Cole (D) in terms that have never been seen before in this district:

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The most legal fun you can have in an election year


It's an election year and it's almost Labor Day. That can only mean one thing. The campaign crews for large signs are out and about. Signs. They take an inordinate amount of time and a candidate's supporters obsess about them. In short, everything having to do with signs is a campaign's biggest pain in the ass.

That being said, one of the perks of participating in a campaign consists of working on a sign crew which is assigned the task of putting up 4x8 signs. It's the most legal fun you can have in a campaign.

Late Friday afternoon I received a phone message about a sign crew going out in the evening. When I joined them I found out that this crew worked at night. From 9:00 p.m. to almost midnight I followed them across the district as they set up 4x8 signs.

Photos at Show Me Progress.


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Post-racial America? Jo Co, Mo Dems receive racist bumper stickers in the mail.

The chair of the Johnson County, Missouri Democratic Central Committee went to the Warrensburg post office to check the committee's post office box for mail today.

In the mail was a a plain envelope with the address of the committee and no return address. There was a 37 cent Ronald Reagan stamp and a 10 cent stamp for postage.

Contained in the envelope were two bumper stickers:

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Uh, Claire, you got to dance with them what brung you


Not really. They forgot about Joe, Evan, Ben, and Mary

Claire Never Fails to Disappoint, Does She?

The Johnson County, Missouri Democratic Club meets monthly on Thursday evenings in downtown Warrensburg. The membership of the club includes Democratic Party activists and a significant number of the members of the Johnson County Democratic Central Committee. A motion addressing health care reform, and specifically, Senator Claire McCaskill's (D) recent statement, in the aftermath of the Massachusetts special senate election was offered under new business by a member of the club and central committee.

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"A Gentleman's Agreement"?

Cross posted from Show Me Progress with permission of the author.

by Blue Girl

In the classic 1947 movie by the same name, a reporter decides to pass himself off as Jewish in order to 'get the story' on anti-Semitism in post-war America. In short order he comes to realize that labels do matter.

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A right wingnut interpretation of Missouri's "Adopt a Highway" program

I don't think the Missouri Department of Transportation had this in mind as an acceptable manifestation of their Adopt a Highway program. On Missouri Highway 13, approximately two and a half miles north of the intersection of U.S. Highway 50, the following text is painted in three foot high letters (readable as you drive south):



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Obama in Independence, MO: photos

Crossposted from Show Me Progress.

As I approached the press entrance to the Truman Memorial Building I stopped to take a photo of the media trucks. This very nice lady stopped and asked me, "Are you with the Kansas City Star?" I replied that I was not, I was a blogger. She then asked me, "Would you like to take my picture with my husband he's just around the corner?" I thought, "Why not?" and told her I would. As we walked back to the line of people around the corner I asked her if she had ever been to an event like this before. She replied, "No, never before. This is historic." We found her husband in line and I took this photo. They reminded me of my parents.

I waited my turn to go through security at the press entrance. The uniformed officer had me take out and start up all of my electronic equipment, including my camera. As he peered through the viewfinder he took this photo. He quipped to me, "If you publish this I should get credit." He's got it.

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Bill Clinton in Independence, Missouri on Saturday night

I attended a campaign event for Hillary Clinton at the William Chrisman High School gymnasium in Independence on Saturday night.

We got in line a few minutes after 5:00 p.m. There were five or six television trucks (along with their film crews) from the various Kansas City affiliates.

The doors opened a little before 7:00 p.m. and we took seats in the bleachers with a good view of the podium. We estimated about 1200 people were in the gym (bleachers and in seating on the floor). We learned later that there was an overflow room, but I have no idea about the numbers there.

A school band played between the early speakers {including Representative Emmanuel Cleaver, State Senator Jolie Justus, and Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders) and Bill Clinton.

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At the opening of the Clinton Campaign Headquarters in Kansas City

Blue Girl and I attended this event in Kansas City yesterday. It was posted at Show Me Progress - we collaborated on the content, though all of the crappy writing is solely my fault.

Saturday after noon the Hillary Clinton campaign headquarters held a grand opening in Kansas City.  The doors opened at 10:00 a.m. and volunteers started phone banking, then at 2:30 a group of local and state elected officials who are endorsing Senator Clinton in her bid for the White House spoke to the standing-room-only crowd.

The headquarters is located at 7442 Holmes, on the northeast corner of 75th and Holmes, across the street from the northeast corner of Tower Park.  The office space is being donated by local businessman, developer, community re-investor and Democratic fundraiser Nick Abnos, owner of the Abdiana Futon chain.  

I arrived at the headquarters at about 2:00, with the local politicians who have endorsed scheduled to address the crowd at 2:30.  State Representative Rachel Storch, State Senator Jolie Justus, Jackson County Executive Mike Sanders, and United States Congressman Emmanuel Cleaver.  They were great speakers one and all - well-spoken, articulate in their expression of why they are supporting Senator Clinton - but Congressman Cleaver spoke last, and that man can move a mountain with his oratorical skills.

He had a lot of things to say, and much of it quotable - but I am sharing this post with fellow  SMP blogger Michael Bersin, so I will just relay  one of them before I turn it over to him below the fold...speaking about the Republicans and the concern-trolling of certain factions of the Democratic Party - "We are all Democrats.  We can't let them separate us." 

Amen, Mayor (Congress is only national) you got that right.

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Scott Eckersley and Matt "baby" Blunt: there's a lawsuit in here somewhere

I wonder if there was a settlement conference that didn't go so well.

I read this item....

Suit alleges illegal destruction of state e-mails
By Jo Mannies

...The suit includes allegations about a meeting convened last summer by Blunt's general counsel at the time, Henry Herschel. At the meeting, the suit contends, Herschel told lawyers for all departments under the governor that e-mails about state business "would not have to be turned over in response to Sunshine Law requests if they were destroyed and not retained."

The suit also contends that Blunt's chief of staff at the time, Ed Martin, ordered all staff members to make sure they were deleting e-mails. Martin and other top Blunt aides also are accused of orchestrating the destruction of the state's computer backup system for such e-mails.

...then found this:

I called the office of the filing attorney in Springfield, but he was out. Then I contacted a few other sources and found out that the lawsuit was on file at the Jackson County Court Annex in Independence. I decided to drive there to get a copy.

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