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    Bill Bradley used to go to the gym every night and not leave until he made 100 free throws in a row.

    Yeah, that's right up there in my list of qualifications for president - or impressive credentials on the part of someone who endorses someone else...

    I'd be more impressed if he didn't leave the piano until he had done his scales and arpeggios in all keys in sixteenth notes with the beat at 144.

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    Sorry I'm late. Someone said they were showing an Akira Kurosawa film festival around here somewhere...

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    Look in detail at the state delegate selection plan (approved by the DNC) - the Iowa plan should be on their web site somewhere. For instance, in my state the allocation of delegates is based on a formula that rewards past Democratic performance - that is, if a certain geographic area (like a congressional district) has a history of supporting the party's nominee that area will be allocated an incremental amount more in delegates. My county does not do well for Democratic presidential candidates in general elections - as a result we are allocated fewer delegates to the congressional district and state convention when compared to other counties of the same size which have a better performance.

    Not knowing the Iowa delegate selection plan I can only offer this as a possible explanation (remember, the numbers I cited were "estimated"). It is possible that Obama and Edwards did quite well in areas which had lesser past Democratic performance. And, if Clinton did better in stronger past Democratic performing areas the difference in allocation of statewide/national delegates would be somewhat diminished.

    2008 Missouri Delegate Selection Plan

    The campaigns know these rules going into this.

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    What it all means...

    Iowa - estimated pledged delegates

    Obama - 16

    Edwards - 14

    Clinton - 15

    57 total delegates*
    45 tied to January 3 caucuses
    12 superdelegates

    Out of how many delegates needed to win the nomination?

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    Is it any coinsidence that Democrats went from 267 House seats in 1992 to just 211 in 2000, or 57 Senate seats in 1992 to just 46 in 2000?

    Correlation does not always indicate causality.
  • "baby" Blunt ain't exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.

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    Matt "baby" Blunt has all sorts of problems:

    Ruh-Roh! - the continuing saga of Scott Eckersley and Matt "baby" Blunt

    Is There Anyone Left in the Blunt Administration?

    Blunt Committed the Most Flagrant MOHELA Abuse

    Just to name a few...

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    Short answer: only in a few Internets places.

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    But Huck will ride this one out.

    Not in northwest Missouri. Read what Blue Girl wrote in the first article.

    We're going to continue to beat that story like a big bass drum here in Missouri.

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    ...of nominating Hillary and watching her lose to Huckabee?

    So, you think a republican candidate who would in all likelihood lose Missouri in the general election could still defeat some of our top tier Democratic candidates?

    The Huckabee Meltdown: Part II

    Mike Huckabee and Wayne DuMond - the Kansas City Star starts paying attention

  • ...i, too, was on the dean blog during that season....

    Like many of the amateur fans around here, you can read but you don't bother to comprehend.

    ....After they were quoted in Newsweek these denizens of the Forum for America spent an ungodly amount of time and energy trying to correct the record...

    ...on a forum conducted by Dean's official Web site...
    You were probably too busy posting "first" on the blog to notice that there was a forum with much more sophisticated interaction that was a part of the Dean campaign.

    ...you keep bringing up "pundit gig." is that what you want? is that what you fancy yourself as being? that's not what i'm interested at all. i'm interested in the exchange of ideas, that's what i'm doing here...
    Heh. I see reading comprehension isn't your forte.  I made an oblique reference, an insult really, pointing out that your writing and critical thinking skills were equivalent to that of a pundit on the Faux News Channel. Hint: the reference wasn't a compliment.

    ...establishment backstabbing stooping to fearmonger bin laden ads, data mining and push polling his number ones were more of a factor. and the clintons, who think they own the party, recruiting wes clark to jump into the race late in the game to act as spoiler in splitting the antiwar vote didn't help things either....
    You left out black helicopters and saint ralph. And Dick Gephardt ran such a great campaign, too!

    I still want the gold watch.

  • ...like i said, anybody influenced by what a reporter had to say about a blog is an idiot. anybody posting on a blog thinking they are being appraised by media 24/7 for good behavior - is also an idiot...

    Opinion as opposed to experience? That'll get you far in the world of politics - or maybe a pundit gig on the Faux News Channel.

    ...but here, i'll give you gold star for being a good hall monitor...

    I want a gold watch.

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    SurveyUSA had been asking the global warming question in recent approval polls in Missouri for Matt "baby" Blunt and dubya.

    Do you approve or disapprove of the job Matt Blunt is doing as Governor?

    Global warming is real [74% of sample]
    35% - approve
    61% - disapprove
    4% - not sure

    Global warming is made-up [21% of sample]
    64% - approve
    30% - disapprove
    6% - not sure

  • ...anybody influenced by what a reporter had to say about a blog - is an idiot to begin with. i'm sick of this everybody-walk-on-eggshells attitude...

    Those who don't understand what happened in the past are condemned to repeat the same mistakes.

    The Dean Dilemma, January 12, 2004

    ...The murmurs of doubt are faint, barely audible above the background hum of the Internet cosmos, but they are worth listening to at the moment, for the doubters don't seem to be "trolls"--provocateurs in digital disguise--and they express concerns about their favorite son, Dr. Howard Dean, in the bosom of his own blogosphere.

    "Dammit, tell him to get his mouth under control!" says "WVMicko" on a forum conducted by Dean's official Web site. "He's been all over the map on a lot of things, and the way he shoots off his mouth is a big reason why." A poster to the site named "Lancaster" frets that his wife is put off by Dean's confrontational personality. "Her initial reaction to Dean? 'That guy scares me.' Now, I'm not a full-fledged Deanie, but I'm strongly leaning that way... but she's still not convinced that Dean is the right guy for the job." A writer named "irmaly" also views Dean's personality as a vulnerability. "I am a strong Dean supporter," irmaly declares, "but I think the campaign is missing this most important point--the need to focus strongly on getting up over the perception of 'mean, angry Dean.' Dean is portrayed as a man who, rather than share a beer in a local hangout, will fight you for yours. I realize this isn't true, but Bush and Company knows perception is everything, and they have already had some success at seriously hurting Dean on this perception. I don't know how you get up over this, but you have to, or we will lose..."

    I watched this one unfold. After they were quoted in Newsweek these denizens of the Forum for America spent an ungodly amount of time and energy trying to correct the record. It turned out that a stringer had fed the information to Newsweek, which then plugged the quotes into their pre-existing narrative.

    It must be very comforting for you to think that our lazy old media doesn't look for stuff they can use out here in the hinterlands.

  • I genuflect before your superior ethics and morality.


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