• ...only mortal...bad things happen....

    Is that some sly RFK thing again?

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    Doesn't every member of the various Christianist sects already have an Invisible Friend/Messiah? I thought that was the cult appeal?

    The only way Clinton is getting in the White House is to meet with Obama about Senate business. Sorry.

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    I think an Obama win would inspire millions of people in other countries to get more politically active, not in so much a partisan way, but a uniting, positive way. It could be the spark that sets off real reform in many countries.

    Or at least I hope.

  • But she's up and at em' at 3am I thought?

  • Do Dems Have a reasonable chance of taking either Kentucky or WV in the GE?

    If not, then following Clinton Campaign Logic (if you can call it that) WV and KY 'Don't Matter'.


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    I thought that states that were going to go red anyways don't count?

    Or do these only count because Clinton will win them?

    I'm sure the West Virginia Banjo Players Union will come out strongly for Clinton.

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    Why did Penn get 'demoted' again? Oh, thats right, lobbying for CAFTA, which is exactly what Bill was doing.

    Go ahead and rationalize it any way you want, but that won't change facts.

    You should read up on what the Columbian government does to union leaders.  

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    Listen to your tone.

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    and guess that What Bill does is completely independent of what Hillary would do, or approve of.


    However, if Michelle Obama was being paid big bucks to talk up anti-union death squads and quasi-fascist regimes, it would be a deatth blow to Obama.

    ---------------------------------------- -

    Does anyone think Hillary can pull this out? I guess we'll see how, or if, the TV media decides to do its job.  

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    I wonder if MyDD will ever recover?

    In February 2009, will they still be doing oppo research, or spreading smears at the newly minted Democratic President?

    Because its going to be Obama, no matter how much gnashing of teeth goes on about it on this site.

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    "The Law School has received many media requests about Barack Obama, especially about his status as "Senior Lecturer." From 1992 until his election to the U.S. Senate in 2004, Barack Obama served as a professor in the Law School. He was a Lecturer from 1992 to 1996. He was a Senior Lecturer from 1996 to 2004, during which time he taught three courses per year. Senior Lecturers are considered to be members of the Law School faculty and are regarded as professors, although not full-time or tenure-track. The title of Senior Lecturer is distinct from the title of Lecturer, which signifies adjunct status. Like Obama, each of the Law School's Senior Lecturers have high-demand careers in politics or public service, which prevent full-time teaching. Several times during his 12 years as a professor in the Law School, Obama was invited to join the faculty in a full-time tenure-track position, but he declined.

    Case closed.

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    Perhaps you could show us what convoluted sources and methods you're using to reach you delusional conclusions?


    Didn't think so.

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    Don't you know that poll numbers that look bad for Hillary are either over or undersampled in a demographic and cannot be trusted this far out?

    However, if they show Hillary 1 point above Obama in anything, its Rec List material.

    This is MyDD, not a place to sanely discuss politics.

    <hu>This WSJ poll clearly shows Obama should drop out of the race, look at all of his negatives!!!!!!111!!!!</hu>

  • Yes, your right, most SD have gone from C to O. Glad you're paying attention.

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    that SD's that choose Obama are just a bunch of latte sipping feel-gooders that hate America and won't vote in the GE!


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