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    consultants they road into office with pedaling that half baked crap.

    Half baked crap is still crap and it wasn't the 'Change' people voted for - and they didn't vote primarily for 'bi-partisanship'either despite what the 45th POTUS thinks.

    Why is it so hard for Democratic politicians to understand that 'CHANGE" means 'fundamentally different than before'? Weak, wimpy, and worthless, and this drubbing was predictable within hours of Obama naming Rahm as COS.

    I will never be able to watch the movie Groundhog Day without thinking of Rahm and Obama and repeating '94....when they did not have to.


  • You listed Reagan as transformative ~ I'd agree.

    What's been forgotten or never mentioned is that Reagan was willing to take on a sitting President of his own Party and clearly articulate that which you noted:that government is the enemy.

    I certainly do not in any way shape or form agree with Reagan and I would suggest that what the majority of people were voting for in 2008 was a rejection of that premise and the willingness through their votes which encompassed the entire government to have government, once again,work for them, the citizens, .

    Barack Obama has given us the middle way, middle road, and that is not what the times are calling for, namely:a rejection of the conservative philosophy which landed us in this nightmare~high unemployment, lost homes,  lost savings, corroded infrastructure, no regulation, no oversight, the selling off of our system of government.

    He, just like Carter, deserves a primary opponent because the Democratic Party is at war with itself~ you can't keep asking the base to get you elected and then ignore and bash it for 4 years. Until it is resolved all we have done is keep resurrecting the "Reagan Democrats'

    Who do you think voted for Scott Brown? Or stayed home when they could have voted for Martha Coakley?

    The fault is not in the voters,'dear mydd readers, but in our DLC candidates.


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    When you lose your most ardent worker bees aka your base~and I don't mean the squishy 'independent' middle'~you tend to lose.

    Obama and Democrats need supporters to cheerlead his accomplishments by campaigning, doing outreach with friends and neighbors doing what the Deval Patrick re-election Campaign is calling the 'Get 50'.

    It's easy to see the disullusionment among the very people who canvassed the hardest 2 years ago because what most are feeling is that they are looking at the past 2 years as a fight avoided, a true battle for good policy never waged, nearly always a cave in to special interests; there is sense that there is no advocate for the majority of Americans.

    What Americans have listened to relentlessly is the need for bi-partisanship....well, that won't put food on anyone's table:we need civility, not bipartisanship, and relentless advocacy for good policy that will have  tangible results that impact the lives of Americans in a positive way.

    They are  not seeing that, what they are seeing is a squandering of an historic opportunity not handed to many Presidents in favor of incrementalism.

    No-one gets excited about incrementalism...because it's not real change. And as for the argument that the GOP is obstructionists...call them on it all the time. But Obama doesn't, only occasionally; there is no narrative for the age except for this weird attachment for bi-partisanship which accomplishes nothing.

    The status  quo in DC never had it so good because Obama is both a compromiser and a triangulator and he has signalled for 2 years that he  will never directly take on entrenched interests, which, if memory serves, it was John Edwards who first used all three terms~compromise,triangulate, and directly taking on entrenched interests~ in a candidates' debate when he, Edwards promised to 'directly take on entrenched interests, and it polled off the charts.

    People want someone who will fight for them and they aren't seeing a fighter. If they were, I think they would forgive a lack of any 'perceived' legislative accomplishments.

  • Oh I get it, it's because the federal government is shut down due to snow.

    Guess we can expect lots of attacks on the 'left of the left' today...nothing else to do, huh?

    That article has touched you biggest nerve hasn't it, Rahm?



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    it more than crossed my mind that his 'response' ad has been 'in the can' for quite some time.

    In other words, this was his campaign's generic response to whatever could be labelled her 'attack'.

    It's too bland and vague to be a response to what her ad  states and which is not 'negative' by any means , rather it's more of a infomercial on his State Senate record.

    His response makes me think they expected something else and had it can ready to go.


  • knows it is a way to persuade others as well, and that a full debate, does not obscure, it can clarify any subject.

    Barney Frank gets that in his core.

  • that if asked as directly as possible, President Obama would admit that he really considers himself the nation's first independent president.

    He doesn't seem to want to align himself with Democratic rhetoric that just a cursory look gives some humdingers from FDR, HST, JFK, LBJ regarding Republicans, Preisent Obama wants the Democratic Party apparatus.

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    indignation, maybe righteous indignation

    Also, I want to see Obama and his campaign strike back at Mcsame using the same tactics:define McSame with his questionable ethics, his temper, his many recent gaffes....personally characterize McSame...when Democrats try to "stay above the sordidness" it only re-inforces the meme that the GOP has worked mighty hard to cement in people's brains:that Democrats are wimps.

    Have we learned nothing since 1980?

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    http://reed.senate.gov/newsroom/articles /2008%2004-27%20A%20Humble%20Path%20to%2 0Power%20ProJo.pdf

    I wish I could figure out how to embed links on this site.....


    It is an article written about him but it is significant because of the quotes about him coming from which particular Senator:Ted Kennedy

    And when one remembers who is on the VP search committee, Caroline Kennedy, and who happens to be a Congressman from Rhode Island, Patrick Kennedy, and whose seat would be "open" if Reed gets picked, plus the overwhelming angle that Reed brings to Obama:all that military and analyst background and voting correctly on the initial vote concerning Iraq one understands fully why his name is being mentioned and prominently.

    It will not surprise me at all if it is Reed.

    Maples and McConnell answer. Reed, a prominent critic of President Bush's Iraq strategy, continues with questions and observations. Senators pay attention. Reed, Washington leaders agree, speaks with authority.
    "Everyone listens to Jack," says Kennedy, second-ranking Democrat on Armed Services.
    Says Sen. Chuck Hagel, Republican from Nebraska: "He is one of the most dedicated, committed, thorough, thoughtful members of the United States Senate. He studies the issues, he knows what he's talking about, he always makes a contribution. He's always very respectful, very civil. He handles himself very well. And everybody likes him."

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    'children should be seen and not heard'.....in other words....


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    attitude toward the left and with Obama's statements the past 10days.....since when should anyone or any group be called out for stating the obvious????

    No smears

    No whispers

    Just a factual statement uttered without rancor....

    And for that Wes Clark is criticized?

    Moveon.org gets used as a target by a Democrat?

    If it wasn't for Moveon rallying and motivating and engaging countless thousands in the dark dismal years post 2002 - how many transferred that initial activism through Moveon and got "re-introduced" as  "newly engaged activists" the Obama likes to claim for his own?

    As a former Edwards supporter and Dem Party activist from MA I know the Obama supporters( also MA Dem Party activists) from our area and they were all Moveon partcipants from the gitgo.

    If it bothers me how are they reconciling this latest statement? Some of them have decided that Obama can do and say no wrong but others are whispering in disappointed tones.

    My vote has become a vote against McCain; it could have been so much more

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    grandfather's dealings with the Nazis???

    I won't hold my breathe but I would enjoy seeing and hearing a question about that since he brought up the word Nazi

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    I salute you.

    It was a provocative diary with a an interesting perspective

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    one of our candidates to say "the conservative philosophy of governance that the Republicans have adopted DOES. NOT. WORK."

    Frankly, I'm tired of worrying about the sensibilities of Republicans who always seem to need the "stroking" that too many of our candidates give them like Obama just gave them in that interview.

    If I had one wish it would be that Obama would give equal time to a discussion with Naomi Klein who wrote "The Shock Doctrine" ...just have a conversation with her, it doesn't have to be filmed and see if she can get him to stop making these statements.

    Change to me means complete change from the economic policies which have gotten us to this point....evidently it doesn't mean that to Obama.( Or Clinton either to be fair)

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    you could take a day to actually see the Adams homestead( early years) and then Peacefield :it is all part of the Adams National Historic site and a trolley takes you to both places.

    The great thing about "The Big House"( Peacefield) when my family toured it ( we live 2 towns away) was that they let you see the entire house - bedrooms, kitchen, pantry...everything.

    The Church where both Presidents are entombed is about a 2 minute walk from the National Park Service( starting place where the tickets are obtained as well as the trolley pick up site) in downtown Quincy MA. Right on the MBTA red line practically across the street from the subway station.

    And then there is the library which is attached to the house...just amazing

    The Park Rangers give a great tour.

    Quincy is about 60 miles to the Cape Cod Canal


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