Breaking: Obama Considering Edwards and Nunn as Running Mates

The AP is reporting that Sen. Edwards is on Sen. Obama's short list for Veep. n_el_pr/obama_veepstakes

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Obama trying to Disenfranchise Saskatchewan!

Well, folks, it's happening again.  Obama can't win on his own, so now him and his surrogates and MSNBC are trying to disenfranchise Canada.

With the nominating process going on, the networks, including Olberman's own MSNBC are lying to the public and saying that there are no more primaries left after today.


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Is this a progressive blog?

Let's take a look at some of the recent diaries and judge for yourself:

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BREAKING: Former Bush Spokesperson "Whacks" Bush (Let's Get on the Rec List!)

An exclusive from shows us all who the real "enemy" here is and that is the continuation of George Bush's failed and dishonest policies with John McCain.

Scott McClellan's revelations below the fold.

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On to the Convention! What Will Happen?

We will take this to the convention!

What are the consequences?


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