Lieberman is killing the Democratic Party

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I can't say I was exactly shocked by Senator Joe Lieberman's ("D")-CT) announcment yesterday that he was going to petition his way onto the November ballot if he loses the August 8 Primary to Ned Lamont, which is looking more and more likely, especially now when he pisses off more loyal Democrats.  This self- serving move won't just hurt Democrats in CT, but will hurt the Democratic Party and the Nation.

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Today, I became a Democrat

I'm a 17 year old high school senior in New Milford, CT, and today, I became a registered Democrat.  One of the social studies teachers brings in the registrar of voters every spring, to make it easy for students to register.  As they swore me in as a voter, I felt a great sense of pride and honor, knowing that this is what the nation was founded on, and I will strive to keep that dream alive.  I saw hundreds of my fellow students wearing "I registered to Vote Today" stickers in the hallways, and I know, that if we choose to make our voices heard through the ballot box, we will be a force to reckon with.

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New NBC News Poll

NBC is about to release new poll numbers for Bush.  They tied this into Rove's new appearance befor the Grand Jury.  CNN had Bush at 32% approval a few days ago, his lowest in a public poll ever.  36% approval, 57% disapproval.  24%-67% Right track-wrong direction.  On the economy, 19% approve of Bush's handling, with 77% disapproval.  45% say Gas prices are their chief concern, with 33% for Iran and 26% for immigration.  On the subject of Congress, its approved of 22%-65%, and people want the Democrats to control it 45-39.

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Student Loans: A killer issue for Democrats

Hi, if you don't know me, I'm a 17 year old middle class high school senior from CT who's going to college in the fall.  Like many in this generation, I am being confronted with skyrocketing tuition costs.

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myspace, facebook

As your typical American teenager, I am an avid user of and, connecting with both current and past friends.  I think that these sites are forcing big changes in the way in which we communicate.

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Who should be the Person of the Year? (POLL)

This morning I was watching "This Week" on ABC, and towards the end of the show, they were discussing possibilities for the Time Person of the Year, which I presume will be named soon. Some were President Bush, Former Presidents Bush and Clinton, Patrick Fitzgerald, and "Mother Nature".  George Stephanopolis mentioned the Google Guys.  But I want to know what you think.

Best Democrat in US History (Poll)

I have a question to pose to all MyDDer's out there.  Who is your favorite Democrat in the history of the party, starting in the early 1800's in the time of Andrew Jackson.  We've come a long way since then, going from the states- rights party of the south during the civil war to the early 20th century, to the progressive era and the New Deal.  Then we fought for more and more rights for more and more Americans in the 1960's to today.  So, who is your favorite Democrat?

NBC News Poll

It is 6:30 on the East Coast, which means evening news.  NBC just released their poll #'s, which show very good news for us.  Bush is at 39% approval.  59% think we are on the wrong track.  Most Americans believe that Frist and DeLay probably broke the law.  And the big one, 48% want Democrats to win Congress next year.  

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The tape we should talk about

Does anyone remember the interview that Matt Lauer had with Bush last year, when Bush said "I don't think we can win it [the war]".  I think that we and the Congressional Democrats should be showing and talking about that every day.  That, and the Top Gun Mission Accomplished tape (that's golden), plus the quotes from him and Congressional Republicans criticizing Clinton during Bosnia and Kosovo, you know, successful conflicts.  What do you all think?

Bush at 36%!!!!

Finally, the floor breaks--Chris

The American Research Group has a new poll out today that puts President Bush's approval rating at 36% to 58% disapprove.  This is a very unpopular president.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if the Democrats took back one or both houses of Congress next November if this keeps up.  We had thought that his base was 40%, but that has been broken.  This is a very unpopular President.  Too bad this didn't happen a year ago.

Update (Chris): Here is the partisan breakdown:

Among Republicans (35% of adults registered to vote in the survey), 77% approve of the way Bush is handling his job and 18% disapprove. Among Democrats (37% of adults registered to vote in the survey), 15% approve and 81% disapprove of the way Bush is handling his job. Among Independents (28% of adults registered to vote in the survey), 21% approve and 72% disapprove of the way Bush is handling his job as president.
It should also be noted that among registered voters, Bush is at 38-56. That is still below the 40% barrier that at times I have believed we would never break.


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