• Here's lipris:

    i thought i finally had this all figured out and now you go and post this. it's back to befuddlement for me.

    thanks a lot, nancy.

    That's what I mean.

  • I know, and I applaud you for it.  I just think you need to follow this one up with a clarification.  This is a post that confused the issue.

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    The point to make here is that CWA is being inconsistent in its rationale.  The question is why, not whether there's a compromise area.  CWA is lying about at least one part of its argument, that Google pays nothing for hosting.  They are not being clear about whether they want to be IPTV or a non-internet based cable service.

    This confuses the issue, as lipris noted, and worse still, confuses the politics.  We should be pressing CWA to clarify their position and not spend our time bending over backwards to confuse our own side.

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  • Matt- If the bill includes ILO Convention standards, than they will be upheld regardless of what Donahue says.  I don't know, I haven't seen the bill, but news reports seem to indicate that the ILO standards are in there.  

    We'll see.  I hope you're willing to admit error.

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    This is the standard defense that I hear from Obama's supporters - "but the other guy is worse!'

    I don't think that's necessarily true, or at least, it hasn't been proven.  It's important to have this debate and the other guy is worse argument is a bad defense.

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    No, but that's a great idea.  I will.

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    It's possible that Skelton is going to introduce another bill early next week.  That's what Tauscher's staff is referring to.  I would get more clarification on this before going off on her.

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  • It's about power.  Actblue will take anyone's money.  Congress will take anyone's phone calls.  Those are color-blind tools.

  • That's fair.  I still think it's bad form for Louise Slaughter to support Nachbar.

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    If the blogosphere is primarily a communication channel, then it's not the diversity of the bloggers that matters so much as ensuring that the content being communicated reflects the entire movement. But if the blogosphere is part of creating the narrative, then diverse voices are absolutely critical, and getting there should be an immediate No. 1 priority.

    Great diary.  I have a question.  Who should have it as a number one priority?  Chris outlined his practical problems with increasing diversity.  I have similar issues, though I've done behind the scenes work I don't talk about on MyDD.  I read and link to minority leaders, and we talk about race all the time on MyDD.  No other blog covered Maryland's fourth in the depth I approached, or called out the CBC on net neutrality, or sent someone to New Orleans to cover the special election.

    So I suppose it's worth asking who should prioritize increasing the diversity of the blogosphere.  I don't see the NAACP doing anything on this front, or Tom Joyner, or the CBC or CHC.  And I do pay attention to the other piece here, which is white people trying to act like saviors.  I'm not going to pretend like I can do that.  I can and do regularly open access to my network of contacts to people who lead, of all colors.  Ultimately though leadership in the blogosphere has to come from minority communities.  

    Maybe I'll turn this into a full post.  

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    It's hard to say, of course, but a lot of Wynn's strength last cycle was based on his image of machine invincibility and perceived ability to be vindictive.  That is gone now.


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