Wherein I Challenge Ann Coulter to Debate Me

That's right, Ms. Coulter. I hereby issue you a challenge: Meet me in St. Louis, or wherever you please - and let's have ourselves an honest-to-goodness debate.

Now, I realise that the concepts of both "honesty"and"goodness" are foreign to you, but you can do the research, right? -- you're a big girl.

 (Metaphorically and chronologically, of course --  god forbid you take that phrase literally and make the panicky teenaged decision to eschew even the meagre sustenance you've allowed yourself thus far. By the by, Ann - may I call you Ann? - where on earth did you get the idea that heroin chic was still fashionable? My god, woman, that is SO 1993).

Where was I? Oh, yes - a debate. `Twixt you and me, Annie baby. We can find ourselves a suitably impartial moderator - say, anyone who hasn't ever seen you or read you. I wouldn't want the inevitable revulsion of any sentient being to your previous work to create a bias in my favour.

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Impeaching George


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I'm not privy to their private conversations, but I'd bet money there are plenty of Beltway Democrats talking about impeachment. They're not, however, doing it from the Senate or House floors, or on television.

No, they're letting the groundswell build right here in the blogosphere and in living rooms and in newspapers and on talk shows.

And in those arenas, lots of people are talking about impeachment. Half the country, in fact.  A Google search for "Impeach Bush" finds 601,000 results.

Even Ralph Nader, for all his megalomania, god bless him, used his self-made bully pulpit to call for impeachment. Countless editorials and articles have called for impeachment. So, why are our Representatives not talking about impeachment?

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Apologia for Rants

First, let me apologise to you, "X", for not responding directly and immediately to your objections to my latest rant. Your points, though I disagree with most of them, are absolutely valid and deserve more response than a "marginal" rating.

Second, writing and posting rants has always served to inspire me to take action. Parenthetically, I would hope that you and the others who have criticised this particular rant would take note of the fact that the "Vichy Dems" receive this rant treatment perhaps once every 10 rants. I do aim most of my verbal vitriol at the opposition. I won't get into why I feel it necessary at times to turn the hose on my own party -- if it isn't obvious by now, no amount of explication will suffice. For the moment, let us focus solely on the charge made by you and a few others that writing and posting such screeds serves no purpose.

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No, not YOU guys... THOSE guys.

Encouraged as I am by Ms. Pelosi's threat of sanction against the Vichy 15, I wish to put on notice all the spineless, capitulating, groveling, sniveling so-called Democrats: BE DEMOCRATS, YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES.

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A Little Help from My Friends

If you are one of the 1250 registered users at My Left Wing, or if you've been meaning to become one, I could use a little input right about now.

We're attempting to create a My Left Wing Candidates List, in the manner of the Dean Dozen and others, but through a purely democratic process: accepting all nominations and counting the votes to move on to a semi-finalists List, and so on.

So, if you're a MLWer, or wish to participate in this process by registering and nominating or voting, NOW IS THE TIME.

Here's where the nominations and votes are happening:

Nominations & Votes for My Left Wing Candidates List

Head on over and do your thing; please do take note of the rules; any questions or comments NOT related to nominating or voting should be posted in the Open Thread directly below the Nomination Post.


UPDATE: Although I do not know where she is, Lizzie just responded to an email message that I had sent to her with a sinle-word reply: "Safe". Again, I thank you for the outpouring of concern, help and ideas, and will keep you all posted. By making this contact I am first of all, reassured that she is not presently in grave danger, and I am hopeful that she may be coming in from the cold. God bless you all! Stuart"
Diary contents DELETED for SAFETY REASONS.

Dear Future Democratic President...

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Dear Future Democratic President,

I will give your campaign money, time and sweat. I  will "go to the mat" for you every day. I will do everything I can do to help you win the Presidency of the United States of America.

I hope to admire you deeply and see your Presidency restore dignity, honour and honesty to the office you will hold - and to the words "liberal" and "Democrat."

Make no mistake, however, if you believe me one of the solid Democratic "base" that will be satisfied merely by the ascension of a Democrat to the Presidency.

The joy I experienced in helping Bill Clinton win the office turned to despair and disgust by the end of his second term -- and not because of the Lewinsky affair, either. In his eight years in office, here are just a few of the things Bill Clinton did that broke my heart:

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UNIONS: What Americans Don't Know is HURTING Them

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Motivated by the latest news of the AFL/CIO split, I have shamelessly lifted the Terkel Interview from the AFL/CIO's website. Terkel makes some excellent points, and makes them well. One wishes children were taught real, relevant history in our schools. The demonisation of unions by the World's Biggest Hate Group (aka the GOP) is absurd; the fact that so many people BUY it is pathetic and infuriating. Because those people, for the most part, BENEFIT from the righteous struggles of the unionised labour movement in this country.

My GOD, doesn't anyone know who Eugene V. Debs was? When listening to their "classic country" radio stations, do the George Bush-loving, Republican-voting, Limbaugh-bobbleheads ever stop to think about what the lyrics to Sixteen Tons actually MEAN?

One doubts it. If you've never heard of Eugene V. Debs, or have but don't know the magnitude of the man's contribution to YOUR OWN QUALITY OF LIFE TODAY, please read on.

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We must LEAVE Iraq. NOW.

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If you don't know me...

 I am a far-left, anti-war Democrat with a pragmatic streak the size of a continent. If you don't quite see how someone like me can classify herself as a political pragmatist, ask an oldtimer about my days as a Kerry Cheerleader Extraordinaire...

But even pragmatism has its varieties.

I hereby reiterate the conclusion to which I came some time after the election: The kind of "pragmatism" employed and endorsed in the words, "We must stay the course," has ceased to be an option.

(Which is not to say that before the election I subscribed to that particular line of reasoning. I have been against this war from the beginning, and advocating for our withdrawal from Day Two.)

We, the Democrats and progressives and leftists and liberals who believe this war to be wrong, must appeal to our representatives in Congress. We must hammer them with insistent demands.

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THE WOUNDED: Stories & Pictures


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The following excerpts and photographs in the extended text are horrible. Just fucking horrible. For all we've seen and heard in the media, this might as well be that episode of Star Trek where the people have concoted a CLEAN war, where people step into a machine and are evaporated and added to the list of War Casualties.

War is not clean. War is not pretty. All that fucking technology, that state of the art SHIT they're peddling in those fucking recruitment ads? It's used to kill and maim human beings. Just... at a further distance than the days when you had to kill a man face to face. Or chop off his arm. Or blind him.

Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori my ASS.

Memory Hole Tales of the Wounded

Photo Gallery of the Wounded

I have posted some pictures from the sites. (There have been NO updates at either site since 2004. I don't know why.)

WARNING: Not Suitable for Children

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