Change We Can Believe In... And the Beat Goes On

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A front page contributor on My Left Wing named Konopelli used this picture in a post the race baiting going on in right wing talk radio right now -- specifically, on Rush "Douchebag of the Decade" Limbaugh's right wing hatefest:

The people in that picture...

Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face.

The President will not be turning his full attention to the plight of BLACK PEOPLE because he is a BLACK PERSON. He will be turning his attention to the plight of ALL PEOPLE because he is the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

YES, a greater percentage of black people are fucked right now as a demographic. Guess what -- in sheer NUMBERS, if you want to go down THAT road, a greater NUMBER of WHITE people are fucked. You want to start playing THAT game? Jesus motherfucking christ. Do we REALLY want to keep playing the goddamned RACE game?

Unbelievable. This is sociology. This is economics. This is education, healthcare, infrastructure, energy... This is not demographics. This is not race.

Holy fucking shit. After all these years, we're still stuck here. Still mired in the goddamned ditch.

And it's going to take more decades and decades, because douchebags like Rush Limbaugh (and his black COUNTERPARTS, I imagine, though as someone who's sociologically and geographically, for the most part, segregated, I am utterly ignorant of their identities), constantly perpetuate it AND incite not only the ignorant WHITES, but the ignorant BLACKS, as well, to perpetuate this horrendous state of affairs in their daily lives as well as in the nation's political goings-on.

Christ, I feel so fucking helpless. I used to feel that, maybe if I had a talk radio show, or could anchor one of those cable news op-ed shows, like The Ed Show or Countdown, maybe I might be able to affect change.

But I've been watching them for years, listening to them for years. And I helped, in my small way, to get Obama elected. And while he's made some pretty great changes on the one hand... on the other, he's perpetuating the greatest fraud in American capitalist history with these motherfucking bailouts; he and his "Justice" Department have denied Habeas Corpus to prisoners at the base at Bagram -- something he vehemently denounced as a Presidential candidate -- might as well have just said, "We're closing Guantanamo and moving it to Bagram"; and I could write another entire essay about the war crimes that won't be prosecuted, but for the fact that it would send me into a death spiral of depression from which I'm afraid I would never recover; well, the list goes on, and as the months and years go by, it will doubtless increase and my disillusionment grow.

So that idea that any sort of wider platform for my outraged and articulate, impassioned voice might truly affect powerful and quicker change? A childish idealist's fantasy. Change on the vast political stage comes at a glacial pace; thus it has ever been and thus it will ever be -- unless, of course, that change is of the stuff of nightmares. Genocide can happen overnight. That, we've all witnessed. That kind of change can happen in the blink of an eye.

But the overturning of centuries of deeply embedded, well-loved but wrong-headed belief systems? That, unfortunately, takes years and years -- sometimes centuries in itself. Witness the reluctance of a powerful church to finally codify in their record books that a scientific visionary was right all those years ago in his insistence that the earth revolved around the sun and not, as was for so long the overwhelming consensus of the mass of men, the reverse.

Change: we can believe in it, it is out there and we can hope for it, work for it... Maybe the man who promised it to us and led us to the very edge of it might seem to -- and might actually -- betray us... I don't know, I think we place too much expectation on someone who merely articulated our hopes and dreams. He isn't Moses. WE'RE Moses. We're ALL Moses. We must take responsibility for ourselves, for being unable to fulfill our own promise. We may make it to the edge of the Promised Land, and our children may enter it -- but I don't think we'll be allowed in. Our sins are too great: including elevating the men who give us hope and show us what needs to be changed -- and then casting them down when THEY fail to make all those changes, as if one man or a few can do it all for us.

We have to remember, to keep reminding ourselves about the grim reality of any positive change: it creeps up on humanity, it does not charge. To crucify the men who gave us hope in that change for being unable to significantly alter the reality of how it all works is to stand on the beach and order the tides to stop -- and shriek with rage when they do not.

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I posted this comment in the discussion area

of the original version at my blog, and I think it bears repeating here, for those not inclined to visit the original version:

I've been thinking about it since Konopelli posted his essay, and since I posted this essay...

Something to the effect that -- Limbaugh et al. are using the naivete of people like the ones in the picture to frighten ignorant whites into thinking that Obama is going to turn all his attention to THEM and give THEM all the stimulus money.

I mean, that's the impression I'M getting. I don't know if that was Kono's impression, because he posted the picture and then -- well, I may have missed it, but it strikes me he then didn't refer to it again in his post.

But that's what it seems to ME is happening right now. Race baiting. A not particularly sophisticated brand of it -- I mean, how sophisticated can race baiting BE, really? Subtle, I guess, it can be -- subtle to the untrained or uneducated or ignorant ear. Or the INEXPERIENCED ear. Just as with those of us who have never been exposed to ANTI-SEMITIC baiting, for example... I was UTTERLY unaware of that "dog whistle" stuff. And still, a lot of it gets by me. And a lot of black/white race baiting gets by me, I have no doubt of it.

Any way. This strikes me as a ripe topic for discussion, as the race issue in America always is, still, to this day -- and likely will be for at least a couple more generations.

I know I ended on a grand philosophical note, but the fact is, it began with the Limbaugh garbage.

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Obama is getting rid of free riders

For the insurance industry.

What could be a bigger sign of hs loyalty than that!? If I were a right-winger, I would count my blessings. Obama is truly a genius, because he is not going to waste a single penny on the middle class.

But when sick people drop below the poverty line, after their assets have been spent down, he will be there for them with a loan, to prevent them from taking hard earned dollars away from the insurance companies, raising their rates for the profitable healthy customers.

Ending free riders!

Also, he is planning a new public option that will pay for itself, even though it will insure a market not currently served, sick (or well) people who can afford any premium that is asked of them.

The more they buy, the less they die!!!

Hail to the Chief!

by architek 2009-05-14 04:28AM | 0 recs


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