• Okay the $1.7 million to study pig odor, yeah, I'm thinking maybe not right now.  JM knows malodorous pork sometimes...

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    Is this project being let out to bid?  Yes, just like this one, which powers the lights at an interstate intersection.

    His big bitch is always lack of a transparent bidding process, so what's the problem here, Johnny?

  • Rush handed Obama's ass to him when Obama ran against him in the primary for Rush's house seat.  Figuratively bitch slapped him on live TV (Chicago Tonight WTTW/PBS) and really made him look bad.  Rush is Obama's kryptonite, so don't expect Obama to go anywhere near where Rush is walking.

    Bobby Rush may not be everyone's cup of tea, but is no moron, he has represented his constituency and spoken out on behalf of his district.  He screwed up when he ran for mayor, but he gave even Daley pause.  

    You heard it here first, Blago picked Burris to force him onto the senate floor so Rush can run for senate next time.  This is a coldly calculated move much like Ryan's death row moratorium: Blago gets a national FU for everyone having such fun at his travails (yeah he is that big of an ego), he screws up the US Senate since he can no longer go there himself, and he empowers Rush to be a hurricane on the national stage in the near future.

    Burris is an odd bird, he was Comptroller under Thompson for 8 years and AG under Edgar for 4, he's run for a ton of stuff and lost most of his primaries-against Blago for guv was the latest.  That said, his consultant group has strings from contracts and lobby-like fees running from him to Blago on bond sale consultant fees and a 12 month $5k/month contract his group had with the state.

    Burris donated $1,000 in June this year to Blago, and $1,500 last November, and no telling how much else buried in PAC's and other cover groups, so despite the apparent fire sale pricing, Blago is still in the pay to play, and  so Burris is not clean.

    Well, he's Illinois clean, which anywhere else is not clean.

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    Mark Blumenthal, AKA the Mystery Pollster, chipped away at poll bias and why polls show contradictory results, and in September 2004 published a comprehensive report here.

    The polls inevitability tighten leading up to any election.  No one wants Alf Langdon egg on their face.

  • Risking some blow back here, but can Obama transfer that over?  He's got more in his war chest than he can possibly spend at this point.  I said the same thing about HRC two years ago-those that have the wealth need to spread it around so some of the lower ticket candidates get a chance. Rahm was furious last time because Hillary kept her cash and only parceled out a few last minute millions.

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    Nuclear energy shills would crack me up if they were not so oblivious to the dangers of what they propose.  There is no safe way to extract, process, use, or store nuclear fuel.  None, zip, zero.  

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    is Wall Street is pillaging Main Streets IRA's.  Just getting a bit more gravy as long as the feds still aren't paying attention.  

  • Big Power tithes about 10% back to politicians on both sides at all levels of government to keep their party rolling at our expense.  

  • If we really want change we have to upgrade the national power grid, and then decentralize the generation.  Small scale-home scale-photovoltaic solar is the red headed step child congress and Big Power ignore.  Bushco spent $500 billion on a war when that could have made over 16.5 million single family homes net power generators AND paid for the national grid upgrade instead.  That $700 billion bailout?  Another 21+ million single family homes.  Add in the hundreds of millions given to companies like ADM for corn based ethanol: somebody explain to me how a net energy loser like CBE gets a front row seat to renewable energy spending.  

    Our government has already spent our energy future on wars and wall street.  And they wonder why our approval rating of them is so low...

  • And has pretty much moved out of oil and into Big Wind (along with several other major power companies).  What Pickens wants is still a power monopoly that controls pricing and acts as a gatekeeper to keep out new technologies and small companies until/unless they can be absorbed into the beast.

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    Can we skip the stuff that won't stick and concentrate on stuff that will?  Like reducing the cost of health care and drugs, saving social security, getting the economy back on stable ground, and reducing annual deficits caused by out of control war spending?  Parsing tax returns and investigations that are going nowhere is a dead end.

  • My extended clan lives in 14, and trust me, this is still the heart of republican Illinois.  What it is NOT is Oberweis territory.  They all turned out to vote against Oberweis.  They are sick and tired of that fat ass thinking he represents anybody anywhere: they hate him, and they know he is a pathological liar who will say anything to get elected.  

    That fact he has spent tens of millions he skimmed from investors, and left him 0-for-4 in election attempts speaks volumes.  Only a matter of time before the SEC opens a file on him.

    Not one state republican I'm aware of said a single word in his favor, while Durbin and Obama both did quick stumping with Foster.

    Should the IL repubs get someone other than Oberhitler to run in November it very well may flip back.

    Hit the ground running Mr. Foster.

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    Quoting Paul Krugman at this point is like quoting Hillary's campaign strategist.  He's been doing op-ed fact free hit pieces since November, when HRC's camp finally started taking Obama serious.

    The fact that other blogs take these op-ed hit pieces and reference them as actual journalism is surprising.  Is Krugman freaking because Obama may represent the new liberalism, one Krugman is not the taste maker for?

    http://welcome-to-pottersville.blogspot. com/2007/02/paul-krugman-wrong-is-right. html

    Krugman's been an apologist for Hillary for well over a year, and since December has taken every opportunity not to talk up Hillary, but to rip on Obama.

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    "Buchanan says the Obama campaign didn't know about his flier. "I've been trying to reach them today, but Obama's in Reno today so it's been tough to reach them," he says.

    Neither the Obama nor Clinton campaigns commented to ABC News."

    The guy doesn't work for the campaign does he?  No, he doesn't.  He volunteered to do his precinct. Why would you repeat this as done personally at the direction of Obama?  Why is your post so fact free?  This is sooo far behind the curve over at Salon they're already laughing.  http://www.salon.com/politics/war_room/i ndex.html

    "The answer from Buchanan: Nothing's "going on" with Obama, because the flier was his effort and his alone."

    Man, you gotta do at least a bare minimum fact check.

  • ...iwsn't this moreso dKos fodder?  I'm used to more straight up political analysis here.

    Sorry, I'll go back to mostly reading...


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