• Just to give a couple of examples, Costa Rica is officially a Roman Catholic country, Denmark is officially a Lutheran county, and Greece is officially Eastern Orthodox.

  • Here is what I mentioned from the Wikipedia article:

    (1) A quote from Benny Morris

    (2) A quote from the President of the University of Haifa

    (3) The fact that Morris was not kicked out of his faculty job at the University of Haifa, but left of his own accord

    Which of those three things do you dispute?

  • In spite of being a terrible historian -- Benny Morris, himself the most prominent "new historian" in Israel has said, "Unfortunately much of what Pappé tries to sell his readers is complete fabrication" -- Morris was never kicked out of his position at the University of Haifa.  After Pappé called for an international boycott of Israeli universities, the President of the university did suggest that he voluntarily resign, saying that "it is fitting for someone who calls for a boycott of his university to apply the boycott himself."  But he left on his own accord.

    Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilan_Papp%C3%A9



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    OK, I'll judge.  This is anti-semitism, pure and simple.

    While allegedly targeted at Zionism, not at Jews, the Jewish citizens of Israel are clearly held to a different and more hateful standard than other people around the world.  Are Chinese atheletes targeted in New Zealand (treatment of Tibet)?  How about Russian athletes (treatment of Chechnya)?  How about Saudi athletes (treatment of non-Muslims, women, gays)?  And the list goes on.  Indeed, perhaps the people of New Zealand should be harrassing the country's own athletes, due to New Zealand's historical oppression of the Maori people.

    Jews have been persecuted for thousands of years, using a wide variety of creative excuses.  Now here's another excuse.

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    At this point if a Medicare buy-in was allowed from age 60, and no other changes were made, I'd probably consider it a minor success. Heck, just continue moving the Medicare buy-in down 5 years every few years and in a few decades we'll have universal health coverage--which is maybe as long as it will take through any other means.

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    Nice snark.  Of course Obama had the advantage of being in the Senate for a couple of extra years.  Brown's calendar is incredibly crowded if he wants to make a 2012 run.

  • on a comment on Who can stop Scott Brown? over 4 years ago

    I still don't know how a pro-choice-ish Republican makes it to the presidential ticket.

    He may not make it, but he's got a better chance in 2012, basking in the glow of his victory and appearing as the savior of the Republic party, then he'll ever have in the future.

  • Then after I gave the stats concerning party affiliation among the Palestinians showing that Hamas represents only a fifth, you claim they are in charge.

    Hamas's influence stems not principally from the size of its party membership, but from the fact that it politically and military controls Gaza.

  • How else would Israel have attained control of half of the West Bank?

    Israel gained control of the West Bank and East Jerusalem in a war in 1967 that started following an Egyptian naval blockade of Israel.  (At the time, East Jerusalem and the West Bank were not independent or autonomous but were controlled by Jordan.)  After the 1967 war started, Israel still refrained from moving troops into the West Bank or East Jerusalem and even promised Jordan not to initiate any military activity against it if Jordan stayed out of the war.  King Hussein rejected this and attacked Israel, opening up another front in the war. At that time, Israel counter-attacked and seized the West Bank and East Jerusalem.  And that is how Israel attained control of the West Bank.

  • I obviously meant to say the rise of Hamas AND the Iran-backed Hezbollah movement in Lebanon.

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    For the thugs who vandalized the seedlings--no, I don't think it's about Hamas or Iran.  For Netanyahu? No, I don't think it's about Hamas or Iran for him either.

    On the other hand, Netanyahu and the right-wing settler movement have been strengthened politically by a shift to the right in Israel in recent years, with many formerly from the left, center-left, and center losing hope in the possibility of a negotiated settlement following the rise of Hamas the Iran-backed Hezbollah movement in Lebanon.  In other words, For many thousands of Israelis who previously supported a negotiated settlement and now are wary of it, it is about Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran -- and it the shift among them that has further empowered Netanyahu and the settlers.

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    Apparently the White House called the event a "holiday reception" instead of a "Hanukkah party".  We better notify Jon Stewart (I consider him the Jewish Bill O'Reilly :-)).

    Happy Hanukkah to all!

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    Interesting.  I didn't know this. Thanks for posting.

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    Houses were badly overpriced in the U.S. I'm glad that they have come down to earth.  Another 10-15% correction is probably still due and then housing prices will stabilize and eventually climb again.

    For people who have mortgages, their monthly payments have not shot up--just the ridiculously inflated prices of their houses.  However, for low-income first-time buyers' the falling of housing prices to a more realistic level has been a godsend.

  • I think we are going to have to sell it to both sides.  This is not that far from what Barak proposed a few years ago, and Olmert reportedly offered something pretty close to this before he left office as well.


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