Now Hillary Clinton Is Threatening The Entire Democratic Party

Wealthy Clinton supporters threaten to destroy Congressional election efforts.

Yobachi Boswell, coordinator of the Afrosphere Action Coalition, reports that Hillary Clinton has threatened to bring down the entire Democratic Congressional campaign effort unless Nancy Pelosi changes her position with respect to the superdelegates.  Yobachi reports, based on a story from the New York Observer,

How the hell can the Democratic Leadership just sit on their hands and abide this woman's tyrannical kamikaze-ing of the party? She tears down the front running candidate, who's virtually already won, weakening him for the general election; uplifts the other party's candidate, and threatens to destroy not only the presidential hopes of the Democratic Party, but also threatens to destroy their congressional power.

Likewise, her rich, self-entitled surrogates today threatened the entire party by sending a letter to Nancy Pelosi saying that if Pelosi doesn't support Hillary's position visa via the superdelegates, they will with draw funding, not just for Pelosi specifically; but for all Democrats running for congress in 2008.As I stated in an open letter to the DNC and Chairman Howard Dean that will be public soon, "when are you going to actually LEAD! What are you there for, if you're just going to stand idly by as your party is ripped apart for a nomination that has already been decide anyway"?

In an unprecedented move Senator Clinton has already endorsed the other party's candidate over the leading candidate in her own party. Now she has threatened the Democratic party as a whole to give her what she wants or she will mire the party in a devastating 1968 like credentials fight at the Convention.  BlackPerspective.Net

Pelosi has a lot of very pragmatic reasons for supporting Barack Obama over Hillary, including the fact that she and Obama both opposed the Iraq War from the start, and Obama seems more likely to help Democratic Congressional candidates in Republican states this fall.  Observer.Com

Not all Democratic Party "leaders" are taking Hillary's extortion threats lying down.  Phil Bredesen, the two-term governor of Tennessee who is uncommitted to either Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton or Sen. Barack Obama, said that if Obama were denied the nomination by Democratic insiders after winning the party's popular vote, "There would be hell to pay in the party for a long time to come." Politico.Com

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White PA Voter Lauds Pastor Wright

In response to our Afrosphere Action Committee's Day of Blogging for Voter Justice today, and our petition urging Hillary to concede, I just received the most heartwarming letter from a sixty year-old white voter in Pennsylvania, Nancy Horn, who says,

Please know that there are plenty of whites who are utterly outraged by this, who likewise have taken the time to check out Dr. Wright and the church and read or listen to his sermons and who are equally impressed. Honest-to-God, I'm not the only one -- I just have a bigger mouth!

Here's Nancy's e-mail to the Afrosphere Action Committee, saying:

       THANK YOU!!!!!

       I am white, live in Central Pennsylvania, have forwarded the petition to
        everyone I know everywhere, and am beyond thrilled to be able to do
        something to stop this monstrous woman and give us Obama, the president
        we want and need.

       I am 60 years old and two years ago did something I never, EVER dreamed
        I would have to: attend an anti-cross-burning rally. It was probably
        kids, not the Klan, and aimed at Hispanics, not blacks, but I can't get
        the image out of my mind and go back to my childhood and adolescence and
        hopes and dreams and expectations that we actually would get somewhere
        as a nation. Baby steps, nothing more.

       Whatever little progress has been made, Hillary Clinton is doing her
        utmost to destroy.

       And, finally, we are Episcopalians, went to the TUCC website and were
        profoundly impressed with the church -- then heard two of Dr. Wright's
        sermons (the 9/11 one and the Audacity to Hope) and found them to be
        among the very best we've ever heard. The man is truly gifted, he has
        built a marvelous, marvelous church community, and both are being
        bloodied and sacrificed upon the altar of one woman's ego.

       Thank you for giving me something I can do about it!

       God bless,


       Nancy Horn
        Watsontown, PA  [Published with the permission of the writer.]

Nancy, on behalf of the Afrosphere Action Committee, the Committee to Unite the Democratic Party, and all of the afrosphere, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this letter. Hillary Clinton would have us believe that solidarity cannot exist across lines of color, but your letter - and all the votes that Barack Obama received in Vermont and Alaska - show me solidarity can and does exist across lines of color, particularly among the supporters of President Barack Obama.

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AOL News Covers Afrosphere "Concede Now, Hillary!" Efforts


Today, AOL News is covering an effort by twenty-five blogs in the afrosphere, who participating in a Day of Blogging for Voter Justice, in which they are urging Hillary Clinton and superdelegates to acknowledge that Hillary Clinton cannot win the Democratic nomination and therefore must concede now, before she destroys the party and its chances for the presidency in 2008.

They have posted a petition online which has gathered almost three hundred signatures, urging Hillary Clinton "that Senator Hillary Clinton must concede defeat in her quest for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination and must support the Democratic ticket."


People who agree are encouraged to sign the petition, and to link to the petition so that others can find it.

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White Edwards Voters Going to Obama?

Why are white Edwards delegates in Iowa moving to Obama, the Black candidate?  The press would have us believe that skin color will be the determinative factor in voters' decisions, but this must be at least half untrue, because more than half of the (virtually all-white) Iowa delegates who once supported Edwards are now supporting Obama.  

If the race is defined by skin-color, then why didn't Edwards' voters shift to Clinton, the white candidate, when Edwards exited the contest?  The obvious answer is that the race is defined by a desire for change, not by color, and Obama is winning the change voters while Clinton is not.  Manic Lawyer

Of course it might be argued that the Iowa delegates are not representative of the party as a whole.  But that doesn't explain how Obama got himself into a position where he has more than half of the popular vote of the Democratic Party, more of the earned delegates and has received more financial contributions.  

Did one million African-American voters and a few intellectuals really donate 200 Million dollars to the Obama campaign, or have more than half of the voters in the Democratic Party, and Independents, simply decided to vote for Barack Obama regardless of his skin color?  

And have all Clinton voters supported her simply because she is white, or have they supported her because of her Democratic Party principles -- the same ones they will support in Obama when he is the nominee?

Of course these are all questions to which we all urgently want answers.  Unfortunately, our ability to see and report the answers based on the evidence that is available may be limited by our own color-aroused ideation and emotion and behavior, regardless of our skin color.  It is a truism of politics that some of us see mostly what we expect to see (based on past experience) or what we want to see, rather than what is actually occurring.

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CNN: Online Petition Urges HRC Concession

See CNN's "From the Blogs"

To:  Senator Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee

From: The Committee to Unite the Democratic Party

Senator Hillary Clinton Must Concede Defeat
and Support the Democratic Presidential Ticket

The signatories to this statement urge that Senator Hillary Clinton must concede defeat in her quest for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination and must support the Democratic ticket.


(1) The Democratic Party base has spoken. The delegate count shows that Senator Hillary Clinton cannot win the nomination on the strength of earned delegates, based on the will of the voters.

(2) Mrs. Clinton's political attacks upon Senator Barack Obama have increasingly appealed to and sought to increase resentment against others based on the color of their skin.

(3) This divisiveness is regrettable because, via the presidential candidacy of Senator Obama, the vast majority of African-Americans stand united with millions of white Americans and Americans of all colors, genders, ethnicities and religious backgrounds, erasing divisions to implement a program of Democratic change.

(4) It appears that Mrs. Clinton is about to shatter this historic unity.

(5) We therefore call on Mrs. Clinton to face the reality of the earned delegates count, concede defeat, and thereby contribute to healing a wound which is opening and continues to widen.

(6) Mrs. Clinton must wholeheartedly support the winner of the nomination, who has earned the most delegates, and devote herself honestly and enthusiastically to defeating Republican electoral hopes in 2008, not attacking Democratic politicians and Democratic constituencies.

(7) Should the Democratic Party leadership nullify the people's votes by giving Mrs. Clinton the nomination, despite the popular will as represented by earned delegates, we would then call upon African-American voters and all Democratic Party constituencies and supporters to withhold their support from a Hillary Clinton candidacy in November. We have survived eight years under President Bush and, if compelled to do so, we will survive four years under a President McCain. However, we cannot and will NOT survive the nullification of our most hard-won right - our votes.


The Undersigned

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White-News Media Says "Race" Defines Obama Victories in VT, KS

Obama Campaign vs. Clinton State by State Delegate Count

One of the arguments that Hillary Clinton has been trying to make is that Obama can't win white votes.  Unfortunately for Clinton, Obama has beaten Hillary like a old rug in such virtually all-white states as Iowa and Vermont, which is devastating to Hillary's argument that the race will be decided based on the spurious "issue" of skin color.

White-News Media Ignores Obama Victories in All-White States, Insisting that Skin Color is "Defining Feature" in Presidential Contest

And yet the white-news media is complicit in Hillary's framing of the issue by constantly asserting that the presidential race is polarized along color lines while neglecting to mention the many states where Barack Obama has soundly beaten Clinton among "her own" demographic.  As an example of the white-new media treatment of the issue, here's what New York Times reporter Dalia Sussman wrote today:

Race has been a defining feature of the primary contests. Beyond Mississippi, Mrs. Clinton was backed by 5 percent of black voters in Illinois, Mr. Obama's home state; 8 percent in Wisconsin, where black voters made up 8 percent of the Democratic primary vote; 9 percent in Delaware; 10 percent in Virginia; and 11 percent in Georgia, all states Mr. Obama won.

Mr. Obama's 26 percent support among whites in  Tuesday's primary was one of his worst performances with this group.

He had previously been supported by 16 percent of white voters in Arkansas; 23 percent in Florida, where the candidates did not actively campaign; 24 percent in South Carolina, where John Edwards was still competing; and 25 percent in Alabama.  New York Times

If skin-color-based coalitions and color-aroused voting have been the defining feature in the contest, how do we explain that Obama has beaten Clinton in such overwhelmingly white states as Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota and North Dakota?  In New Mexico, Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton among white men and women, and still the white-news media reports that the race is divided by "race."

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Color-Aroused Decision Making Is Central to "Obama's Fate"

Cross-posted at Political Fleshfeast, the Francis L. Holland Blog,Democratic AfroSpear, and African-American Political Opinion.

Jerome, I happen to agree with you about Barack Obama's chances, as expressed in your article entitled "Obama's Fate." 

Nonetheless, I have to take issue with you about the role of color-aroused decision-making in the presidential race.  Considering that no Black person has ever been nominated to the national ticket of either of the two political parties in all of the history of the United States; and considering that there is only one Black US senator among a hundred, even though the country is 13% Black; I think there is insufficient evidence to conclude that skin color no longer plays a role in American politics.

Twice above, you say that you have "nagging doubts" about Barack Obama.  Black people and Black political candidates will be very familiar with this "nagging doubts" phenomenon, because whites very often seem to have "nagging doubts" about Blacks. And most whites deny these doubts as you have, until they get into the voting booths and express them openly.

I agree with you that we should get beyond color-aroused decision-making.  However, I'm afraid that your insistence that we have done so already shows a level of denial about the nature of color-arousal in America that borders on the delusional, with both feet on the wrong side of the border.

Jerome, you said:

First, let me just say that anyone who accuses skin color as some part behind the reasoning will find themselves banned--there is zero tolerance for accusations of racism.  Jerome Armstrong at MyDD

Anytime you start a discussion by insisting that the point most people will want to explore is off limits, you acknowledge the necessity of exploring that VERY issue, in order to satisfy your readers' concerns about it.  Why would you expect an issue that seems so clear to you to simultaneously be so UNCLEAR to others?

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What Was Joe Anthony's Motive In Starting the Obama MySpace Group?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

For two years, Joe Anthony really believed in Barack Obama's leadership, so much so that he started a very successful MySpace group to support Barack Obama's entry into the presidential race.  But, now the presidential race is intensifying and Barack Obama needs to integrate that group that bears his name more closely into his campaign.  DailyKos  Certainly, Barack Obama must take full responsibility for the group's message, its campaign finances and legal affairs.  The question is, "How much money should Joe Anthony now get paid for his volunteer work?" 

The MySpace group was communicating with 140,000 Obama supporters, many of whom may not have completely understood that Barack Obama himself did not have control over the site or its message.  At any point, a minor and unintentional error by Joe Anthony could have created a major embarrassment and sent the entire campaign into a tailspin. To run that risk would be simply foolhardy.  

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Can Racism Drive Blacks Insane?

One insult would not derail most people,
but the cumulative effects of a lifetime of insults is clear.

Cross-posted at DailyKos, 377/23624

Once during my second marriage, I led a group to the State House as part of a statewide project requesting more funding for English as a Second Language projects.  As the local managing attorney for a national organization, I led a group of ten mostly white people to the State House, to meet with a white legislator from our district, with whom we had a prearranged appointment.

We were led into the walnut lined halls of the legislative office and I introduced myself first the legislator's secretary and then to the legislator, proffering my organization's well-recognized business card.  

The first thing the white legislator said to me when receiving my business card was, "You're a lawyer"?  He asked me incredulously, but I could not immediately understand his disbelief.  

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Manic Attorney Demands Psychiatric Treatment

"Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most." I am a lawyer, but I don't practice law any longer; the struggle was too great.  I'm manic depressive and have been most of my life.  I had hoped I could overcome it.  Now, I wish I hadn't done many of the things I did, but I can't take them back.  If only I could've gotten psychiatric care earlier, I think things might have been different.

Cross-Posted at 116

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