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    My DD - home of the Bitter people. Bitter because H Rodham Clinton has turned into a poisonous candidate and is losing her campaign to be President.

    She is the 'dead parrot' of politics. She will never be President and the influence of the Clinton mafiosi will finally be expunged from the Democratic party.


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    Well because the PA voters have lived with the failures of the Clinton and Bush [both] administrations and the lies of the Clintons in this campaign they have every reason to be bitter. And angry and pissed off. The more Clinton opens her mouth, the more she annoys the voters.

    Why don't you guys take a long walk on a short sea-side pier; let Senator Obama get on with his fight with the Bush family and McCain and cheer like hell when he, by far the best Democrat in politics today, walks into the White House and begins the process of healing a very sick country.


  • If Senator Barack Obama wins they'll be there. If Senator H Rodham Clinton wins then they will know that she has won on the basis of a great anti-people theft and they'll walk out the door.

    So get on board and they'll be there.

    500,000 Iraqi children died as the result of the Clinton presidency, we don't need another Clinton anywhere near the levers of power.


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    Clinton lost Texas!!!!!!!!!

    Crowing, just like you Clintonistas did in Ohio.

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! !

    H Rodham Clinton will not be the nominee, she will never be President.

    The poison is being extracted from the Clinton wound in the Democratic Party.

    And 'Judas' Carville will finally lose his power base in Washington.

    All in all a great night for America.


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    Infatuation is not love. You are blinded, you are not seeing what H Rodham Clinton is doing to the country and her party by her crazy behaviour and that of her supporters.

    The Clintons are dangerous; wasn't it W Jefferson Clinton who was responsible, through his support for sanctions, for the genocidal death of half a million Iraqi children under the age of 5?

    And now we have to put up with his racism [South Carolina], her lies [Bosnia], Carvell's 'Judas' remark, Ferraro's disgraceful language, and a whole load of detritus from those that are somehow infatuated by the name Clinton.

    Senator Casey is right to endorse Senator Obama in Pennsylvania; Senator Leahy is right to call for her withdrawal.

    Its over. She has lost. She will not be the nominee. She will never be President. The Clintons need to get off the stage before a lo of  rotten vegetables and fruit start to appear all around them.

    Jerome. Its over.


  • "When it comes down to it, I know they have just about the same positions on everything. I just wish Senator Obama would take some time out from talking about himself to let us know."

    Just thought I'd point out the error in your piece. It should read:

    "When it comes down to it, I know they have just about the same positions on everything. I just wish Senator Clinton would take some time out from talking about herself to let us know."

    Although, I have to say, her storytelling about Bosnia and her bravery at the airport was right up there with the imaginings of Homer Simpson.


  • H Rodham Clinton's Campaign.

    This is a campaign?

    I thought it was a long suicide note.

    What a political joke the Clintons have become.


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    It's difficult to shout too loudly about 'pork barrel Murtha.' People may investigate him and if they do his endorsement might be kind of embarrassing.


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    Fighting tooth and nail?

    The only thing that Senator Obama is fighting tooth and nail is the general election campaign.

    The sixties [both senses] bra burners have got to get used to it. Senator H Rodham Clinton is as much yesterday's news as the Patriots perfect season and Senator Obama's pastor. Yes, sad to say, she will be a footnote in the history of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.


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    Well, well, well. 91 % of Precincts reporting and Senator Obama has round about a 22% lead.

    Outperforming the polls again! How will Wolfson et al spin this one?

    Any guesses?

    Latte drinking caucus attending [oops no] black voters, because the white votes weren't counted, perhaps?

    Let's wait and see.


  • Obama won Texas - he received more delegates. You poor guys just managed to have your victory snatched from you again. Even when she wins [hahahaha] - she loses!


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    *"There are certain critical issues that voters always look to in a general election. National security experience (and) the qualifications to be commander-in-chief are front and center. They always have been. They always will be," she said.

    She said she and McCain had traveled to Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan together as she repeated a line that surfaced from the campaign trail. She and McCain "bring a lifetime of experience to the campaign, Clinton said, while "Sen. Obama will bring a speech he gave in 2002," stating his opposition to the Iraq war as an Illinois state senator.*

    Isn't it wonderful to know your candidate prefers Republicans! What a stupid cow, Clinton is.


  • Barack Obama does not slate Hillary R Clinton, some of his low-level supporters do however. Unfortunately the same cannot be said of the senator from New York; and that is why her campaign is withering on the vine. Sad but true.


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    Bye-bye, Hillary, bye-bye-bye,
    Bye-bye, Hillary,
    I guess you'll have to cry.


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    The USA can elect almost anybody; as long as they are gazillionaires or have access to gazillions.

    My God, it even elected George W Bush in 2004.

    And then there was Reagan and Nixon and poor old HW, even US Grant.

    So it could elect Obama; particularly if he gets Tiger Woods to go along side Oprah.


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