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    What do I think?

    If McCain gets elected, we are all in for big trouble because this crazy bastard will get the US into another war in the Middle East, Israel's war. And we will pay and pay and pay, in many more ways than one.

  • Thanks for this information. I didn't know of it and I think many others were likewise unaware. You have to ask then why was there concern for having Carter speak at the convention?

  • Thanks for clarifying. Still I can't agree with your broad brush perception of Carter. You are missing his accomplishments since he left office, and most people respect him for them.

    This Hamas thing is just a lot of antiIslamic phobia created by this White House and no one is buying into it. It also applies to Iran. Why should we hate or fear people because they are followers of Islam? It will shortly be just another Bush bad memory.

  • There's no wedge and no intent to divide. Who doesn't respect Jimmy Carter for the work he has done around the world including the US, like putting Habitat for Humanity in the limelight.

    Carter is a party jewel, who almost single handedly put human rights on the table for America and other nations to consider. Where would the UN be today if it had not elevated its ideals to include human rights?

  • I think you're probably right. He's that kind of guy and did not want to complicate the convention. Still, slighting a great American and Nobel Peace prize winner....well, I just a little disturbed about it.

  • I hope that you are speaking for yourself, because what this guy has done as a humanitarian after his presidency, is a model for all ex-presidents.

    Jimmy Carter is no loser: he is a Nobel Peace prize winner. And for that reason, I'm still bothered by his slighting at the convention.

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    If Obama picks Hillary, McCain and the Swiftboaters to come have a load of antiObama propaganda to hit him with. And I can just imagine what the VP debate would be like. And just who can get Bill Clinton to shut his mouth?

    DOn't ask for trouble. Nader's projection is just wishful thinking from an adversary.

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    I think you're forgetting the "Bill" factor, and then Hillary, although she portrayed herself as a war queen (e.g., Iran), is not likely to overcome the prejudice of being a woman. Just what military experience, Obama's weakness, does she really have? A trip to Korsova with her daughter?

    It has to be a military man to overcome McCain's best suit. Just my opinion.

  • Fine and thorough diary. But it is about as narrow on foreign policy as one can get. A recent crisis. Obama has yet to be tested on the liberal democratic focus that should reign during a Democratic presidency.

    What about Darfur, Myanmar, African genocides, mini and major, and the Middle East. Will Obama go AIPAC or will he stand for principles and finally put his foot down on Israel, which continues its so-called war crimes against the Palestinians?

    The Russia-Georgia episode is a recent issue. What about those that have now lasted for years and irk the liberal-Democratic base?

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    Great diary about only one of many human rights outrages that are occurring throughout the world. This one, in particular, is close to American hearts because we seem to be implicated ala Sudan's oil, and to that extent, are contributing to human rights crimes in Darfur. Human rights drims in Palestine is another one at which we, Americans, are contributing. I'm certain there are others, where Real Politik is resulting in the deaths of peoples around the world.

    American has fallen quite a way from its basic liberal democratic principles, and we need to get back to our ethical-moral grounds. How the hell can we tell China to respect human rights when we so hypocritically support the deterioration of human rights elsewhere.

    Great diary. Hope you will do the rest of the world in similar fashion. Tell it like it is.

  • No. And McCain would be a fool to believe that politics has changed in Florida to merit a Lieberman choice as VP. Lieberman is standing behind McCain in all those photos purely as a representative of Israel. It's all about AIPAC money and Lieberman acting as the doorman.

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    Socialized medicine (or single payer, as it is now called) is the only cure for these social inequities because as long the our medical system is controlled by corporations, there will never be enough funding to cover everyone.

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    My statement was a conditional and expressed the belief that the further Obama moves to the center and beyond, the more likely Nader will appeal to left wing voters. Hence, Nader should not be dismissed as a factor in the election.

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    Can't agree with the lawyering angle as well.

    Still, if Obama overdoes the centrism or pulls the Clintonesque routine of stealing more Republican positions from McCain or at least matching him, like on the oil drilling compromise, aside of the wishy-washy appearance it gives, it could alienate many in the left wing of the party who might pull the lever for Nader as just a protest vote.

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    No one should doubt that he would attack Iran if the American people hand the presidency to him. He's also AIPAC's man and not long ago, Hagee's man, all suggesting that the Middle East would be ablaze within a year of McCain's inauguration.

    If there is only one reason why Obama must win this fall, this is it.


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