The radicalization of Dr. Al-Balawi

Juan Cole of Informed Consent wrote this brief history of Dr. Al-Balawi, the suicide bomber who took out several CIA agents in Afganistan, and how he came to be. He was in Afganistan allegedly helping the CIA track down primary Al Qaeda suspects. After the incident, it was reported that Dr. Al-Balawi was a double-agent, even though it is unclear just who he was supposed to be working for. Juan Cole cleared that up. It was himself, a Palestinian doctor radicalized by American led and funded atrocities in the Middle East.

<Al-Balawi's sad biography in fact ties together the whole history of Western, including Israeli, attacks on the Middle East. Al-Balawi's family is Palestinians displaced from Beersheba by Zionist immigrants into British Mandate Palestine, who in 1948 ethnically cleansed about 700,000 Palestinians from what became Israel. Most Palestinians in Jordan are bitter about the loss of their homes, for which they never received compensation, and some still live in refugee camps. The British Empire and the United States supported this displacement of the Palestinians and to this day the US government often attempts to criminalize even charitable aid to the suffering Palestinian people.

AP has a video interview with al-Balawi's Turkish wife, in which she traces his radicalization to the brutal US occupation of neighboring Iraq, including reports of the rape of Iraqi women by US troops at Abu Ghraib (where much of the torture had sexual overtones) and the US destruction of the city of Fallujah in November-December 2004.

The Arabic press is confirming that al-Balawi was further enraged by the Israeli war on poor little Gaza last winter. A physician, he volunteered to be part of a group that intended to go to Gaza to do relief work for the victims of Israel's brutal targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure. (The Israelis were trying to destroy the fundamentalist Hamas party, which rules Gaza, and gave as their pretext the occasional rockets Hamas fired into Israel, though in fact there had been a truce for much of 2008, a truce of which the Israelis coldly took advantage to plan their war.)

The Jordanian secret police arrested al-Balawi to prevent him from going to Gaza. It may be that he had to agree to work for it as a quid pro quo to regain his freedom.

After the vicious war on Gaza was over, and the schools and hospitals lay in ruin, Israel ratcheted up a siege of the small territory of 1.6 million persons, half of them children, denying them enough services, fuel and even food for a decent life. In some parts of Gaza, 10 percent of the children are stunted because of malnutrition. Israel destroyed Gaza's airport and harbor and strictly controls what goes into the territory. Israel never says what its end game is here, and how long exactly they are going to keep the children of Gaza in what one Vatican official has called a 'concentration camp.'

In the past couple of weeks (though you would not know it from American television), two separate civilian Western aid convoys were mounted to relieve the Gazans via Gaza's small southwestern border with Egypt (the Israelis would never have allowed them to do this, and the Egyptian state wasn't happy either). One was supported with a hunger strike by an elderly Holocaust survivor. Some of those in the second were assaulted by the Egyptian police. British MP George Galloway was deported and forbidden to return to Egypt. Egypt is dragooned into supporting the illegal blockade of Gaza by the US on behalf of Israel, and is also afraid of the fundamentalist Hamas, which has resorted to terrorism.

Collective punishment of a whole population, especially one still technically occupied, is illegal in international law.

What is fascinating is the way al-Balawi's grievances tie together the Iraq War, the ongoing Gaza atrocity, and the Western military presence in the Pushtun regions-- the geography of the Bush 'war on terror' was inscribed on his tortured mind.

Morally speaking, al-Qaeda is twisted and evil, and has committed mass murder. Neither the US nor Israel is morally responsible for violent crackpots being violent crackpots. Al-Qaeda or a Taliban affiliate turned al-Balawi to the dark side. Gandhi and Martin Luther King taught us the proper response to social injustice (and it should not be forgotten that Gandhi had a significant following among the Pashtuns). But from a social science, explanatory point of view, what we have to remember is that there can be a handful of al-Balawis, or there can be thousands or hundreds of thousands. It depends on how many Abu Ghraibs, Fallujahs, Lebanons and Gazas the United States initiates or supports to the hilt. Unjust wars and occupations radicalize people. The American Right wing secretly knows this, but likes the vicious circle it produces. Wars make profits for the military-industrial complex, and the resulting terrorism terrifies the clueless US public and helps hawks win elections, allowing them to pursue further wars. And so it goes, until the Republic is bankrupted and in ruins and its unemployed have to live in tent cities.

So, yes, this al-Balawi person was going to help Jordan and the US find al-Qaeda leaders Usama Bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri. Sure he was. Walmart does better background checks on its store clerks than the CIA and Jordanian intelligence did on this guy.>

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by MainStreet 2010-01-13 09:48AM | 0 recs
you're a sick fuck

you attempt to justify Islamic terror by whining again about Palestinian malcontentness. Most Islamic terror has nothing to do with "Palestine." Islamic terror has hit numerous countries who don't even have friendly or diplomatic relations with Israel, or have a good relation with the US.

by Lakrosse 2010-01-13 10:21AM | 1 recs
RE: you're a sick fuck

Oh please. Anyone who could call Juan Cole a sick fuck, and that's exactly what you are doing using me as a surrogate, is himself a bit screwed up. In your case, it is the Likud obsession right out of the GIYUS front.

The point is that the 60 year attempt to wipe out Palestine has had consequences for Palestinians, turning some of them into terrorists, although I don't think that CIA agents are civilians in any sense of the term.

Cole is just reminding us, the US, that what we support in the Middle East is often unjust and that we are being used as a nation for ulterior purposes, and reaping the consequences. Clearly, Cole does not support terrorism.


by MainStreet 2010-01-13 11:49AM | 0 recs
RE: you're a sick fuck

why don't you read the truth about Juan Cole. Efraim Karsh, a REAL historian who knows Islam, the Middle East, etc. says it best. "Informed Consent," his stupid little blog, really should be called "Uninformed Tripe."

I strongly suggest Karsh's book "Islamic Imperialism" to everyone, especially you.

by Lakrosse 2010-01-13 09:09PM | 0 recs
RE: you're a sick fuck

Where's Strummerson?

by MainStreet 2010-01-14 07:04AM | 0 recs


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