The Palestine Papers ad nauseum

The Palestine Papers

Thanks to Mondoweiss for this collection of material about the Wikileaks and otherwise leaked information about the reality in the Middle East. Don't be surprised if life over there is not what it seems to be.

PA official: Leaked memos authenticNabil Shaath, former member of Palestinian negotiations team, admits documents published by al-Jazeera are real. Former Fatah strongman Dahlan points finger at Israel.,7340,L-4018817,00.html

Al-Jazeera documents are authentic, claims former Olmert adviser The media adviser to Israel’s former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said that the documents leaked by Al-Jazeera are authentic. Winky Glenti pointed out that the leaked papers prove that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is a "genuine partner" of the bilateral political process, despite repeated claims to the contrary by Israel.

Palestine papers: Abbas admits refugee return 'illogical' Palestinian president prepared to compromise on crucial issue of right of displaced millions to return to Israel

Papers reveal how Palestinian leaders gave up fight over refugees • Negotiators agreed just 10,000 to return • PLO agreed Israel could be a 'Jewish state' • US suggested Palestinians live in Latin America

Al Jazeera English Video: The Palestine Papers: Refugees' right of return on bargaining table Since 1948, millions of Palestinian refugees have held out the hope of returning to their own state one day. But the Palestine Papers reveal that their leaders were willing to make major concessions on the issue of the Palestinians' right of return. Al Jazeera's Barnaby Philipps reports from Shatila Refugee Camp in Lebanon.

PA selling short the refugees Palestinian Authority proposed that only a handful of the nearly six million Palestinian refugees be allowed to return.

Palestine papers: Tal Becker, The Israeli negotiator in 2008 held detailed talks with his Palestinian counterpart Saeb Erekat on the refugee issue

Palestinians agreed only 10,000 refugees could return to Israel Secret papers reveal Palestininian negotiators privately accepted Israeli offer of 1,000 refugees a year over 10 years

Condoleezza Rice: send Palestinian refugees to South America Palestine papers show US secretary of state told negotiators that Chile and Argentina could be asked to give land to displaced

Expelling Israel's Arab population? Israeli negotiators, including Tzipi Livni, proposed "swapping" some of Israel's Arab villages into a Palestinian state.

Jordan, PLO clash on refugee issue Leaked documents reveal that Jordan had a serious disagreement with the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) over the latter's approach to negotiating with Israel over the rights of Palestinian refugees. Jordanian officials felt the PLO's approach could compromise Jordan's and the refugees' rights to seek full remedies under international law. In early September 2008, the Jordanian government drafted a letter, to be sent to Israel, expressing objections to the potential solutions to the refugee issue that were being discussed between Israel and Palestinian negotiators.

Al Jazeera English Video: Palestine Papers anger East Jerusalem residents Palestinian negotiators apparently put forward East Jerusalem, the area of Jerusalem claimed by the Palestinians but occupied by Israel, in negotiations for a Palestinian State, according to documents obtained by Al Jazeera. These revelations from The Palestine Papers have particularly angered Palestinans living in East Jerusalem. Al Jazeera's Alan Fisher spoke to some of the residents.

The Palestine papers: 'You want to help Hamas?' The Palestinians and Israelis appear as far apart as ever on the major issues in talks after the 2007 Annapolis summit

Barack Obama lifts then crushes Palestinian peace hopes Secret papers reveal Palestinian frustration at lack of decisions but Middle East envoy warns against blaming US president

US threat to Palestinians: change leadership and we cut funds Obama administration told Palestinian Authority its leaders must remain in office if it wants to retain US financial backing

Palestinian negotiators accept Jewish state, papers reveal Tzipi Livni told she can call Israel what she wants, but her demands to move Arab Israelis to Palestinian state are rejected

Queri to Livni: "I'd vote for you" The Palestine Papers reveal that Kadima's leaders refused to compromise on even the most basic issues.

Al Jazeera English Video: The Palestine Papers: Obama envoy shunned Bush parameters The Palestine Papers also reveal that US president Barack Obama's administration refused to build upon agreements made under his predecessor George Bush. The documents show that they wanted to start negotiations from scratch. And as Al Jazeera's Mike Hanna reports, that is something that the Palestinian negotiators found extremely frustrating.

Deep frustrations with Obama Obama pressured PA negotiators to restart talks and refused to honour one of the Bush administration's key promimses. Palestine papers: Condoleezza Rice The US secretary of state displayed the patience needed for the long-haul frustrations of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations

Condi Rice on the Naqba: “Bad things happen to people all the time” Like the Wikileaks documents, the Palestine Papers are interesting not just because of their revelations (some of these scoops were known before), but also, and perhaps even mostly, because of the tone and style of statesmen behind closed doors.

Palestine papers: George Mitchell US special envoy from 2009 combines resolve to bring Israelis and Palestinians together, with realistic take on likelihood of deal

Palestinians agreed to have settlers live under their rule Documents show Chief Palestinian negotiator Ahmed Qureia had offered his Israeli counterpart, Tzipi Livni, to keep Israeli settlements, including Ma'aleh Adumim, inside the Palestinian state, the negotiation documents leaked to Al Jazeera reveal.

A dangerous shift on 1967 lines US position on borders perhaps opens the door to dangerous Israeli ambitions to transfer non-Jewish citizens.

Palestinian map of dividing Jerusalem 'out of touch with reality', says cartographer Shaul Arieli, Yair Assaf-Shapira say leaked maps show Palestinians agreeing to divide Jerusalem based on the Clinton peace plan, the Geneva Initiative maps, with slight modifications.

Misunderstanding Israeli motives Why is there no Palestinian state? Because the Israeli government's objective is not a Jewish state, but a Zionist one.

"We can't refer to the past" Israel refuses to take responsibility for creating the Palestinian refugee crisis.

Lieberman criticizes Olmert for not exploiting PA generous concessions Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman criticized the former Israeli government of Ehud Olmert for not exploiting the "generous" concessions offered by Abbas's authority.

The Palestine papers: 'Netanyahu is a master of ambiguity' Palestinians discuss strategies for dealing with the hawkish Israeli prime minister

Netanyahu's aides: Leaked papers prove Palestinian demands for Jerusalem are 'ridiculous' Details of negotiations during Olmert's tenure reveal that Palestinian negotiators had secretly agreed to concede most Jewish areas of East Jerusalem; U.S.: We cannot vouch for veracity of the documents.

Zahhar calls for massive rallies, Khatib blasts PA concessions Political bureau member of Hamas Dr. Mahmoud Al-Zahhar has called for massive Arab demonstrations demanding an end to the frivolous negotiations and concessions.

Al Jazeera English Video: Senior PLO official Nabil Shaath interview Senior PLO official Nabil Shaath talks to Al Jazeera about the Palestine papers.



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Sorry if this post seems like information overload,....

but the material is too voluminous not to present all of it, every day.

Does anyone doubt that Obama is anything more than a tool doing Israel's bidding. Incredible that Obama and Clinton could support Egyptians and Tunesians protesting for democratic rule, while supporting occupation and colonialism, anti-democratic rule, in Palestine,, and racism in Israel proper.

The Palestine Papers reveal US hypocrisy in the Middle East, under which is the simple fear of AIPAC. We have been shown to be a pathetic nation this week.

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Catch up?

Obama plays catch-up on popular movements in Egypt and Tunisia
Philip Weiss

There was no mention of Egypt in tonight's State of the Union Speech, though the State Department released a statement on Egypt (below) that was blandly supportive of the protests. Obama did mention Tunisia-- without any indication that the "dictator" he now denounces was "backed politically and militarily by the U.S. for more than two decades" (as Phyllis Bennis said on PBS).

There was no mention of Palestine in the SOTU at all.

See for additional information about America's hypocritical foreign policy.

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