Obama lost in the elections. Has or hasn't Netanyahu won?

The above title is actually from a subtitle of an article by Uri Avnery, leader of the Gush Shalom peace group in Israel, but for some reason, the article itself, called The Nobleman and the Horse, could not be linked to. A colleague, Adam Keller, wrote this piece about Obama and the US midterm election, which is offered in its place:

The Year In Between

Everybody had been waiting for these U.S. Congressional elections – some with hope, others in anxiety. Republicans were waiting for the opportunity to sweep into Congress and conduct there a Tea Party. The Democrats hoped to save at least their Senate majority.

Palestinians waited for the President of the United States to be finally free to turn his attention back to the wild West Bank. Netanyahu hoped to see a wing-clipped, humiliated President, no longer in a position to make demands with regard to settlements.

"After the elections" begins now. Now begins a period of a bit more than a year, until preparations start for the next presidential elections - with even more blatant pressures and direct interventions by the government of Israel in the internal politics of the United States.

A year in between in which Barack Hussein Obama could - if he really wants to - realize his pledge to make the State of Palestine into the newest Member State of the UN. A year which might be remembered as the time when the malignant occupation, lasting more than two-thirds of Israel's history, came to a long-overdue end.

This year ahead of us might also be remembered as the time when the last hope was extinguished.

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Jewish Democratic party

If the Dems lose there current near monopoly on Jewish support it will be very painful.  Mostly in terms of pundits and real power brokers but also in terms of money.

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