Israel pushes to change laws of war

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Wikipedia describes 'terrorism' this way:

Terrorism is a term used to describe violence or other harmful acts committed (or threatened) against civilians by nations or groups or persons for political, nationalist, or religious goals. As a type of unconventional warfare, terrorism means to weaken or supplant existing political landscapes through capitulation, acquiescence, or radicalization, as opposed to subversion or direct military action.

Did you get that? nations or groups or persons.

It is in the context of the Gaza invasion, sometimes wrongly called a war because it was primarily civilians which constituted the 1,400 Palestinians killed in what can only be called a blitzkrieg, as the modern (American made) military force that invaded by air, land, and sea, did most of the killing. By contrast, three Israeli civilians were killed by Hamas rockets which resumed after Israel broke the Egyptian negotiated ceasefire.

The UN supported the Goldstone Report on the Gaza conflict which was subsequently adopted by the UN Human Rights Council and accused Israel and Hamas of war crimes.

But now we see Israel working to change the 'rules of war' in order to make it possible for Israel to gain impunity when it kills Palestinians, even large numbers of them as in Gaza or Lebanon. As Goldstone put it, 'a culture of impunity' pervades the Middle East and is the primary cause of lack of peace in the region.

Now Israel wants that impunity written into international law because it was only fighting global terrorism when it invaded Gaza. Unbelievable.

Israel's prime minister has instructed his government to draw up plans for a "world wide campaign" to lobby for changes in the international laws of war.

The order from Binyamin Netanyahu follows a special cabinet meeting on Tuesday to discuss Israel's response to the UN's Goldstone report, which condemned Israel's actions during the 22-day war on Gaza earlier this year.

The meeting also called for the formation of a special committee to deal with the international legal consequences of the report and the prospect Israeli officials could face war crimes trials abroad.

The Israeli government contends international law needs to be amended in order to fight global terrorism.


"We need to keep punching a hole in this lie that is spreading with the help of the Goldstone report," Netanyahu was quoted as saying in the statement.

The statement was backed by Israel's defence minister, Ehud Barak, who said a change in the international laws of war was "in the interest of anyone fighting terrorism".

Link: east/2009/10/2009102122137152596.html#

It may be now be contended without reservation that Israel intends to continue to use Hamas as a red herring in order to distract world attention from its continuing colonization of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, but also to defend itself against the damning Goldstone Report.

Israel's use of this kind of propaganda to cast the Palestinians as terrorists since 9/11 is not new. Click on the videos above, Peace, Propaganda, and The Promised Land, if you don't believe it.

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Re: Israel pushes to change laws of war

If you have not seen, Peace, Propaganda, & The Promised Land, it is fair to say that there is a strong likelihood that you do not understand the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Highly recommend this video. You will immediately recognize its participants as genuine and honest observers.

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