Deception: Netanyahu's strategy for fending off Obama

...and the two state solution.

This diary features an article by Alan Hart concerning Israel's current strategy in dealing with the Obama administration's intent to bring an end to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict via the long awaited two state solution. Such a solution is obviously unwanted by Israel's present Likud government in spite of claims to the contrary, as it was in the past with other Israeli governments, save for a short period under Labor PM Rabin in the early 90s.

Netanyahu's peace avoidance strategy is not new.

This is Yitzhak Shamir, a Likud party leader, talking about his tactics negotiating peace with the Palestinians when he was the Israeli PM:

"I could have carried on autonomy talks for ten years and meanwhile we would have reached a half million people in Judea and Samaria."

And here is the former head of IDF intelligence IDF Gen Yehoshafat Harkabi's explanation of Israeli negotiating strategy in Maariv (2 November 1973):

"We must define our position and lay down basic principles for a settlement. Our demands should be moderate and balanced, and appear to be reasonable. But in fact they must involve such conditions as to ensure that the enemy rejects them. Then we should manoeuvre and allow him to define his own position, and reject a settlement on the basis of a compromise position. We should then publish his demands as embodying unreasonable extremism".

It is a strategy of deception that has marked Israeli peace making extending back even beyond Oslo. While it's certainly good propaganda to convince people that you are working in good faith when you clearly aren't, at the end of the day, it leads no where, which is precisely its purpose. In truth, Israel's deceptive propaganda has only worked in the US, not at all in Europe or the Middle East or among the Palestinians. Hence, the uniform reaction to Netanyahu's freeze proposal among the Palestinians.

This article from Alan Hart essentially defines deception as the strategy being taken today by Israel's PM Bibi Netanyahu. It is just the repetition of an old tactic, deception.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu described his offer to temporarily restrict construction of all-new Jewish settlements on the West Bank excluding Arab East Jerusalem as a "far-reaching and painful step", which was part of a policy he hoped would give a new impetus to peace talks.

Netanyahu is not stupid. He knows that some of us know he is not remotely interested in peace on terms the Palestinians could accept. So what then is his real game plan of the moment? Simple. He is seeking to make peace with the Obama administration. And its response suggests that with the help of the Zionist lobby and its stooges in Congress he's got that matter firmly under control.

On 18 November President Obama himself expressed his dismay at Israel's decision to approve 900 more housing units in East Jerusalem. He said it could lead to a "dangerous situation" because it made it harder for Israel to make peace in the region and "embitters the Palestinians." Eight days later the Obama administration says Netanyahu's new offer, which stresses that there will be no restrictions, not even temporary ones, on new settlement development in East Jerusalem, will help "move forward" peace efforts.

What nonsense. It seems to me that the Obama administration doesn't know whether it's coming or going on the matter of how to deal with Netanyahu.

The response of senior Palestinian legislator Mustafa Barghouti was much more in tune with reality. "What Netanyahu announced today is one of his biggest attempts at deception in his history."

The remainder of Hart's article provides the early history behind the Zionist's recognition that deception would be essential in order to bring about a "state" for the Jewish people. The problem today is that deception is no longer necessary. But it is still driving the conflict as seen in Netanyahu's recent ploys to avoid Obama's peace initiative.

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seen this?

EU foreign ministers likely to call for division of Jerusalem
By Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent

European Union foreign ministers are expected to officially call next week for the division of Jerusalem, to serve as the capitals of both Israel and Palestine. A draft document authored by the current holder of the rotating EU presidency, Sweden, and implying that the EU would recognize a unilateral Palestinian declaration of statehood, has been obtained by Haaretz.

Jerusalem is waging a diplomatic campaign to keep the EU from issuing such an endorsement, but diplomats close to the EU deliberations believe it is virtually inevitable.

EU foreign ministers are scheduled to meet on December 7 for a two-day meeting in Brussels on the peace process, after which a statement outlining the body's Mideast policy is expected.  The Swedish draft represents the first official EU articulation of a solution for one of the core issues of the final-status arrangement between Israel and the Palestinians.

The document expressed the EU's concern over the stalemate in the peace process and calls for the immediate renewal of negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in accordance with a prescribed timetable. The goal, it states, is "an independent, democratic, contiguous and viable state of Palestine, comprising the West Bank and Gaza and with East Jerusalem as its capital."

The draft refers directly to the situation in East Jerusalem, calling on "all parties to refrain from provocative actions" and stating the EU Council "has never recognized the annexation of East Jerusalem. If there is to be a genuine peace, a way must be found to resolve the status of Jerusalem as capital of two states. The Council calls for the reopening of Palestinian institutions in Jerusalem in accordance with the road map. It also calls on the Israeli government to cease all discriminatory treatment of Palestinians in East Jerusalem."

The document deals only briefly with Israel's announcement of a 10-month moratorium on construction in settlements across the West Bank: "The Council takes note of the recent decision of the government of Israel on a partial and temporary permanent freeze and expresses the hope that it will become a step towards resuming meaningful negotiations." Israel's removal of checkpoints also receives only cursory mention: "Many checkpoints and roadblocks remain in place to protect settlements."

On the issue of borders, the document states that the EU will not accept any changes made by Israel to the 1967 borders unless they have PA approval. The EU, it says, welcomes PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad's proposal of a unilateral declaration of statehood and would "be able, at the appropriate time, to recognize a Palestinian state."

Israeli diplomats have been following the Swedish initiative for several weeks. Israel's Brussels-based ambassador to the EU, Ran Kuriel, sent several messages to Jerusalem last week accusing Sweden of leading the union on a "collision course" with Israel. Kuriel wrote that Britain and France support the Swedish position, while Germany, Spain and Italy are disinclined to side with Israel on the matter.

Senior Foreign Ministry officials said the belief is widespread across the foreign policy echelon that Sweden is advancing an explicitly "anti-Israel" line, rendering Europe "irrelevant" to the peace process.

European diplomats privy to the negotiations said that although changes favorable to Israel had been made to the draft, there is virtually no chance of preventing the EU from calling for the division of Jerusalem. They said they believe the EU statement will help Palestinians return to negotiations with Israel, as it gives them guarantees of a Palestinian capital in Jerusalem even though Israel has not frozen construction there. 926.html

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Re: seen this?

Thanks for posting this announcement. At some point, the "nations of the world" are going to get fed up, and come out more strongly than Obama can for a final settlement.

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Haaretz has posted the draft.  If you have time to edit and post in its own diary, that would be helpful.  I'm on overdrive of late. 988.html

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