David Horowitz, renowned Islamophobe, flew over the cuckoo's nest


My thoughts are that David Horowitz, proprietor of Front Page Magazine, must be a paranoid schizophrenic, only I would be demeaning a lot of good people who happen to suffer with mental illness. That I don't want to do. But there seems to be no question that Horowitz is at least a paranoid, in the context of his perennial Islamophobia. 

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Horowitz has been telling Americans for years that the terrorists are here in America, under our beds and ready to blow us all up. Today I received a plea to generously donate to his cause.

What is the cause this time?

"The Texas Supreme Court has given Joe Kaufman a final victory over a coven of Muslim organizations who were trying to silence him. That is fantastic news! As a member of the Freedom Center, you helped us fight on Joe's behalf. I can't thank you enough for that support.

But the radical Muslim groups that fought to end Joe's free speech have deep pockets. The Freedom Center, on the other hand, relies solely on Americans who want this type of injustice stopped - people like you. No victory comes without a cost, of course. Today the Freedom Center faces remaining legal fees of $20,000 and I am writing to you to assist us in our debt reduction effort.

You and I both know it's coming, too. Every day my associate and Middle East expert Robert Spencer - the director of "Jihad Watch" - exposes more and more of radical Islam's domestic sympathizers. I am often awed by Robert's fearlessness.

But exposing the growing Islamo-Fascist groups in America is precisely what Joe Kaufman was doing. Robert's "Jihad Watch" is virtually unparalleled. It's an achievement that has made him a target of extremists here and overseas. As such, Robert has been repeatedly threatened bodily and legally. Of course, Robert and Joe aren't the only Americans courageous enough to turn the rocks over and make radical Islam apologists squirm in the light. Thank goodness.

(And so on and so forth, except this point.)

I am reminded of one of President Reagan's favorite sayings: "Failing to prepare is preparing to fail." We cannot fail if we stick together and stand fast against those who don't want their agenda revealed and are willing to use any means to see it through. We have every reason to be as vigilant and tenacious. "

I don't think Horowitz sleeps at night, but damned if I am going to contribute to his paranoia. He needs a bed next to Daniel Pipe's, the snooper of suspected anti-Zionist college professors. 

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Horowitz fights back. Caught this piece on FrontPage Mag. It is the left wing that's crazy!

"Have you noticed that the further leftists travel off the deep end the more they perceive everyone else to be crazy? DailyKos just conducted a poll to underpin Markos Moulitsas’ new book describing Republicans as America’s Taliban — which is rich, considering it’s leftists like Moulitsas who are doing everything in their power to help the Taliban and other Islamic Nazis to win their war against the West.

Now comes John Avlon at the Daily Beast with a competitive contribution about conservative Wingnuts using Moulitsas’s poll to promote his own new book. While I would distrust any poll conducted for a raving leftist like Moulitsas the poll result I like the best is that 63% of Republicans regard the Obama Administration as “socialist.” Duh. Redistributionist, soft on terrorists, soft on communists, bent on using the state to “better” mankind…. who in his or her right mind cannot see that that is exactly what they are?"

The only association that comes to mind is "wingnut" but I don't really know what it means. Back later when I find out.


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RE: Horowitz fights back. Caught this piece on FrontPage Mag. It is the left wing that's crazy!

Sorry again. Here's the link.


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RE: Horowitz fights back. Caught this piece on FrontPage Mag. It is the left wing that's crazy!

Definition of a wingnut:

n. An outspoken, irrational person with deeply-held, nominally conservative, political views. A person who chooses on principle to be flagrantly ignorant. A "right-wing nut".

How appropriate. Learned something today.

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Little Markos

I got kicked off the Daily Kos by Markos Moulitsas himself.  

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