Daily Kos coverage of the IP conflict: a sampling.

There is so much going on in Middle East these days that it is difficult to keep up with it. But Daily Kos diarists collectively try. Here is a sampling of diaries posted within the last 24 hours on October 16, 2009.

Massive Increase in West Bank Settlement Construction

by weasel

Weasel's title only covers one story; the diary covers several.

A summary of a few of today's key news items from Palestine:

1.The UNHRC endorses the Goldstone Report.
2.Israeli settlement construction massively increases in the West Bank.
3.Abbas's position crumbles.
4.The two-state solution fades.

Olmert in Chicago, War Crimes & Free Speech, and some books to read...

by jon the antizionist jew

jon the antizionist jew also covers several topics but he also supplies a video of a protest of Olmert's speech at the U of Chicago.

Israel-Turkey: No TV Drama

by mosaicnews

This is an interesting story with video: a state sponsored Turkish TV station produced an apparent reenactment of the recent Gaza invasion, in which we see a presumed IDF soldier intentionally killing a young Palestinian girl. The program caused quite a fury, to say the least. Turkey, a presumed Israel ally, a few days earlier canceled a joint military operation with Israel.

Finally, here is a diary about local politics: J Street, the left wing Israel Lobby, versus AIPAC.

J Street TRUMPS AIPAC:  Gen. Jones to Keynote

by calchala

At what is thought as a major get for the peace lobby, J Street, which had been left in the cold during the Bush administration, General Jim Jones, NSA for the Obama Administration is going to keynote their address.

This is a shot at AIPAC and at the neocons who think they will run Washington again.  Someone of General Jones' stature and position keynoting this little known organization will be sending shockwaves to AIPAC and the ADL and other right leaning organizations.  

Other diaries can be linked HERE.

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