Bay area residents attempt arrest of Ehud Olmert UPDATE

UPDATE: It ain't pretty.

With memories of the tragic Gaza massacres not far behind, it is truly amazing that one of its perpetrators, Ehud Olmert, would actually expect a hug and welcome during his current lecture tour of America. That this was even thinkable tells us much about the mind-set of the Israeli right wing, whether they be Likudniks or soft Likudniks, like the so-called Kadimas of which Olmert is one.

300 plus dead children, let alone their families, is just too hard to forget.

Is Olmert really welcome here in America, given the war crimes that were substantiated in the Goldstone Report? Perhaps it is guilt which motivates the protestors. It was afterall American weapons which killed those children.

The Electronic Intifada released this report about the incident today:

Citizens arrest, disruption of Olmert in San Francisco
Press release, Northern California Palestine Justice Group

October 23, 2009

Twenty-two activists were arrested at Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's speech to the World Affairs Council on 22 October between 6:30 and 7:30pm at the Westin St. Francis Hotel at Union Square in San Francisco. Inside the auditorium, activists began disrupting the event by placing Olmert under citizens arrest. Every couple of minutes, more activists disrupted his speech, barely allowing him to speak, by reading the names of the children killed in Gaza last winter, reading from the recently published Goldstone report and displaying banners that read "Lift the Siege on Gaza" and "War Crimes are Not Free Expression!" Activists were removed from the auditorium chanting "war criminal!" and taken to the Tenderloin Police Station where they are being held for citation. Ten additional persons participated in the action but were not arrested.

Olmert ordered Israel's brutal attacks on Gaza beginning in late December 2008, code-named Operation Cast Lead. Last week, the UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution endorsing the Goldstone report, an independent investigation into the Gaza operation, which found that Israel violated international law and possibly committed crimes against humanity.

"Israel is an apartheid state guilty of war crimes and its leaders should not be welcome in San Francisco," said Lisa Nessan, a Jewish resident of Oakland, who has traveled several times to Israel and Palestine, most recently in May. "For the past 60 years, under leadership like Olmert's, Israel has denied Palestinians their basic human rights, built settlements on their lands, and killed civilians -- all to force them from their homeland."

LINK to full story: 10851.shtml

Olmert received the same treatment at the U of Chicago just a few days ago. Is the old America gone? Are the days of wink and nod, news censorship, and false realities no more? Will Israel listen? No more can we as Americans look away.

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TIPJAR for those courageous Gaza doctors.

And don't believe that the killings in Gaza have stopped. Due to the seige, every month dozens of medical patients, due for lack of proper care only available outside of Gaza, die.

Hundreds of medical patients have died over the past two years for the same reason.

by MainStreet 2009-10-23 10:58AM | 0 recs


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