A primer in Israeli ethnic cleansing and how it works VIDEO

Inside the ethnic cleansing of the Jordan Valley today and yesterday.

"Let us approach them [the Palestinian refugees in the occupied territories] and say that we have no solution, that you shall continue to live like dogs, and whoever wants to can leave -- and we will see where this process leads. In five years we may have 200,000 less people - and that is a matter of enormous importance."

(Moshe Dayan, September 1967)

And they still "live like dogs," to quote Dayan, today. See the video above for a demonstration of Dayan's advice taken to heart.

And here is the BBC summary of the situation

The Jordan Valley is a sprawling fertile land which stretches from the north to the south of West Bank, making up 30% of the territory. Before the Israeli Occupation in 1967, there were 350,000 Palestinians living here; now, there are only 52,000. Those that remain live in decrepit shelters which they are not allowed to build on and are unable to access water or electricity to keep their farms and homes running.

The situation in the Jordan Valley (and other regions) already mimics Apartheid in South Africa in prior decades with Palestinian communities isolated and deprived of the ability to subsist on their own, then having work for meager wages in the settlements. They provide the cheap labor needed to enrich the Israeli settler agribusinesses and industries.

While we in the US remain oblivious to the injustices perpetrated by Israel against the Palestinians, even supporting it with our financial and military aid, at least the British are reacting, and the government just required that produce cultivated in the Palestinian territories be labeled "Palestinian produce" if it is grown by Palestinians, and "Israeli settlement produce" if it is produced in illegal settlements. Bravo to them.

This story speaks for itself about what is really going in the Palestinian territories. Both the 1948 and 1967 ethnic cleansings of the Palestinians were fast and furious. Their slow but relentless ethnic cleansing ala Dayan is what happened after 1967 and goes on today.

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