A Simple Proposal

Here's a simple yet powerful proposal that some lovely Democratic Congresscritters might consider introducing as a bill in Congress.  

Require that there be a simple 1-2 hour ceremony on the first working day of each month in one of the Chambers of Congress.  On large TV screens the Congresscritters would see photographs of the men and women who've died in Afghanistan and Iraq during these wars - in total silence. Each time they would see all the photos, one after another, all of them, from the beginning of the wars.  

They aren't required to attend but nothing else gets scheduled at that time. I do bet the media would film them on their way in and out.

There's more...

Index of Stories on the Gregoire Win in Washington

Our wonderful progressive blogging community in Washington State has been writing about the court case that validated Gregoire's election steadily over the last two weeks.  The folks at our aggregate blog, www.nwportal.org, spent the last couple of days gathering all the relevant blog entries and newspaper articles on the proceedings, before and after the verdict, together onto one page.  You can access it at http://www.nwprogressive.org/portal/Special/ChallengeHighlights.html.  


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