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    You probably didn't read what I wrote properly on healthcare.  I didn't say that all , infact we are making a similar point ,maybe not exactly ...Go back and read more carefully ,...

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    Obama has been the most consequential president we have had in a long time...Healthcare , Financial reform , Student loans , Iraq . You may not agree with everything , especially health care for me , I think it should have been smaller and much more targeted but it seems to me he has been somewhat of a success , but these are not ordinary times because of the state of the economy , I think he has tried his best and done s well as he could with the economy and the circumstances he inherited . I would give him a B- in performance , even though I still think it will be a 65 seats victory in the house for republicans and more likely a 50/50 split in the senate , with a total takeover still possible

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    65 seats in the house and take over in the senate , 10 seats .

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    65 seats in the house and 10 seats in the senate ... I'll go all out on this one...I know the most realistic outcome is a 51 -49 split according to the polls , but I think the wave would be bigger than expected . Washingtom and West Virgina are tough calls , but I would pick Rossi and Rease . If I am wrong , won't be the first...

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    I agree with you on Pelosi , with reards to conway I don't get the sense that the a is a hail mary , infact I think from my corner here in Tennessee it seemed to me Conway was making a lot of headway against paul in the past few weeks as reported in local news , so I don't know if it was a desperation act . I think it was aimed at the undecided to move Conway over the top . I don't know if it is as bad as people seem to think it is for Conway...I am still at 55 for the republicans in the house could go higher

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    There is no way Pelosi would be the face of the minority party , if the dems want to win back the house anytime soon , she is that damaged.. The house has been gone for about a couple of months now , closer to a year in my view , ever since the prolonged health care debacle. I think it would be closer to 55 - 60 seats for the republicans ..

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    With unemployment , the economy and the agenda coming out of Washington  opposed by most folks in this region , I would be surprised if anyone gets riled up about hick ad outside of the media bubble in dc...

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    A lot more people agree with your so called Fox News talking points ,basically a majority including a sizeable percentage of dems. . The stimulus , bailouts , healthcare ,student loans , if it isnt obvious there is more government involvement today than it should be then I dont know what will do it . All those issues are driving the election..One would only hope the democrats recognize that and dont have their heads buried in the sand like some seem to have.The

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    He cant get past 45 in Nevada , Rasmussen is coming out today with Angle at 50 with leaners , Reid at 46....Hickeygate is a non story , in wv , obama is the issue...

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    Nevada seems to be moving to Angle...Thats the race I am watching..Spending , Deficits , Healthcare and government takeover , my prediction over a year ago ..By the way I believe Reid will lose that race..

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    about 50 seats is right...

  • Thats not reality . He has been average on the economy , some successes , some failures..He has probably done as best as he could with the hands he was given..

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    I hope Lincoln can hang on .....

  • " Oh Boy... this is going to make Kentucky a real fight. Paul faces Democratic Senate candidate and Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway in the general election to replace Republican Sen. Jim Bunning on November 2, 2010..."

     - Not really , the unpopularity of the president and democratic agenda in these parts makes him a 2 to 1 favorite to win , nothwithstanding his libertarian views that a lot of people seem to find to be weird . Conway himself isn't terribly popular in Kentucky...

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    economy , growth of government are the issues that would turn the election in my view ....


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