Debunking Misconceptions, Part III

Debunking Misconceptions, Part III
Disenfranchising voters since 1789

Coming to you live from the Tinfoil Bunker, headquarters of the Ron Paul campaign, here's Debunking Misconceptions, Part III - Der Untergang Edition:

Tonight's Big Number

  • Not even Jason Elam could make it through with how often it moves.
  • Hah. Just lost half of my audience.

The Myth that is 'Democracy'

  • A Look at Electoral History
  • One Man, One Vote
  • Your Vote Can Be Meaningless (Read: is meaningless)
  • Senator Clinton's Math
  • Moving Towards a Nationalized One Man, One Vote Process


  • Tinfoilopolis, a magical place filled with magic and wonder.
  • Buttered Toast or Cat?

Addressing Threats of Not Voting

  • My Feelings
  • Your Choices

We begin after the break!

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You Know What?

It was not Senator Obama who called these comments disgraceful - in fact, it was David Axelrod who said we need to back off this and see it for what it is. On MSNBC.

This isn't Senator Obama's fault the gaffe is getting play.

This isn't his supporters fault.

This isn't sexism on the Obama camp's fault.

This isn't DailyKos, MyDD or anyone else's fault.

The reason this is getting play is for two reasons. Senator Clinton and the Media.

Kindly, quit fucking blaming Obama supporters for blowing this out of proportion. We have a right to be offended but we don't get to decide what runs on CNN, MSNBC, Fox or in the news media.

I hope you understand we don't have a direct line to Keith Olbermann. We just listen to the media too.

So stop with the hit diaries about Senator Obama being worse or this being Senator Obama's fault. It's the media.

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Special Comment - Clinton, Tonight

Keith Olbermann will do a special comment on Senator Clinton tonight after her major gaffe involving the assassination of Robert Francis Kennedy.

I'm on the fence but I thought I'd throw a heads up.

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Obama Speech Thread

For now, since no one created one on the front page. Awesome opening.

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Congratulations are in order.

Senator Clinton carries the great bluegrass state of Kentucky and delivers a wonderful speech.

Congratulations to her.

But, as was planned awhile back, May 20th is the day.

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Debunking Misconceptions, Part II

Debunking Misconceptions, Part II

Part two of our 534-part series, Better Know A... erm, excuse me. Part Two of Debunking Misconceptions - your at-random-times running commentary on what's being thrown around the intertubes.

This Evening:

The Number of States Senator Clinton Would've Disenfranchised

  • This Evening's Big Number!
  • It's Big!

Why Winning West Virginia Was Irrelevant

  • Demographics
  • The Demographics Now
  • The Demographics in Another Universe

The Only Person to Blame is Senator Clinton

  • The Iraq War Vote
  • Poor Campaigning
  • They All Have Something in Common

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The Official Predictions Thread

OK. I'm seeing these going up and some are being scientific about it and others are just being wishful.

But I remember the run-up to the North Carolina and Indiana primaries and the spin afterwards where people back-tracked from their predictions and smugness once the real results came in.

So I want a repository of all predictions so when the results are tallied, the votes are in and the delegates are divvied out, we know where everyone stands with a click of the button, Ctrl+F and the user's name.

That means being honest. What are your expectations? What do you believe will transpire tomorrow - and no fifty predictions. One or two for both Kentucky and Oregon, perhaps a best or worst case scenario. If you want to explain your reasoning, that's fine. You can of course debate it, but don't stomp on people's predictions if they plan sweeps for their candidate or not.

Most expect a split, but once again, like in North Carolina and Indiana, the expectations game is likely going to be won by Senator Obama. Once again, the polls show a "tightening" of the race and people are beginning to whisper about 3 or 4 or 5 point victories.

If Senator Obama wins by 10+ points, it's again a win in the expectations game for their campaign. This seems obvious to me as Senator Clinton left the state and it's likely her internals showed there was little hope of closing the gap to 5, let alone 10. But it was a move that was too late with the media picking up the narrative of a big win in Kentucky and a tight race in Oregon. We'll see.

So here are my predictions. They don't include specific percentages but I do expect both to be double digits for their respective candidates.


Oregon - Senator Obama wins the state by more than 12%
Senator Obama, 32 Delegates
Senator Clinton, 20 Delegates

Kentucky - Senator Clinton wins the state by more than 25%
Senator Clinton, 34 Delegates
Senator Obama, 17 Delegates

So what are your predictions?

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Common Misconceptions Debunked

As the Primary winds down and as we draw closer to two more contests this upcoming Tuesday, the hit-and-run tactics have picked up.

As an Obama supporter, I feel it's necessary to discuss these hits and these potential smears, perhaps expose where they seem to fester most and if possible, debunk them or expound on how they are likely false.

I intend no malice, as always, but the last few days, I've seen a fever pitch increase in some members of our community when it comes to negativity.

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Rachel Maddow in for Keith Olbermann

Watch. She's not "Obama-biased" like Keith Olbermann. And she's awesome.

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I'm Tired of It.

I'm absolutely, positively fucking tired of it. What am I tired of?

I'm tired of the snide fucking name-calling that goes on on this site by both sides - and yes, it's both sides. And I don't give a fuck what it is.

Whether it's egghead, Hillbot, Obamabot, Obamaphile, racist, sexist, jackass, asshole or any of the other myriad of demeaning and IMMATURE names that get slung on this site - I am tired of it.

If you didn't love your candidate and didn't support her vigorously, you wouldn't be on a site, typing and spending time to back him or her up.

So the next time you demean someone by calling them an Obamabot or a Hillbot or an Obamaphile, you're getting a one from me if I see it.

I'm absolutely tired of this freeper-trash-like attitude that both sides have towards one another; I'm tired of being called a "minion", I'm tired of being called an "egghead". AND AS IT'S in the rules that attacking another member is NOT ACCEPTABLE, I will make a point of using the trusted user status I've been granted.

I am tired of it, because it AUTOMATICALLY INCITES anger in a person.

Do you want to be called a minion? Do you want to be called trash? Do you want to be called a Hillbot? Do you want to be called an Obamaphile?

Now I'm not going to criticize usage of "Obamamessiah" or "Shrillary" - that is acceptable since it's attacking a candidate but why don't you grow the fuck up and start acting like a human who believes in intelligent discourse that argues points and substance rather than what the Republicans do to appeal to our more base and primal emotion.

Why don't you spend time showcasing the positive rather than the negative.

But most of all - stop fucking calling me a name. There's someone on the end of that computer; there's someone on the other side of this country; there's someone in the world out there who actually has feelings and who puts time and effort into being apart of a community - and puts those damn feelings on the line every time he or she pushes submit.

They bring that to this public arena of discourse and you're shitting on them because they don't back your candidate.

Take a look in the mirror for a fucking change and cut it the fuck out.

I'm tired of it.

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