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    So much more seriouslier dude!

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    Nomination that year.... and Senator Obama will win the Democratic Nomination this year.

    The parallels are startlingly clear.

  • as they're termed. And yes, some states allow Faithless Electors to go unpunished; but more than a few have laws where they can prevent an elector from being faithless and even more have laws to punish those who don't cast their ballots for the people's choice.

    But a faithless elector hasn't decided an election yet so any Constitutional Crisis arising from one doing so is just speculation. I imagine since the outgoing Vice President would have to accept it as is, no changes would be made until afterwards. Rules are the rules, even if they don't benefit your candidate.

  • One Man, One Vote: Article

    It means multiple things, one of them being an imbalance in any voting system (ie, someone in California has less say in the Presidency than someone from Alaska). Another example is gerrymandering districts; this led to the Supreme Court ruling that districts need to be "roughly" equal in population, otherwise someone in CD-4 would have more or less power than someone in CD-5 or CD-3.

    Just thought I'd debunk that for you.

  • site.

    Also: This is not a messenger service or IRC.

    Unless you're illiterate, I expect capitalization and punctuation.

    Chop, chop.

  • 1) America is a Democracy - It's not. It's a Federal Republic.

    1. America is One Man, One Vote - It's not. It's an electoral college decided by census decennially.
    2. Hillary leads in the "Popular Vote" - actually, she leads in two counts which include unsanctioned contests that additionally disenfranchise four caucus states and trails in four others that either include them or don't include unsanctioned contests.
    3. Democrats can disenfranchise - they can't. They're an organization and entity responsible for itself and cannot be punished by law for levying punishments to states that fail to obey its rules. Hence why several trials have been thrown out already.

    There's others, but again - it goes back to comprehension and being able to retain things. I know that might be difficult for you.

  • after another. It's like you walk with normal Hillary supporters in real life and you can see they aren't frothing at the mouth to find some stupid bullshit leap of faith argument to trash Obama but you come to MyDD and it's the gold standard.

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  • and actually lamented it but I had already shut down photoshop.

    All 4 elections involving the popular vote not winning or the house voting were deemed as corrupt.

    I doubt there's an election that goes by without calls of corruption. Because those are so close however, the calls of corruption take larger hold as their chances of being correct are greater.

    And Henry Clay had every right to do what he did. It was a bargain, corrupt or not.

  • just needs a hug. WHO NEEDS A HUG?

    [hides shovel behind back].

    C'mere for a hug!

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    Yeah. "P-P-POTTER!" as he spits everywhere. And Emma Watson with her eyebrow problem as Hermione. God. The eyebrows will kill us all D':.

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    I always laugh at Daniel Radcliffe's acting. It's so terrible.

    Compared to Elijah Wood (Frodo) in Lord of the Rings, since they both look about the same and have the major parts, he's just an utter, utter failure. I feel bad for him though. Having to do seven movies and being forever typecast as Harry Potter can't be the best of fates.

    Emma's cute; don't know if I can say hot yet... underage and all ^_^. But the only saving grace from the Order of the Phoenix movie was Luna Lovegood - really well done. And that would've been a good ending romance for Harry besides Hermione.


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