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    Sure many do choose to be poor. They choose not to do anything with their lives, live in roach infested homes, with trash everywhere. They choose to live in high crime areas prominent with drugs and illegal activity. It's easier for them to give up than be responsible. I'm only 22 years old, I get up every single morning and go to work because I have to. I pay my way, because it's the right thing to do. I will never degrade myself by relying on others or the government to give me money. This is reality, no one owes you anything! I'm not talking about the TRUELY disabled or elderly. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!
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     The city of New Orleans was not prepared, it's own leaders failed, and that's the President's fault?

    The way the people acted the very FIRST day was a disgrace to the United States of America, a disgrace to their own city. They started looting because they realized they overpowered the police, when they realized there was no control. That is not the right way to act. When we talk about looting we are talking about those breaking into homes and businesses and stealing things other than for survival purposes ONLY. Stop trying to justify their actions by saying "oh they needed shoes and oh they needed this and that". They were OUT OF CONTROL and have NO respect for themselves. I saw many running out of stores with big 'ol smiles on their faces, full of greed, not afraid for their lives.

    It was tragic what happened and we have donated alot of money to the Relief, but their Cities and the States affected need to step up to the plate. Chaos and panic might not have happened if they would have listened to the warnings a few days prior and told to evacuate to the Superdome and bring with them food and clothes for a few days. Next time they say get outta Dodge! You better get outta Dodge! The sick, old and children, even pregnant women were sure able to get to the Superdome...they should have been able to leave the city in time too. Stop the blame game and lose the race card, it's getting old.

  • Well I saw lots of cars there, people refusing to leave their homes. I doubt tens of thousands of people will ignore the warnings in the future.
  • Do you think the next time there is an order to evacuate the city because of a hurricane approaching, they (people) will leave or stay?


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